Ziggy Roscoe
First Appearance
23 May 2013
Last Appearance
24 December 2015
Roscoe's Motor Maintenance Mechanic (2013-15) Model (2015)
Portrayed By
Leela Lomax (m. 2015)
Cause of death
Epidural hematoma
Killed By
Cameron Campbell (Indirectly)

David "Ziggy" Roscoe was a character on Hollyoaks. He was portrayed by Fabrizio Santino.

Characterisation Edit

Ziggy was a cheeky charmer who is billed as "confident and hilariously vain". Although Ziggy has luck with the ladies, he is known for falling in and out of love very quickly.

Relationship with Leela Campbell Edit

Ziggy and Leela start to get closer together, and the two start seeing each other. Their relationship proves strong to the point where they get married. But at this point Ziggy has developed feelings for Leela's sister, Tegan.

Relationship with Tegan Lomax Edit

Tegan and Ziggy become closer and closer together. In the hospital siege with Big Bob, Tegan and Ziggy get caught in a lift that is stuck between floors. The two have sex in the lift and are then helped by Leela out. Ziggy and Tegan panic, and erase the CCTV. The two have an on-again off-again relationshsip. When Ziggy marries Leela, he still has feelings for her. On the day of Ziggy's death, Leela approves of Ziggy and Tegan, and the family are happy once again.

Death Edit

After saving Leela from the explosion caused by Cameron Campbell, Ziggy lands on the ground, hitting his face powerfully; causing unknown internal injuries. Ziggy sits on a chair at a Christmas party in The Dog in the Pond, he then looks very tired, and appears to fall asleep. Tegan walks over to Ziggy, and tries to get him up. Tegan slowly realises Ziggy is dead, and shouts for an ambulance.

Intro Edit

Snapshot 7 (28-05-2016 14-50)


Ziggy only ever had one introduction shot which was modified twice.

  • 2013-2014: The first version of Ziggy's shot features David lying on a table covered by the Union Jack with a Union Jack background looking at a silhouette of a woman.
Snapshot 5 (28-05-2016 14-48)


  • 2014-2015: The second / modified version of Ziggy's shot is the same as the first except the silhouette of the woman no longer has the Union Jack colors inside of her she is now fully silhouetted.