Yvonne Summers is the mother of the late Louise Summers. In December 2008, Yvonne attends Louise's wedding to Warren Fox. Yvonne did not take a liking to Warren, and tried to use his reputation as a thug and bully to convince Louise not to marry Warren. However, she backed down when she realised how much Louise loved Warren. Louise later disappeared after the wedding, and Yvonne reported her as a missing person. In May 2009, Yvonne was told by Calvin Valentine that Warren murdered Louise, as well as Louise's ex-husband Sean Kennedy. Warren denied the claims, leaving Yvonne confused. However, Frankie and Darren Osborne told Yvonne about how Warren framed Jake Dean for Sean's murder, and managed to get Warren to confess to killing Louise. Yvonne explodes, and attacks Warren, who retreats to The Loft. Yvonne then left.

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