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Warren Fox is the brother of the late Katy Fox, and the foster brother of Spencer Gray. He is also the father of Joel Dexter, whom he did not know of until 2011 and Joel conceived during a fling between Warren and Marie Dexter in 1993. Warren is also the father of twins Sophie and Sebastian Blake.

A gangster by trade, Warren had a poor upbringing. An orphan along with younger sister Katy, he and Katy found themselves shifting from one home to the other, and Warren ultimately became protective over her. After being subjected to physical abuse by another child in the care home, Felix Westwood, Warren began to toughen. With a little temptation by Sean Kennedy, Warren turned to a life of crime and the character later went onto be murder five people as well as being responsible for two others deaths.

Biography Edit

Backstory Edit

Warren's parents were killed in an accident when he was a kid. Warren was put in care as a result, and found himself staying from one home to the next alongside his sister, Katy while Warren was growing up in a care home he was bullied and forced into a life of crime by another kid however later Warren met a guy called Sean Kennedy and the two where friends and business partners until some point prior to 2006 Sean set Warren up while they were caught committing a crime and Warren later was sentenced and served an eighteen-month sentence for fraud in Spain the.

Arrival Edit

Screenshot 20191213-061244 YouTube

Warren demanding 100,000 pounds from Sean.

Warren arrives in Hollyoaks in June 2006 to find Sean Kennedy. Warren demands money from Sean as compensation for having him jailed, but is willing to write off Sean's debts he owes him in exchange for a night with his wife, Louise Summers. Louise refuses to sleep with him, and tells Sean that the only way to settle the debt would be to give Warren ownership of Evissa. Sean agrees. Warren then hires Louise as manager of Evissa. When Tony Hutchinson's business is targeted Warren later offers his security services to the community this was later dismissed by Neville Ashworth so Warren gets a guy called Scotty to trash the Drive 'n' Buy which Neville owns. However Gilly Roach stops Scotty's attack which angers Warren, Neville along with Tony turn down Warren's services.

Warren befriends Max Cunningham as he is fond of the local nightclub The Loft which Max owns Warren also starts to get close with Clare Cunningham (Max's wife) later Warren gets along with Max and this makes Max employ Warren as manager. Warren continues to meddle in the business and impresses Mel Burton, who Warren eventually sleeps with but leaves Mel devastated when he tells her his not looking for a relationship with anyone. However, later on Warren embarks on an affair with Clare, whilst she is still married to Max . A passionate rendezvous between them is taped by Mel Burton, which she shows to Sam "OB" O'Brien and Sophie Burton. Mel and Sophie are killed afterwards, and OB is severely injured, in the explosion at The Dog in the Pond which was caused by Sam Owen.

OB tells Max about the affair and Max fires Warren from The Loft. Warren hires thugs to trash The Loft. Max reluctantly signs his half of The Loft over to Warren. When Clare returns, she and Warren are partners in owning The Loft. However, Warren and Clare dispute. Warren and Calvin Valentine begin to have a rivalry for Louise's affections, Warren later forces work upon local teen Justin Burton who stole money from Warren as well as making Justin work for him Warren starts to clash with Calvin over Louise's affections.

Sean's reappearance and turning killer Edit

Sean returns in March 2007 and demands 10,000 pounds from his ex-wife Louise Summers not knowing what to do and not wanting to turn to her fiancé at the time Calvin Valentine who is a copper, Louise with no option but to tell Warren that Sean is back at first Warren tells Louise to just give Sean the money but Louise to Warren's shock breaks down Warren gives her 10,000 pounds with the exception she pays it back to pay Sean which she later pays Sean a smug and cocky Sean taunts Louise about her relationship with Calvin and that he wasn't Interested in owning the Evissa, Sean then gets in a taxi for the driver only to be Warren himself Warren locks the doors and drives off with an uncomfortable Sean.

The next day Warren seems on edge and later is seen with Sean's wallet passport and money and with blood on his top and hands, a few weeks later in April 2007 after feeling that Justin Burton is being disloyal its confirmed Warren killed Sean when Justin digs to what at first he thinks is his grave that Warren will end up putting him in however Justin smells a foul odour and hits a body and a human leg is shown Justin asks Warren if its Sean and Warren confirms it is much to Justin's distraught Warren forces him to move Sean's body to another location everything gets a little complicated when Warren's younger sister Katy Fox arrives and starts a relationship with Justin and later finds out Warren killed Sean so Katy tells Warren she will gonto the Police if Warren harms Justin.

Screenshot 20191213-061654 YouTube

Warren forces Justin to dig up Sean's body

Some months past and in October that year after having a serious of nightmares Warren goes to the new location where Sean is buried and in doing so are flash back shown that Sean tried to escape from Warren but Warren had a baseball bat and smacked Sean in the back of the head killing him Instantly knowing what he's done and in shock, Warren drops the baseball bat.

20191213 062001

Flashbacks show how Warren murdered Sean.

Affairs/Clare's Attack Edit

Mercedes McQueen sleeps with Warren after being accused of infidelity by her boyfriend, Russ Owen. When Warren uncovers Sean's return, demanding £10,000 from Louise, he agrees to help Louise gain the money. However, Warren later kidnaps Sean and kills him. Louise and Calvin end their relationship, and Warren supports her. After sleeping together, Louise guiltily reunites with Calvin. Justin Burton later resides with Warren. Warren is arrested for Sean's murder after Clare alerts the police. He is however released after a failure to find Sean's body. Shortly after, Clare is pushed over the balcony of The Loft in an attempt on her life. Justin witness Warren and Mercedes in bed as he plans to leave with Katy. Justin heads to the train station and is run over by a van. Warren is arrested for the attempt on Clare's life, but is innocent. During his court appearance, Warren is found innocent as Mercedes admits she was with him. Warren visited a hospitalised Justin, revealing he was the assailant who almost killed him and later, Katy is disgusted to learn that Warren killed Sean.

Warren grows fonder of Justin, who begins working for Warren, as Louise and Warren's relationship becomes more serious. Clare continues attempts to drive Louise and Warren apart. However, Warren threatens to push her from the balcony if she does not sign over The Loft to him and leave Hollyoaks, to which she agrees. Days later, Warren returns home to his flat to find it trashed and no sign of Katy. Warren, Justin and Max begin looking for her, and are later called by Clare, who tells them she has Katy. Clare tells Warren that she wants revenge on Justin for pushing her over the balcony. Warren pretends to kill Justin. However, Clare is not fooled, so drives off with Katy tied up in the car. Warren, Max and Justin follow her. As Clare swerves to avoid cyclists, she crashes over a cliff and into water below. Warren, Justin and Max jump in, rescuing Katy. Clare meanwhile, disappears underneath the water, apparently dying. Some time after, Louise is notified that a body has been found, and it may be Sean. Louise identifies the body, but it turns out to not be Sean's. Katy attempts to try to tell Louise that Warren killed Sean, but he ends up proposing to her, to which she accepts. During their engagement party, Louise becomes suspicious of Warren's dealings, and is later attacked in Evissa by Ste Hay, who ends up setting fire to it and leaving Louise for dead. Calvin saves Louise, and the next day, Warren beats up Ste.

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Warren standing trial for the attack of Clare.

Following a poker game with Tony HutchinsonMike Barnes and Darren Osborne, Warren ends up winning Darren's half of The Dog. Warren tells Louise he has bought her The Dog for Christmas. When they inform Jack and Frankie Osborne that they now own a half of The Dog, Jack suffers a heart attack. As Jack recovers, Frankie goes through the unpleasantness of having to share The Dog with Warren and Louise. Warren's old friends appear at The Dog and hold everyone hostage, which ends with Darren getting shot. Louise feels she cannot trust Warren anymore, but forgives him when he signs back his half of The Dog to the Osbornes. Barry "Newt" Newton and Lauren Valentine find Sean's body, and Warren confesses to Louise that he killed him. Louise is furious, but becomes more angry when she finds out Katy knew. Louise then exposes Katy and Zak Ramsey's affair to Warren. Katy is angry when Louise agrees to become an alibi for Warren on the night of Sean's death as she does not want him to go to prison. Katy tells Warren to admit to the murder but he refuses. Katy decides to leave, but is dragged from a taxi by Louise and Warren. After Warren attempts to convince Katy to stay, she leaves. Louise is later arrested for Sean's murder. Warren and Darren persuade mentally unstable Jake Dean to confess to Sean's murder, to which he does. Louise is then released towards the end of 2008.

Louise's Murder Edit

Warren embarks on an affair with Mandy Richardson due to him feeling him and his fiancé Louise Summers a driving apart, Mandy comforted Warren in which in the end he saw an opportunity to make a move on Mandy in which she accepted and they end up sleeping together multiple times Warren even goes as far as to say he has fallen for Mandy but he was just leading her on eventually Mandy tells Warren to choose and come clean in which he decides to stick with Louise eventually in November 2008 Louise learns of Warren and Mandy and then decides that Warren needs to be dealt with once and for all Louise then confronts Mandy and reveals to her that Warren killed her ex-husband Sean Kennedy by murdering him, Louise tries to get Mandy on side to take Warren down but Mandy's feelings for Warren are to strong to do so however she urges Louise more than once to just go to the Police in which Louise is dead set against plotting how she will get rid of Warren.

At the end of that month Louise decides to kill Warren and gets a gun to do so however after keeping him waiting in front of everyone Warren decides to go to the room him and Louise have booked and thinks his found a present when he looks under the pillow to only find the gun Louise hid there to use to kill him realising its for him an angry Warren later finds Louise and gives her present which is a necklace Louise is seen a bit puzzled when Warren urges her to give him his present only to see Warren reveal the gun to her shocked and now scared Warren demands Louise explains to him why she wants him dead an angry and upset Louise tells Warren his poison and that she had never forgiven for murdering Sean, Warren makes it clear that he killed Sean to protect Louise but Louise laughs this off and says he done for himself rather than her Louise then tells Warren she knows of his affair with Mandy, Warren replies by say she was nothing like Louise, after an intense exchange of words Warren gives Louise the gun and tells her to shoot him.if she really wants him dead a distraught Louise does actually pull the trigger only to find that Warren has the bullets an angry Warren then turns on the music and locks the door a now scare Louise runs around in a panic attempting to escape Warren aggressively gets Louise on the bed and later cuts to him holding a pillow with Louise leg dangling off the bed suggesting that he suffocated her Warren then later disguises him self as a waiter to wheel the body out and later buries her in the woods Warrens heartache ain't over yet as when he sees Calvin and Carmel Valentine, Carmel reveals to Warren that Louise was pregnant much to Warrens shock.

20200118 132013

Warren murders Louise.

"Death" Edit

Warren starts 2009 in the worst way he could he starts to look after his foster brother Spencer Gray and more than on occasion gets aggressive with Spencer in February Warren sleeps with Sarah Barnes and also get Calvin Valentine to odd jobs for him like Stealing cars and such when Warren gets closer to Calvin's sister Sasha Valentine, Calvin decides to set Warren up and by the end of April Warren confesses to Calvin he killed both Sean and Louise much to Calvin's shock the following month Warren starts to become the victim of a hate campaign with posters spread around the village declaring him to be a murderer. He receives mysterious phone calls and poison pen letters. In an attempt to leave the village with some money, Warren makes a deal with Justin to burn down The Loft for £5,000 so that he can claim the insurance money and Justin can get money to start a new life with Hannah Ashworth. Justin agrees and goes to meet Warren at The Loft, but is stopped by Calvin who tells him not to get involved with another of Warren's schemes. Changing his mind Justin leaves only to be seen by Sasha. While waiting for Justin in the club, Warren is knocked out by Clare using a baseball bat. When Warren awakens, he finds himself tied to a chair and is shocked to see that Clare is alive. She tells him that both he and Justin have ruined her life and makes Warren call Justin to meet at The Loft. Calvin then arrives to speak to Warren and finds Warren tied up, Clare with a match and The Loft covered in petrol. He initially proceeds to do the right thing by calling the police, but after Warren taunts Clare by saying that he always wins, Calvin backs off and leaves his fate in Clare's hands. Hannah arrives at The Loft to find Justin, and Clare accidentally knocks her out. She wakes up and attacks Clare, who drops a match onto the bar, the pair fall through the banister to the floor below unconscious. Justin enters The Loft through the upstairs door, where he finds Warren tied up. Justin asks him where Hannah is and Warren tells him that she is not there. Justin starts to untie him but he hears Hannah's calls for help and realises that Warren lied. He leaves him in the fire and escapes with Hannah. Clare is nowhere to be seen and has escaped. Warren unties himself and realises he cannot get out of the balcony door so jumps down the cellar door, he lands on his ankle on the stairs and breaks it. Warren looks up at the ceiling mirror and notices the support chains are on fire. They break and the mirror collapses onto Warren, apparently killing him instantly.

Screenshot 20191213-062523 Google

Clare returns to carry out revenge on Warren.

Return/Il Gnosh Fire and Dale's murder Edit

Over a year after his supposed death, Warren returns to Hollyoaks in October 2010, revealing he is alive. He breaks into Chez Chez and leaves a dead fox for club owner Cheryl Brady. The next day, Warren follows Mandy in the village and is seen by Tom Cunningham, who claims to have seen Warren's ghost. Warren is later seen by Tony walking past the village walls. Mandy and Warren meet, revealing they are in a relationship and have had contact since their last encounter. Warren tells Mandy that they are going to destroy Tony as revenge for him leaving her abroad but unknown to Mandy, Warren has been helping Tony's brother Dominic Reilly with his money problems in a nasty and cunning way Warren decides not to give Dom the money he was going to lend him a broken and crying Dom asks Warren for advice and Warren tells him to burn down the Gnosh for Insurance money, On the same night, a fire is started in Il Gnosh by an unseen character and Steph Cunningham and Malachy Fisher are killed. Dom is then arrested but tells Tony that Warren put him up to it.

20191213 062837

Warren promises Mandy they will get revenge on Tony.

A few weeks after returning when home alone Theresa McQueen hears a knock at the door when she opens it she sees what looks like to be a helium balloon with a picture of a Fox on it not thinking nothing of it Theresa closes the door and sits back down but Warren comes from behind to a scared Theresa, Warren reveals his been getting texts saying "I know what you did" Theresa tells him its not her to which Warren does not believe, on 1st December 2010 an angry Warren gets Theresa on the village bridge and threatens to push her of after receiving more texts he then goes Into detail on the day he 'died' and the run up to it in flashback scenes Warren is seen helping a young man named Dale Greer who has just came out the army, When it comes to the part that Warren was meant to die the mirror missed him and the floor collapsed and Dale saved him Warren is shown to have a dark but light bulb moment Warren stabs Dale killing him before changing into his cloths and then dumping his body in the burning Loft, Theresa asks Warren how he got away with it and Warren revealed that he payed forensic and police detectives to cover up his suppose death when Warren runs out of patients with Theresa he then gets ready to kill her bit she confesses to Warren she killed Calvin Valentine much to Warren's happiness just as Warren lets her down he receives an another text confirming that it wasn't Theresa, in January 2011 it's revealed that it was Mandy Richardson sending Warren the texts.

Screenshot 20191213-063115 YouTube

Warren reveals to Theresa how he surrvied and how he killed Dale

Feud with Brendan Brady Edit

20191213 063343

Warren meets Brendan Brady

When Warren returns in late 2010 he starts to go back to the Loft (known as Chez Chez back then) to dig up evidence that he stabbed Dale Greer and dumped his body In their to fake his death back in May 2009, Brendan Brady catches him and they introduce each other later Danny Houston orders Brendan to kill Warren, Brendan later locks Warren in the cellar but they later agree to set Danny up In signing his half over to Warren, It goes to plan until Brendan beats Danny to death with a hammer Warren and Brendan dispose of the body Brendan plants Warren's bank card In Danny's suit pocket, In February 2011 Warren helps Kyle Ryder escape to make him look guilty In killing Calvin Valentine to protect Threasa McQueen, Brendan get the wrong impression that Warren killed Calvin Brendan then meets Kyle pretending to be Warren telling if Kyle wants to truth kidnap Theresa and her baby he does this and Warren later rings Kyle and Kyle tells him that his only doing what they planned realising that Brendan pretended to be him Warren confronts him and tells him that Theresa and her baby could be killed Brendan tells Warren where Kyle has took them Warren arrives but Kyle knocks him unconscious he later regains it and sees Kyle attacking Theresa and Carmel McQueen Warren shoots Kyle in the back killing him.

Screenshot 20191213-063624 YouTube

Warren shoots and kills Kyle.

Warren Is later arrested when Danny's body Is found In March 2011 when Warren Is released he tells Ste Hay that Brendan killed Danny angered by this Brendan finds Warren and the two have a massive fight In the village the two end up calling a truce, In April 2011 Rebecca Massey comes looking for Warren to scheme against him its later revealed that she is working with Brendan, She later tries to con them but is later murdered by Silas Blisset and Warren and Brendan are arrested but are released due to lack of evidence, Brendan is arrested and charged for the murder of Rae Wilson Brendan ask's Warren to help him but Warren asks him to sign over his half of the loft Brendan refuses and Warren decides not to help him Warren gets his thugs to beat Brendan up when Silas is finally caught and arrested In November 2011 Brendan returns to the village to find that Warren has a son Joel Dexter Brendan tries to bond with Joel. Warren tells Joel not to trust him. In December 2011 Warren plans to kill Brendan and when Brendan over hears Nancy Osbourne talking to Warren's girlfriend Mitzeee Minniver that whole village thinks that Warren killed Louise Summers Brendan and Mitzeee plot to set Warren up Warren later gives Joel a gun and tells him to get rid of Brendan while Warren is planning on killing Mitzeee but Brendan arrives with the gun tells Warren he killed Joel In self-defence Warren then charges at Brendan and the two fight Warren gets the better of Brendan and is about to kill him Joel the bashes Warren in the head the police arrive to arrest Warren and Brendan taunts him one last time. Warren is released and has mentioned wanting to get Brendan back but forgives Joel Mitzeee Minniver and Brendan Brady hatch a plan to get Warren out of the way by uncovering Louise's murder and getting him sent down.

Imprisonment Edit

Warren tells Mitzeee he wants to marry her but before he agrees to show her Louise's grave, just like she had wanted. Unbeknownst to Mitzeee, Warren has seen past her plan and he forces her to dig Louise's grave. Warren also orders Joel to shoot Brendan and Joel pulls a gun out on Brendan whilst they are in the car, on the way to find Warren and Mitzeee. Warren then begins to strangle Mitzeee when she refuses to keep digging. However, Brendan arrives just in time to save her. Brendan holds Warren at gunpoint and tells him that he shot Joel. Outraged, Warren tackles Brendan to the ground and a fight ensues, in which Warren disarms Brendan. Warren the picks up a brick in an attempt to finish him off. However, Joel arrives and hits Warren with the shovel, revealing Brendan and Joel came to an agreement. The police, who Brendan called, arrive and arrest Warren for Louise's murder. Warren tells Mitzeee he wished he had killed her and tells Joel he is no son of his. Brendan taunts Warren for the last time before he is taken away in a police car.

Screenshot 20191213-063909 Samsung Internet

Warren being arrested over the murder of Louise in December 2011.

Release/Helping Sienna Edit

20190626 144938

Warren Fox shown to be In Marsh Hill Prison during his 2016 return.

In May 2016 Warren returns, James Nightingale gets Warren released early on legal technicalities. He returns full-time on the 1st July 2016 after meeting Maxine abroad somepoint in the last month when he poses as Mike Jones to trick Mitzeee's sister, Maxine Minniver who Warren wants revenge on for setting him up in December 2011 so Warren starts a relationship with her. He tries to steal a key from her flat which would access hidden money in order to pay legal fees. But Sienna Blake steals the key and blackmails him into helping secure a murder confession from Maxine in exchange for the key Warren does his best to get Maxine to open up about her past to Patrick in which she does later Warren reveals that his real reason for being back in the village is to get vengeance for the death of his sister, Katy. Warren prepares to leave again, but Sienna gives him the key. He stays and they sleep together. Later on, Warren is able to get Maxine to confess that she buried Patrick's body. Warren decides to keep this away from Sienna after discovering how vulnerable Maxine is, but Sienna blackmails him and he reveals the truth. They call the police who investigate the city wall, where Patrick was buried. Warren is then seen by Jack and Frankie Osborne who are shocked to see Warren has been released from prison.

Relationship with Sienna Edit

Screenshot 20191213-064940 YouTube

Warren and Sienna start their relationship.

Shortly after his 2016 return, Warren embarked in a relationship with Sienna Blake after the pair team up to get Maxine Minniver put in prison. Whilst the investigation is ongoing they continue to work together and live together . This prevents him from running away with Sienna after Nancy and Darren Osbourne set her up for her fathers murder. Sienna goes to prison to cover for her daughter Nico Blake. by accidentally trapping in a lift whilst trying to stop Cameron. When Warren finds out he and Maxine visit Sienna in prison and convince her to change her statement. Warren helps Sienna in finding Nico and then goes in to rescue the pair when the Halloween maze is set on fire by Cameron Campbell. In doing so he makes the decision to save Sienna instead of Nico, resulting in Nico's death. Despite telling Sienna that he loves her at the hospital, she blames him for not saving Nico and begins a revenge plan. After a while, Warren believes he and Sienna have reconnected and she's moved on. However, unbeknownst to him she's been going behind his back to make herself look like she had a stalker and get to his son Joel. Warren learns of this scheme after Sienna knocks out Joel and accidentally starts a fire in the garage. After they all got out Warren confronted Sienna and was moments away from killing her. However, after Joel intervenes he stops and kisses Sienna, saying that was their goodbye kiss.

Screenshot 20191213-065011 YouTube

Warren chooses to save Sienna over Nico.

A short while later, whilst delivering her daughters clothing, Sienna vowed to get Warren back but Warren once again kept away. After Warren's son Joel was in some trouble with Shane, Sienna intervened by poisoning him but was eventually told to keep out of it by Warren. After this Sienna convinced Shane to fake kidnap her and ended up calling the police on him to set him up. Warren, believing Sienna had really been kidnapped went to rescue her and the pair ended up sleeping together. The reunion didn't last long however, when Warren learned what Sienna had really done he told her that he didn't love her. A few weeks later, despite initially being ignored by Warren, she informs him that she's pregnant. In April 2017 the pair learned that they were expecting twins.

Katy's death Edit

Screenshot 20191213-065421 YouTube

Warren offers Freddie help.

After over hearing Freddie Roscoe on the phone about the shutting down of the garage Warren sees this as an opportunity to befriend Freddie and see the price of what the garage is going for Warren then phones the bank and offers a price to which the bank sell to him, Warren reveals to Darren Osborne that he took a mechanic course while he was in prison, Warren renames the garage from Roscoe's Motor Maintenance to Warren's Wheels, Warren decides to employ Freddie and keep on Daz Cabs.

After months of trying to settle back in the village, Warren comes face to face with his son Joel Dexter again, Joel tells Warren he deserved to be locked up for killing Louise and does not regret helping Mitzeee Minniver and Brendan Brady help bring him down, Unlike Warren he apologises to Joel and asks Joel to give him another chance, Joel tells Warren there probably best off away from each other, However, after the death of Nico Blake, Sienna finds out Warren has a son and decides to get pay back by trying to bed Joel, Joel later finds out who Sienna really is and tries to tell his dad bit Sienna knocks him out and accidentally sets fire to the garage in which in a fit of panic confesses to Warren what she was up to all along Warren attempts to save Joel and the garage explodes however thanks to the help of Freddie all three survive after Joel reveals to Warren what Sienna was up to an angry Warren confronts Sienna and decides to kill her however he is stopped by Joel, sometime later Warren and Sienna rekindle.

Screenshot 20191213-065808 YouTube

Warren prepares to kill Bart.

When Shane Sweeney arrives in January 2017 its revealed his an old friend of Joel's and its revealed that Shane knows a secret about Joel and this results in Shane blackmailing Joel on multiple occasions even making Joel keep schtum about nicking a car off Warren, when Joel finally stands up to Shane, Shane reveals a video of Joel, Shane, Bart McQueen and Joel's aunt Katy Fox its revealed that Joel supplied her with heroin that ended up killing her, Warren originally thinks Shane was responsible for Katy's death however a scared Joel is asked by Warren if it was Bart in which Joel replies yes an angry Warren later kills Bart and buries him in the grave of Amy Barnes.

Affair/feud with Grace Black/feud with Glenn Donovan Edit

In April 2017 when Grace's brother Liam Donovan demand 50,000 pounds so he can get away and start a new life or he will hand Grace to the police over the murder of Eva Falco, Grace ponders on how to get the money with the help of Kim Butterfield who suggests Warren a dismissive Grace approaches after Kim tells her his the only person in the village with that kind of money Warren laughs at Grace at first but then says he will give her the money if she pays its back at a certain time in which Grace agrees however Warren then gives Grace an ultimatum saying if she doesn't pay the 50,000 back by a certain time he gets the club in return in which Grace unwillingly agrees, Grace pays Liam the money however she does not pay the money back in time to Warren so she gives him the keys to the business.

After a lot of time trying to get The Loft back Warren eventually gives Grace 50% share much to her delight however Grace comes up with a plan for Warren to confess to murdering Bart McQueen so Grace hire Butler to ambush Warren to confess the murder however Warren along with Grace who he had no Idea was in on it breaks free Warren goes to shoot Butler and his Henchman but is stopped by Grace, Warren finds out the next day Grace was behind it after attacking Butler.

Screenshot 20191213-070011 YouTube

Warren offers Grace 50% share back

The tension mounts up between the two and they eventually sleep together on multiple occasions however at some point they are seen and someone blackmails and stalks Warren its revealed for the second time that Warren's blackmailer is Mandy Morgan, Warren pays Mandy the money but only as a one off he tells her if she does it again he will kill her.

Grace eventually develops strong feelings for Warren and ends up falling in love with him Grace confesses her love to her mother saying that Warren reminds her a lot of her deceased husband Trevor Royle, after a number of push backs by Warren Grace eventually gets nasty however when Warren gives it to her back she does not like what she her so she stabs him in the back nearly killing him Warren survives and threatens Grace that he will kill her and Curtis if she tells Sienna anything about their affair.

Screenshot 20191213-070159 YouTube

Warren threatens Grace with Curtis

In October 2017 when Grace long lost step dad Glenn Donovan arrives he straight away gets off on the wrong foot with Warren the two square up however Glenn seemed the more calmer while Warren was the one making threats, Glenn befriends Sienna who is having a difficult time with Warren, Glenn offer his support to get Sienna away from Warren so when Sienna goes for a check up Glenn distracts Warren unknown to him that Glenn is working against him, however Warren finds Sienna and gets her to act that shes fine and away from Warren on the phone to Grace and Glenn but shes been found and kidnapped by him and put in a safe house, Grace and Glenn confront Warren who acts oblivious and even threatens both of them if anything has happened to his unborn children he will hold both Grace and Glenn responsible.

Screenshot 20191213-070401 YouTube

Warren and Glenn get off on the wrong foot.

Birth of Twins/Kidnapping Sophie Edit

When Sienna goes into labour, she tells him he can't be apart of their lives after he kept her hostage, this upsets Warren however he agrees, When he says good bye to his son Joel Dexter, a vengeful Myra McQueen (Due to Warren murdering her nephew Bart McQueen) shows him the clip of how his sister Katy Fox died and that Joel was responsible. The next day off camera, Warren beats up Joel and ties him to a chair, however as Warren prepares to kill his own son, Tony Hutchinson stops Warren however, Warren also gets violent with Tony although Tony makes Warren see sense and he lets Joel go when he leaves the garage Myra sees him and she phones Sienna telling her Warren is still In the village, When Warren goes back to the hospital one last time to say good bye he overhears Sienna on the phone telling him on voice mail that she is going to the police Warren then takes baby Katy (Sophie) Joel tries to stop Warren but realising he owns him one lets him go and Warren leaves saying "I think its about time we leave this place behind baby Katy" while looking at the sign that says welcome to Hollyoaks Village he looks back at her the drives off and goes on the run with his daughter and Sienna Is left with the baby boy and as a thank you to Tony for stopping him killing his own son, Joel, he gives Tony his share of the The Loft much to Grace Black's anger.

Screenshot 20191213-070553 YouTube

Warren leaves with Sophie in November 2017.

Kidnapping Sebastian and brief return Edit

20191213 071053

Warren takes Sebastian in May 2018.

Warren hears that Sienna Blake has died making him arrive In Hollyoaks to get his son Sebastian however when Warren learns the police are after Nico Blake he follows them to the hospital where he tracks down Sienna and Nico on the roof top at first Warren seems to be remorseful for what he has put Sienna through when he took their daughter baby Katy and insists that Sienna comes on the run with him but Nico makes herself heard by stating to Sienna she can't trust him due to the fact that Warren left her to die in the fire when Sienna tells Nico that she needs to pay and do her time despite Nico being pregnant this angers Nico and she grabs Sienna and Warren sees this as an opportunity to grab Sebastian and runs off this then shows Warren's true feeling and he flees Sienna later sees Warren in the village in his car however Warren still drove away with Sebastian.

Screenshot 20191213-071216 YouTube

Warren returns in July 2019.

Warren makes a surprise appearance on 30th July 2019 when it is revealed that the twins Nina Robertson was looking after where in fact Sienna Blake's who tried to take the twins from Nina and locked her in a cupboard this lead Warren to sack Nina as their nanny and tell her that Sienna will never get the best of him and getting in the car and driving off.

2020 return: Sebastian's Leukaemia Edit

Screenshot 20200117-174051 Chrome

Warren returns in January 2020.

Warren returns in January 2020 with the twins vowing to get the family back together, the next day Warren follows and watches Sienna and also Sienna's boyfriend Brody Hudson as the day goes on Warren continues to follow them until they are on their own Warren tells his daughter Sophie Blake a story about Little Red Riding Hood and at the very end he gets out the car and approaches one and it's Brody, Warren sneaks behind Brody and bundles him the boot of his car, the next day Brody wakes up in a shipping container where Warren is keeping him after Warren enters Brody knows who he is after a few words trying to outdo each other Warren reveals that Brody is his bargaining chip and he better pray that Sienna does what Warren tells her to do or he won,'t be let go, meanwhile in the village Sienna is worried about Brody's whereabouts and informs her sister Liberty Savage that shes worried they both then approach Brody's best mate Damon Kinsella about his night out but both start to worry about Brody even more when Damon reveals he wasn't with him the night before, and its at that moment Sienna receives a text and its a photo of Brody in a shipping container with his hands tied and a text saying "Salon 3pm no Police", Warren reveals to an annoyed Brody that Sienna has replied and that his going to meet her before leaving Warren teases Brody after Brody pleas to Warren to not hurt Sienna, Sienna after waiting finally plugs the courage to go in the Salon where she calls out to whoever it maybe after hearing a noise Sienna picks up a pair of scissors and from behind her Warren opens the cupboard door and Sienna knows its him after Warren locks the doors, Sienna attacks Warren but is stopped in her tracks when Warren reveals that his here because of their son and his desperate for help.

Screenshot 20200117-174237 YouTube

Warren reveals to Sienna that Sebastian is ill.

Warren then reveals to Sienna that Sebastian has leukaemia and that he needs a bone marrow transplant to save him Warren tells Sienna that his in a private hospital away from Hollyoaks and tells Sienna if she does this he will let Brody go and move back to the village, after a further more tense encounter and also finding out that the twins back in July where indeed hers when Warren slips up and calls him Sean however Sienna eventually goes to the hospital to donate her blood, she then tells Warren if he does anything to Brody she will kill him as soon as Sienna leaves Warren looking now shady walks around the hospital and it's revealed along with his eldest son Joel Dexter that Sophie and Sebastian are in Dee Valley University Hospital where Sebastian is being kept Warren tells Joel that Sienna is on board later Sienna tells both Liberty and Damon that Warren is back much to their shock they both approach Sienna to be careful and if Warren can be trusted in which Sienna thinks he can since she says she has never seen him so desperate much to the worried look on Liberty's and Damon's faces.

Screenshot 20200117-174826 YouTube

Brody being kept hostage by Warren.

Its revealed Sienna is a match and much to her excitement tells Warren much to his delight Warren goes back to Brody tells him the news the two have a heart to heart and Brody tells Warren about his ordeal with Buster Smith which Warren is then left discussed to which Warren frees Brody's hands and reveals to Brody when he was in care there was a kid that beat him up all the time and he didn't do anything about it, meanwhile Sienna gets called back to the hospital where the Doctor tells her that she can't donate her blood to Sebastian as Sienna has had chemotherapy much to her sadness and worry however Sienna is left not trusting Warren when she let slip the twins are only upstairs feeling betrayed Sienna comes up with a plan to take back the twins so the next day she gets Maxine Kinsella to sneak in the hospital and try and get information to where Warren is keeping Brody, Warren leaves his jacket on a chair outside the room where his keeping his kids, Maxine searches the pockets to where she finds a note stating a shipping container Maxine then takes this to Sienna much to her delight Sienna then tasks Liberty and Damon to find out what container Warren is keeping Brody, Sienna manages to sneak into the room and retrieve her kids but as shes about to leave with Maxine waiting in the car Sienna bumps into Joel to which Sienna pleads with him and tells Joel that Warren is keeping Brody locked up away somewhere much to Joel's discuss meanwhile the Doctor who let slip to Sienna that the twins are in Dee Valley breaks the news to Warren that Sienna can't donate her blood much to his worry racing through the hospital, Warren finds the room empty while Joel decides to help Sienna, Warren catches them together and shouts Joel to stop to which Joel tells Sienna to run with an angry Warren approaching Joel hushes Warren into a side room where he confronts him about Brody and if Warren really has changed an angry Warren shouts and eventually leaves the room trying to track down Sienna, meanwhile during all this in between Liberty and Damon after some time finally find Brody and get him away form the Container, Sienna now in the car Maxine got with her help receives a call from Damon only for her to hear Brody's voice Brody tells her to leave to which she doesn't want to without him at first however Warren is seen by Maxine and warns Sienna and after a little look around Warren sees Sienna and fast approaches the car to which Sienna puts her foot down and drives out much to Warrens anger.

Screenshot 20200117-174933 YouTube

Warren vowing to get his children back from Sienna.

Search for Sienna Edit

Screenshot 20200212-141739 YouTube

Warren, Joel and Brody think they have a lead to Sienna.

After Warren, Joel and Brody all decide to try their best to track down Sienna with the twins several weeks past and Brody rings Liberty who was worried that Brody had left her Brody told Liberty who was with his best Damon that they had a CCTV photo and they think its Sienna, Warren walks up and analyses the photo and is adamant that the lady in the photo is Sienna later Warren and Brody bicker as they bump into the woman they both rush to see if Sienna is the female however it turns out its not much to Warren and Brody's disappointments later on Warren and Brody continue to bicker while Joel tries to keep the peace between the two of them however Brody eventually walks away when Warren tells him Sienna doesn't love him, Warren ignores Joel's pleas to go after him, Later Liberty along with Damon searches through Sienna's photos and find address of one of Sienna's aunts in Moston, Manchester delighted she texts both Joel and Brody who was about to leave Warren and Joel the address Warren soon jumps to rush to the car to track Sienna down however his enthusiasm changes when Brody reveals the location stating that he knows people and has history there when the trio arrive in Moston and attempt to track down Sienna's aunts house with no luck Warren is eager to get out of there with confused looks on both Joel's and Brody's faces they follow Warren into a local pub where he is seen having a pint when Joel and Brody confront Warren for his strange behaviour Warren lashes out a little but one Joel points out his scare of something Warren then takes both Joel and Brody to what makes him want to leave Moston so bad the trio are then seen at a gate where flats are currently are Warren explains that it was all different houses back then and one of them was a children's home that him and his sister Katy along with their foster brother Spencer resided when the where younger he then explains how they use to play and that upstairs was different since he got bullied by a kid that went as far to crush him at one point Warren then pointed at a wall where it held his Katy's and Spencer's names but above that was what looked like a gang slogan an already emotional Warren pits up his anger and goes to his car to retrieve his baseball bat and starts to smash it against the wall after which Joel and Brody try to comfort him later Warren comes up with the Idea that Sienna will want to come back for Brody and his baby his having with Liberty so suggests that they should go back to the village and wait for Sienna to come to them Joel and Brody agree Warren and Brody shake hands to put their differences aside much to Joel's delight.

Screenshot 20200212-125159 Google

Warren talks about his haunting past to Joel and Brody.

After the events at Moston, Manchester. Warren, Joel and Brody all return to the village Warren stays with Joel at The Dog in the Pond as he is staying there to look after it for a favour for his girlfriend Goldie McQueen while shes away on holiday with her older cousin Mercedes as Warren settles in with Joel there is a knock at the door to which Joel answers only to find its D.S. Cohen she arrests Warren for holding Sienna hostage and the kidnap of his twins back in November 2017 Warren tells Joel to ring his lawyer James Nightingale in which he does later Cohen tells Warren back at the Police station that Sienna has went into detail on how Warren kept her prisoner and then kidnapped the twins she goads Warren telling that his looking as a long prison sentence and in that time James walks in telling him not to say another word and that he would like moment with his client when Warren describes to James for what his arrested for James tells him that he needs a witness to back him up against Sienna and also asks why he needed him Warren tells James he thought it was something worse and the type of thing you don't get out of prison for likely taking about the murder of Bart McQueen, Cohen then walks in and asks if Warren has an alibi to back up his story later Joel begs Brody after finding out from James that he needs and alibi Brody at first declines but Joel begs some more and Brody eventually does this telling Cohen that Sienna did this to set Warren up Warren is the later released and makes a promise to Brody that he will co-parent with Sienna if she returns.

Rekindle relationship with Mercedes/Feud with Liam Donovan Edit

Screenshot 20200303-232412 Chrome

Warren and Mercedes rekindle their passion.

While staying at The Dog in the Pond Warren sets up a dating night for his son Joel who he thinks should dump his current girlfriend however Joel shows his loyalty to Goldie by dismissing what Warren wants him to do after which two young females called Cassie and Sam arrive in The Dog for the event and Warren and the two girls flirt with one another and Warren takes them both up stairs with a bottle of champagne however It unclear if he sleeps with them as the next morning Mercedes and Goldie arrive back from their holiday and Mercedes is furious to see two females and Warren sleeping on the sofa she then pours water on Warren who finds it funny that his been caught by Mercedes the two send the bicker and send the girls on their way however the tension between Warren and Mercedes heats up and the two end up sleeping together after referencing that the two had fun back in 2007 the two get cosy with one another however Mercedes makes it clear to Warren that he will have to work at The Dog to keep under her roof.

Some weeks pass and Warren and Mercedes still seem to be having fun but Mercedes is panic mode when she receives a letter telling her that they know who shot her Warren offers his support to help Mercedes track down who is targeting her so he writes names down on a list of who was at Jesse Dovonan's funeral Mercedes points at Grace Black's name and they later confront her however they later get know where so Warren heads down to The Loft to investigate and overhears Grace and Liam and comes to the conclusion that it was Liam who shot Mercedes so Warren tells Mercedes that it was Liam who shot her much to Mercedes devastation later Warren comforts a very upset Mercedes that he will help her bring Liam down as revenge later that day Warren heads off out and Liam arrives at The Dog with two heavies and holds a terrified Mercedes while his two heavies smash up the pub the next day Warren is furious for what Liam did and angrily tells Mercedes his going round The Loft to confront him Mercedes tells Warren to leave it as Liam is dangerous and unpredictable however Warren ignores her pleas and goes to The Loft to confront Liam at first Liam seems confident but the tables are turned when Warren shows he has serious back up Liam looks shocked and scared when asking Warren what his going to do Warren tells Liam a story about a Rat that use to some how get into the children's home and that he tried to be nice by one time setting the Rat free however the next day the Rat somehow found its way in and that a kid call Felix saw the Rat and picked up a baseball bat and beat the Rat to death after telling that story to Liam, Warren then tells Liam that his going to kill him and that the heavies are there to help him cover up a scared Liam begs for his life however Warren later gives Liam a choice and gets a fifty pence coin and tells Liam to choose heads or tails for him to live but only if he gets it right Liam off-screen chooses heads over tails Warren is then seen tossing the coin in the air as a very nervous Liam watches on Warren then catches the coin and slams it on the table and removes his hand and Liam is seen as shocked and scared to see its landed on tails while this is happening Joel approaches Mercedes to see is she knows where his father is as his trying to call him and os shocked when Mercedes tells him that his gone to confront Liam back at The Loft Warren is looking for a gun to use to kill Liam and even questions why he hasn't got one with no gun or any other sort of weapon to use Warren tells Liam he will do it the old fashioned way which mean beating him up weather to death or not the intention is unknown because as when Warren was about to attack Liam his son Joel runs in to stop Warren from hurting him Joel then reasons with Warren telling him that his just angry about Sienna taking the twins and that Liam has just not long lost his brother and has a daughter after which Warren pours a bottle of beer on Liam's lap to save him the embarrassment of admitting he "wet himself" Warren the threatens Liam by telling him if he comes anywhere near him and Mercedes that he will com for him Liam agrees later Warren gives Mercedes money he got from Liam for the damages Liam caused with his enemies a grateful Mercedes takes Warren to her bedroom while Liam is seen plotting his revenge involving Maxine Kinsella after a taking to from his sister Grace.

Screenshot 20200303-232633 Chrome

Warren confronts Liam.

After his encounter with Warren, Liam gives Maxine some sort of sleeping antidote likely to be chloroform to slip into Warren's drink the next day Maxine arrived at The Dog where Warren is working behind the bar along with Mercedes, Maxine puts her plan into action by asking Warren to have a drink with her at first Warren is against the idea but eventually decides to have one glass of wine with Maxine when Warren serves a customer, Maxine slips the antidote into Warren's drink unknown to Warren the two then talk as Maxine watches on nervously as Warren goes to take sips of his wine but something seems to be distracting him doing so when Warren tells Maxine that he would have been happy that the child they would have had together back in 2016 that she was the mother a guilty Maxine switches the glass of wines over as Warren turns to help Mercedes while 'accidentally' spills her wine as she rushes out Warren offers her another glass but Maxine is too quick to leave later that night Warren is seen walking past the alley by Liam who is furious to find out that Maxine could not go through with the plan of drugging Warren later a scared Maxine confides in Warren about Liam's threats so again Warren goes to the Salon where he finds Liam and again confronts him and goads him that his nothing and has no one Liam this time does try to stand up to Warren however Warren punches Liam and then leaves the Salon later Warren sees Liam along with Mercedes laying on the floor looking like a broken man the two goad Liam and leave him pondering later Liam puts a plan into action to get Warren out the way sonhe can carry out revenge on Mercedes later Warren receives a text from 'Sienna' telling him that Sebastian is in Hospital really Ill Warren rushes off to find Sienna to see his son Warren arrives at the hospital and starts to worry when he sees what looks like a child in a Hospital bed Warren starts to panic however only to find that its a laughing doll and not Sebastian a peace of paper falls from the doll with the message "Done by a Donovan". Warren's emotion then turns to anger ad he starts to hunt for Liam, Warren angrily approaches Grace and Sylver who tell him its what Liam wants however Warren still goes to look for Liam later on Liam sees Warren and rings the Police and afterwards approaches Warren who tells Liam he's dead. Liam then bad mouths Sebastian this causes Warren to punch Liam to the ground and then start to beat him up however D.S. Cohen arrives with two Police officers who pull Warren away much and Warren tells Liam his coming for him the next day Warren has been prison and Liam visits him to rub in his plan that worked he then tells Warren with him now inside he can get to Mercedes later James tells Warren his unlikely to get bail which is what happens a furious Warren trashes his cell however later James discover Liam goaded Warren through texting on his phone and approach Cohen about releasing Warren after Cohen tried to be dismissive however the CPS drops all the charges on Warren, James informs Warren of this and Warren then puts a plan to action to kill Liam as a revenge for using his Ill son as a way to get Warren locked up the next day Warren is seen by Mercedes holding a knife Warren is then confronted by Mercedes he tells Mercedes his going to kill Liam however unknown to Warren, Liam is stood behind him looking worried as Warren turns to look for Liam, Liam hinds in the alley way Warren shows up at Grace's house looking for Liam however Grace tells him Liam isn't in but after Warren leaves Liam comes dow the stairs to thank her he then calls on a favour from one of his gangster friends, Warren arrives back at the fog much to Mercedes delight she asks him if he went through with it Warren tells her no but only because he couldn't find him as Warren is mocking Sylver from Grace's previous wedding day a drunken man "accidentally" bumps into Warren the man apologises and asks to have help of getting him to the car park after Mercedes orders Warren to and as Warren helps the man to the car park a car pulls over and a group of heavies walk out Warren clicks on that they are there to attack him and the man he helped grabs him and bundles him into the alley as the heavies beat Warren up off camera later Warren is found by Liberty who calls an ambulance Mercedes then confronts Liam who again threatens Mercedes while Warren is taking to Hospital.

Screenshot 20200324-013202 Chrome

Warren shown to be hurt after being beating up by Liam's heavies.

Later Warren finds out from Goldie that Liam is keeping Mercedes along with John Paul, Maxine, Grace, James and Sylver hostage at the dog an injured Warren gets Joel and Brody to help with the ladders so he can climb through the window to save them, Warren manages to get in and sneak around when he arrives down the stair he meets with John Paul and James and John Paul issues Warren with a warning that Liam has a gun as Liam rants on Warren sneaks up and as Liam is about to shoot Sylver, Warren charges at Liam and starts to beat Liam up giving everyone the opportunity to get away Warren eventually stops punching Liam and runs out to catch up with everyone else however Liam grabs his gun and uses Mercedes as a hostages to bundle his way out however when Liam reaches the cellar stairs Grace ends up pushing him down the cellar stairs which ends up killing Liam putting an end to his and Warren's feud in the process.

Felix's Arrival/Sienna's Return Edit

20200331 154433

Warren confesses to all five of his direct murders.

By the end of March 2020 Sienna decides to return to the village after finding a match in Chester for her son Sebastian as she gets out the taxi she drops a bottle belonging to her daughter Sophie and Felix Westwood approaches Sienna to see if she wants any help unknown to each other they have a connection to Warren, Warren is later seen walking around the village and spots the bottle that belongs to Sophie he clicks on that Sienna is back in the village he rushes to the flat where Brody answers the door Warren pleads with a scared Sienna to see his children Sienna tells Warren that Sophie is away being looked after and lets slip to Warren that Sebastian has a match and Warren is delighted he hears Sophie shout her mum and begs Sienna to let him see his child Sienna then tells Brody to lock the door in case Warren tries anything rash Warren then is led into the room where Sophie is Warren is more the delighted to see her Warren tells Sophie that mummy and daddy are both hear for her and her brother Sienna points out to Warren that after everything doe he actually thing they can just co-parent Warren then tells Sienna that his got an insurance policy for her he then hands over a video Warren tells her that its a confession video to his crime Sienna plays the video of Warren and its Warren confessing to all his five direct murders starting with his first in Sean Kennedy as Warren explains on the tape of how he got rid of Sean's body Sienna stops the video in disgust Warren then breaks down to Sienna about how he was brought up even tho they is no excuse for murder Warren explains to Sienna that he was bullied and often beating and violence is the only thing his ever known after which Sienna tells Warren who is breaking down not to pull any more tricks as she now has his confession tape of all the five direct murders his committed and that she will not hesitate to take it to the police Warren agrees no more tricks, Warren and Sienna then agree to both visit Sebastian in Hospital much to both Brody and Liberty's shock as Warren and Sienna are leaving tho they bump into Felix who is leaving the Deveraux family home Warren and Felix are shocked to see each other and an angry Warren punches Felix who accepts he deserves it.

Screenshot 20200330-214752 Chrome

Warren punches Felix.

The next day Warren is in Hospital along with Sienna who are both anxiously wait on some news on Sebastian eventually a nurse walks in and tells both Warren and Sienna the procedure as Sienna is edgy Warren does his best to put less pressure on the nurse and offers support to Sienna and Warren jokes about the fact that Sienna hates that his right later on Warren again bumps into Felix, Warren asks Felix if his following him and to get lost Felix makes a remark that's more of a compliment about his punch however when Felix mentions Moston Warren again starts to get edgy Felix tells Warren the past was the past and they had to do what they needed to do to get by Warren gets more angry with Felix and reveals that his son has leukaemia and that he doesn't have time to care about Felix, Felix offer his support to Warren which Warren angrily declines later Warren sees Brody mopping while cleaning the Love Boat windows Warren confronts Brody to be their for Sienna and offer his support Warren and Brody after which warren and Brody arrive at the hospital to meet with Sienna and Liberty and Warren notices Sienna is upset and is shocked to find out that Sebastian has an abnormal result upset by this Warren and Sienna comfort one another the next day Warren along with Sienna, Brody and Liberty are wait on news eventually they get some news that the medication Isn't work as well as they thought Warren is then later seen breaking down while looking at Sebastian lying in the hospital bed as Sienna tries to comfort Warren he blames himself due all the people's lives he's ruined. Warren and Sienna then have a heart to heart about what they have been through and even joke about some of the past events Warren stating that they were never boring later on as Sienna is seen talking to Brody outside the Hospital Warren approaches and happily tells Sienna that Sebastian is responding to treatment much to Sienna's and Brody's delight.

The next day Warren approaches Felix in The Loft while Felix is blackmailing Walter Deveraux once Walter leave Warren aggressively approaches Felix and orders him to leave Felix does not take Warren's threat seriously Warren then tells Felix that his not the skinny child he use to bully back in the care home days Felix then starts to get bit aggressive in his tone himself and challenges Warren who throws a punch at Felix again but this time Felix blocks it and tells Warren he was lucky first time round as Warren and Felix continue to taunt one another Warren eventually goes for Felix who goes at Warren back but before a fight can break out Grace arrives who stops the two men from fighting.

Sebastian's progression, getting caught in the moment and opening up over traumatic events Edit

Weeks have past since Sebastian has had an update and Warren along with Sienna has continued to visit him in the hospital where Sebastian is being kept for treatment as things slowly progress Sienna gets a call from Doctor Fry demanding an early meeting this worries Sienna but Warren does his best to reassure Sienna that everything is fine the next day Warren buys Sophie a bike for her to learn how to ride it Sienna at first is against the idea however come round to letting Warren teach his daughter along with her to ride a bike all is going well until Sienna gets a call from Doctor Fry which worries her and Warren later Warren and Sienna wait anxiously for Fry and a shocked and happy to find Sebastian is responding to treatment perfectly and are even more a taken back by the reveal that he can come home the next day Warren along with Sienna is full of joy as the two are caught up in their happiness Sienna shocks Warren by kissing him.

Screenshot 20200708-111931 YouTube

Sienna kisses Warren.

The next day after the good news Sebastian is brought him by Warren and Sienna, Liberty and Brody all is going well however Sienna approaches Warren about the kiss but he tells her it was just caught up in the moment and not to tell Brody as she will ruin her life Sienna ponders on that and Warren is later asked to stay for an evening meal being cooked by Liberty later on that night as the meal is cooking Warren talks about that smell of the meal Liberty is cooking reminds him of where he use to stay as a child along with his sister Katy and foster brother Spencer, Warren then reveals that he had some good memories with a man named Cormac but there was this other kid kid that made Warren's life hell Warren reveals that when he was younger the reason the smell reminds him of his childhood was because he broke his leg and he had to be laid up in bed for it to heal as Warren further talks he tells that this kid saw that this doll made Katy happy when she got it one Christmas so later burned the dolls head and put it on Katy's pillow Warren later approached this kid he aggressively told the kid that if you mess with my sister you mess with me the kid later pushed Warren down a flight of stairs, Brody then asks if he ever wanted to track the bully down Warren then reveals he's living next door with the Devereux's Sienna along with Liberty and Brody are shocked to find out the kid his talking about is Felix, Liberty tells Warren that it could be fate and that he should let Felix know how he made him felt Warren dismisses this by stating he made it clear when he punched him a few weeks ago however when brody states that he takes it that didn't make Warren feel any better Warren is then left pondering on what to do.

Screenshot 20200708-111846 YouTube

Warren talks about his childhood to Liberty, Sienna and Brody.

Relationships Edit

Note: Information from biography maybe/is repeated in some paragraphs for information purposes.

Katy, Spencer and Joel Edit

Warren had a very close relationship with his sister Katy the two grew up with a very violent mother towards Warren and when she got violent towards Katy Warren would step in their mother wasn't violent towards their foster brother Spencer so he had a different look on his foster mother. When the three where in care Warren would often provide for the three of them by doing minor crimes to earn money Warren would often be very protective over his siblings and got violent with anyone who was either a threat or a nuisance an example of this is an episode that aired on 3rd May 2007 when Warren beat up a guy who inappropriately touched Katy's bum Warren even went as far to threaten the man that he will kill him later Warren even tried to kill Justin Burton by running him over so he couldn't run off with Katy, Spencer later arrived in Hollyoaks in December 2008 and Warren seemed to get easily stressed by Spencer's needs and often lashed out at him.but Warren would often show remorse for this and comfort Spencer at times of need showing he did care for him despite his harsh ways towards him.7

Felix Westwood Edit

Warren grew up in a care home with Felix however Warren's life in a care home was made much more difficult by Felix who often bullied Warren, Felix often beat Warren up and even burned him at one point Warren was also forced to do things by Felix much as beat other children up this meant they had a cold relationship and when Felix arrived in March 2020 Warren did not hesitate to dish out a punch to Felix for all the stuff he put him through.

Sean Kennedy Edit

Warren and Sean's friendship struck up in the early 90s when not long after Warren left his care home from Moston in Manchester the two engaged in a lot of gang activity from drug deals to fraud however Sean later met a female called Louise some point in the early 2000s and he fell in love with her however Louise was feeling more attracted to Warren so Sean later set Warren up during a fraud deal with Spanish officials and Warren was sentenced to 18 months in a Spanish prison. Warren later got his revenge on Sean by taking his business from him and making him leave Hollyoaks, however in March 2007 Sean returns and a furious Warren kills him.

Louise Summers Edit

Louise first met Warren some point in the early 2000s when she started dating Warren's friend Sean, however Louise not being true to her feelings was more attracted to Warren she later didn't see Warren since he was in prison for fraud for 18 months in 2004 until June 2006 when Warren arrived in Hollyoaks for revenge on Sean for setting him up Sean later signs all his business to Warren much to Louise's disgust Louise for half a year is still not true to her feelings towards Warren but eventually sleeps with Warren in January 2007 eventually for a whole year the two decide to marry however Louise learns of Warren sleeping with her friend Mandy Richardson, Louise decides to kill Warren however Warren learns of her plan so he kills Louise instead.

Clare Devine Edit

Warren and Clare at first where attracted to each other Warren often approached Clare due to her involvement with Max Cunningham who owned the local nightclub named The Loft at the time abd Warren wanted it, Warren would often flirt with Clare and they eventually sleep together however as time went on Clare soon clicked on Warren was only ever after the club and not her so their relationship went from lust to a dangerous feud Warren would often be the one that seemed to get the upper hand over Clare and she hated the fact he was always one step ahead but Clare had her moments like setting him up for pushing her and blackmailing Warren murdering Sean Kennedy as time went on tho Warren seemed to gain control and eventually got Clare to sign over her share of the club, Clare later kidnapped Warren's sister Katy in a revenge on Warren and Katy's boyfriend Justin Burton who pushed Clare over the Loft balcony Clare later drives off a cliff in an effort to kill her and Katy but they both survive however Clare was believed to have been killed, Clare returned to finish of her revenge on Warren and Justin in May 2009 however failed although at the time after setting fire to the Loft Clare was believed to have killed Warren but in October 2010 Warren was revealed to be still alive.

Justin Burton Edit

Warren and Justin began some sort of friendship in January 2007 after Warren confronts him over the money Justin stole from him the previous month Warren mentors Justin about earning respect and forces Justin to work for him as time goes on Warren and Justin start to become good friends and Justin starts to learn from Warren however things soon turn cold when Warren gets Justin to move Sean's body and Justin later gets with Warren's sister Katy and tries to run away with her Warren attempts to kill Justin by running him over in a transit van and in May 2009 Warren forced Justin to burn down his nightclub The Loft, Warren threatens to kill Hannah Ashworth who Justin was in love with at the time when Justin refused.

Calvin and Sasha Valentine Edit

Warren and Calvin never saw eye to eye with Warren being the criminal and Calvin being the copper however what made Warren and Calvin not see eye to eye was when Calvin began a relationship with Louise the two would often shot digs and threats Warren later sleeps with Louise behind Calvin's back later they begin a relationship much to Calvin's devastation in December 2008 Calvin's boss Mark Gascoyne tries to get Calvin to kill Warren which Calvin does attack Warren but not enough to kill him and in 2009 Calvin begins to work for Warren which involved dodge dealing and stealing cars by April 2009 Warren confesses to Sean's and Louise's murder to a shocked Calvin who then decides to take Warren down until Warren's exit.

Mandy Richardson Edit

Warren and Mandy start to share a connection around September 2008 when Warren feels Louise is not in love with him anymore Mandy often comforted Warren and later slept together Mandy then fell in love with Warren putting him in a pickle Louise later finds out of the affair and tells Mandy that Warren murdered Sean much to Mandy's disgust Mandy later leaves the village while unknown to everyone Warren murdered Louise.

some point after Warren faked his death in May 2009 after Mandy's ex-husband Tony Hutchinson leaves her abroad without any money not knowing Warren is 'dead' Mandy manages to contact him and Warren helps her out they the begin a relationship to the point Warren trusted Mandy where he confessed off-screen that he murdered a guy call Dale in order to fake his death wanting to rush the revenge on Tony and in order to coast Warren back to the village Mandy pretends to be someone who saw Warren put Dale's body in the burning Loft so they return to the village however Mandy gets cold feet about getting Tony back and Warren forces Dominic Reilly TO BE ADDED

Theresa McQueen Edit

To be added.

Brendan Brady Edit

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Mitzeee Minniver Edit

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Sienna Blake Edit

To be added. MORE TO BE ADDED.

Kill Count Edit

Murders Edit

  1. Sean Kennedy, 15th March 2007 - Struck with a baseball bat.
  2. Louise Summers, 26th December 2008 - Suffocated with a cushion after discovering her attempt to kill him.
  3. Dale Greer, 29th May 2009 - Stabbed so Warren could have Dale identified as Warren.
  4. Steph Roach, 10th November 2010 (by proxy) - Steph burned to death in the Il Gnosh blaze, started by Dominic Reilly on the orders of Warren.
  5. Malachy Fisher, 18th November 2010 (by proxy) - Malachy suffered serious head injuries caused by the explosion at Il Gnosh started by Dominic Reilly on the orders of Warren, and was later declared brain dead.
  6. Kyle Ryder, 10th February 2011 - Shot in the defence of Theresa McQueen.
  7. Bart McQueen, 13th April 2017 - Beaten to death for his involvement in the death of Katy Fox.

Attempted murders Edit

  • Justin Burton (2007)-Warren runs Justin over In a van on purpose to stop Justin running away with his sister Katy Fox.
  • Clare Devine (2007)-Warren has twice attempted to kill Clare once was when she would sell the Loft to Warren so he went to kill her when she wasn't looking however Clare turned around and this made Warren change his mind, And the second Is when Warren had Clare over the balcony where she was pushed over months before Warren said If he did It Clare wouldn't of made it and to sign the Loft over In which she did.
  • Mitzeee Minniver (2011)-When Warren found out about Mitzeee trying to set him up he took her to where he buried his ex fiancé Louise Summers, Warren then strangled Mitzeee but was Interrupted by Brendan Brady who was pointing a gun at Warren.
  • Brendan Brady (2011)-Warren attempted to kill Brendan twice In one episode the first was when he gave his own son Joel Dexter an order to shoot Brendan with the very gun Warren used to kill Kyle Ryder 11 months prior however Brendan was later soon point the gun at Warren later on In the episode while Warren was strangling Mitzeee, Brendan told Warren It's over and that he killed Joel In self defence this angered Warren and the two got Into a fight In which Warren got the better of as Warren went to go and hit Brendan with a rock to finish him off Warren him self was knocked out by Joel revealing In fact Joel choose to bring Warren down and saved Mitzeee's and Brendan's life.
  • Sienna Blake (2017)-When Warren found out Sienna nearly killed Joel Warren was going to kill Sienna In a tense showdown In the flat In which Joel stopped him by chucking a brick threw the window and threatening to call the police.
  • Joel Dexter (2017)-When Warren found out that Joel was responsible for his sis Katy Fox's death Warren beat up Joel and tied him to a chair and was about to Joel off but was stopped by Tony Hutchinson who Warren thanked for by sign his half to Loft to Tony.
  • Butler (2017)-Attempts to go and shoot Butler but Is stopped by Grace Black.
  • Henchman (2017)-Attempts to go and shoot him but Is stopped by Grace Black.
  • Liam Donovan (2020)-Warren tells Liam to choose one side of a 50 pence coin head or tails for life or death Liam loses out and Warren prepares to kill Liam however Warren is stopped by his son Joel, Warren again prepares to kill Liam when his released from prison Warren looks for Liam with a knife however he has no luck in finding him.

Appendices Edit

Residents Edit

Address Duration
Care home1980s to early 1990s
Prison2000-2001, 2004-2006, 2011-2016, 2020
5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 32007-2009
5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 12011, 2016-2017
1 Stockton Lane2020 to present

Employment history Edit

Job Duration
Security manager2006
Club manager2006-2007
Club owner2007-2009, 2010-2011, 2017
The Dog in the Pond landlord2007-2008
Garage owner/merchanic2016-2017
Barman at The Dog2020 to present

Quotes Edit

"Don't think so ?" - First line to Louise Summers In a bantering way from both sides

"You think your a big man!?" (to Sean Kennedy just before Warren murders him).

"Dale ?, remember when I told you I'd only really ask for a favour if i really needed one ? (moments before Warren murders Dale).

"I wish I had of killed ya, you bitch. And you, you ain't no son of mine." - Last line before being arrested for Louise's murder, having been set up by Mitzeee Minniver, Brendan Brady, Nancy Osborne, Theresa McQueen and Joel Dexter, in December 2011.

"You know!, you should of kept running when you had the chance!" (to Bart McQueen before Warren murders him).

"Sienna will never get the best of me" - Last line to Nina Robertson before leaving the village in 2019.

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  • In May 2006, it was announced former Dream Team actor Jamie Lomas would arrive in Hollyoaks as "bad boy" Warren Fox.
  • In May 2009, Jamie Lomas confirmed he stayed on for an extra six months when Lomas's contract ended at the end in November 2008. Jamie stated:
    "Well I wanted to go after two years. I sat down with Bryan Kirkwood who told me what he had in store and it was too good to refuse! The story line was so fantastic."
  • Warren's return was announced in July 2019 after he was seen working on set, a few days before his appearance. However, it was teased that Warren would first appear in the autumn, but made a surprise return in the summer.

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