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Reverend Walter Deveraux is the widow of Gloria Deveraux the father of Simone Loveday, and Martine and Melanie Deveraux, and the grandfather of Lisa and Zack Loveday, Mitchell Deveraux, and Toby and Celeste Faroe.

Walter is a priest, who also helps daughter Martine with running Price Slice.


2018-2021: Family Reuniting

Walter arrived in Hollyoaks at New Year's Eve 2018 to visit his daughters Simone Loveday and Martine Deveraux. Martine was initially unhappy to see Walter, who soon left. He later returned with Martine's son Mitchell Deveraux in February 2019, the pair moving into 5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 3 in the wake of Simone's departure and Walter taking over Price Slice. Walter was the pillar of the community in his role of vicar and formed a close bond to Mitchell until discovering that Mitchell had been embarking on a secret relationship with Scott Drinkwell. After evicting Mitchell from the flat, Martine as well as Simone's daughter Lisa refused to speak to Walter. Recalling the suicide of his gay twin brother Wilfred, Walter and Mitchell ended up reconciling.

In March 2020, Walter was delivered a shock as Martine's other children, Toby and Celeste, arrived in the village. He soon came face-to-face with Toby, Celeste and Mitchell's father Felix Westwood, who Walter had forced to leave after Martine gave birth to the triplets in 1994. Walter strongly disapproved when Felix and Martine reconciled after Martine discovered what Walter did, but eventually came round.

Walter gave Scott and Mitchell his blessing, and the pair married in September 2020. After the wedding, Lisa went missing, supposedly heading to Ibiza. In November, Mitchell also departed suddenly under mysterious circumstances, but kept in contact with the family. In January 2021, Walter developed kidney problems and Toby was a match. However, the psychologist deemed Toby unsuitable and Walter temporarily ended up on dialysis. Walter supported Martine after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In July 2021, Walter was hospitalised after being attacked due to a robbery at Price Slice, so he sold the store to Fergus Collins and Warren Fox. In September 2021, Walter's childhood friend Pearl Anderson arrived, and Pearl looked after Martine as Walter left to visit Simone in Jamaica.



Address Duration
5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 3 Since 8th February 2019

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Introduction Sequence

  • 2019-2022: Walter sits down to dinner with his family.


Girls... you should be ashamed of yourselves.
— First line to Martine Deveraux and Simone Loveday.

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