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Victoria Hutchinson (nee Reilly) is the sister of Diane Reilly, the ex-wife of Edward Hutchinson and Rory Finnigan, the mother of Tony Hutchinson and the biological mother of Dom Reilly.

Victoria and Edward married, and they had a son, Tony. Victoria later had an affair with an unknown man, and she discovered that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a son, Dom, whom she gave to Diane. However, Victoria put both her name and Edward's on Dom's birth certificate. The three of them kept this secret from both Tony and Dom, and they wouldn't find out about this until Diane's death in 2005.

Victoria arrived in the village in 2000. She began a relationship with Finn, and got engaged to him, despite being aware that Finn was a friend of Tony's and that Tony strongly objected to the relationship. They married, but their marriage ended in 2001 when Victoria discovered that Finn had cheated on her, and Victoria left the village.

In September 2005, Tony confronted Victoria after finding Dom's birth certificate, which named Victoria as his mother and Edward as his father.

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