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Victor Brothers is a drug dealer and the boss of Jordan Price.


2020-2021: Arrival/County lines[]

In June 2020, Victor arrived in the village, confronting Jordan over a lack of sales by his kids in Hollyoaks. He warned Jordan, for the final time, that if sales did not pick up, then he would be replaced.

After Victor came to Hollyoaks mid-2020 and was revealed to be the leader of the County Lines drug gang and the main antagonist of the storyline. He was seen as an intimidating figure of authority to fellow drug-dealer, Jordan Price, who had recently involved his cousin, Sid Sumner and then-girlfriend Juliet Nightingale, into the world of drug dealing and trafficking. All was running relatively smoothly for the gang until Jordan was caught with a trunk full of ketamine by PC George Kiss (after Sid grassed on him) while trying to flee the country to escape Victor's drug empire with Leela Lomax, whom he'd been having an affair with while seeing her daughter Peri Lomax. Jordan's arrest infuriated Victor, who proceeded to kidnap Sid and Juliet in an attempt to uncover the truth about who grassed on Jordan. After realising the plan was getting him nowhere, despite his best efforts to scare them into telling him, he let them go. When Jordan was eventually released from prison, Victor began pushing him to sell drugs once again. By this time, Victor had given control of Jordan's selling patch to Juliet. Around New Year 2020, Victor ordered Charlie and Ella to get on a train and do a deal away from Hollyoaks which didn't go to plan as Charlie and Ella missed the train they were meant to take, unbeknownst to Victor. Victor then finds out that Juliet was planning on recording him talking about the business on her phone and taking it to the police. He proceeds to tell her that someone she loves won't live to see 2021. From this point onwards, he has encounters with the likes of James, Sid, and Romeo. He goes to kill Romeo, but James intervenes and Romeo flees, leaving the two alone outside Price Slice. Victor advances on James, ready to strike with the knife he has concealed in his inside coat pocket, but James luckily points out that CCTV is watching them both and will capture anything and everything he does to James. He takes a second to think about what to do and leaves while James breathes a sigh of relief. Later on, Victor sees Sid in The Dog car park with his guitar. He takes the guitar and smashes it up, leaving it in pieces. He then makes Sid go with him to The Hutch where he keeps Sid and Juliet before Jordan arrives. He then claims he has other things to do and gives Jordan the knife and orders him to kill Sid and Juliet, not knowing that Charlie and Ella are hiding under the table. The showdown ended with Jordan allowing Sid and Juliet to leave, only to find Charlie and Ella hiding under the table. The night ends with Jordan being stabbed by Ella.

2021: Targeting Ella and Sid's plan[]

Victor took a brief hiatus from the village following Jordan's death before returning in January 2021 to speak to Ella about why he was receiving text messages from Jordan's phone. This happens after James and Ste try to set up a meeting with someone who used to work with Jordan dealing drugs in an attempt to clear Juliet's name and get her released from prison but the plan goes awry when they call the person and Victor answers, telling them that Juliet is staying in prison. A misunderstanding leads Ella to reveal to Victor that she was the one who killed Jordan but Charlie took the fall and got arrested for her. He then tells her that she's going to do anything he tells her. Sid has a plan of his own to get Juliet out of prison which involves him recording all meetings he has with Victor to trap him, bring his evidence to the police, and bring down his drug empire once and for all. Victor eventually caught wind of Sid's plan after Ollie Morgan informed him that Sid had placed a bug in his car and extracted a confession from him (a plan concocted by Ste and James). This sent the drug boss on the warpath, armed with a knife and bloodthirsty. Victor initially caught up with Sid at the Lomax house, where Sid was transferring the audio file containing Victor's confession onto the laptop. He forced his way in and searched for the terrified teen in an attempt to stop him getting the evidence to the police, but was forced to flee after hearing Peri's voice. The second time Victor caught up with Sid was in The Dog car park after Sid got held up by Luke (Ollie's father) while on his way to get the incriminating evidence to the police. Sid saw Victor looking on, waiting for Luke to leave, and tried to escape through the pub. However, Victor had his plan well scouted as he appeared in the archway before ultimately stabbing Sid and leaving him for dead in the car park. The next time Victor appears after murdering Sid, he is being interviewed by DS Cohen about Sid's fatal stabbing. He cockily proceeds to tell her that they have no evidence on him. After this, he is seen giving Ollie a dealer's contact details and threatening his life if he goes to the police about what he knows . Victor is then arrested and sent down for a very long time.

Kill Count[]


Despite not killing anyone on-screen, Victor has killed a number of people in his organisation.

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Sid Sumner, 29th December 2020 - Victor ordered Jordan Price to kill Sid and Juliet, which Jordan disobeyed.
  2. Juliet Nightingale, 29th December 2020 - Victor ordered Jordan Price to kill Sid and Juliet, which Jordan disobeyed.
  3. Sid Sumner, 3rd March 2021 - Stabbed after learning of Sid's plan to have Victor imprisoned.
  4. Ste Hay, 17th March 2021 - Ordered Ollie Morgan to kill Ste. Ollie only pretended to have killed Ste.
  5. Oliver Morgan, 18th March 2021 - Attempted to stab Ollie after finding out he tricked him into thinking he killed Ste, but before he could the police arrived and arrested Victor.

Background Information[]

  • In April 2020, it was announced that Benjamin O'Mahony would be playing the role of drug dealer "Victor". His surname was not revealed until his first credited appearance.

Introduction Sequence[]

Despite being a regular character, Victor does not appear in the introduction sequence.

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