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Verity Hutchinson is the daughter of Edward Hutchinson and the late Charlotte Hutchinson, the sister of Eric Hutchinson, as well as the half-sister of Tony and Eva Hutchinson, and the adoptive-half-sister of Dominic Reilly.


2020: Arrival[]

Verity arrived in the village in January 2020 as a high powered lawyer from London, whom Sami Maalik's law firm wanted him to woo in order to convince her to join their company. When Verity arrived, she was touched when Sami's younger brother, Imran Maalik, placed his coat over a puddle so she could walk on it. She also took a liking to Sami and the pair flirted the whole night. Verity got her driver to take her and Sami around the village so Sami could give her a tour.

When Sami went to drop his ex-fiancée, Sinead Shelby's belongings off at her step-mother, Diane Hutchinson's flat, Verity was surprised to see Diane kissing her father, Edward Hutchinson. Verity soon worked out that Diane was Verity's half-brother, Tony Hutchinson's wife and agreed to keep their relationship secret.

Verity attended the winter ball at The Loft with Sami and the pair flirted the whole night. Verity told Sami of her achievements as a lawyer and asked Sami about his, to which he lied. Verity asked Sami to take her to his "bachelor pad", and was amused to learn that Sami had lied to try impress her, and lives with his step-mum, Misbah Maalik, to which she teased him over. The pair slept together, but when Sami awoke to see Verity using an inhaler and asked her what she was doing, Verity quickly ran off.

2020: Meeting Tony & Relationship with Sami[]

Verity was horrified to discover that Tony had been held captive by serial killer Breda McQueen for several months, and was in hospital after being stabbed by her. Verity was eager to meet Tony, but he was left disoriented. Edward advised Verity to give Tony some time to come to terms with being freed from Breda, his father's sudden return and the revelation that he had two siblings that he didn't know about. Verity decided to return to London, asking Edward to keep her updated on Tony's condition.

Verity later returned in March 2020, and was left horrified when a drunken Tony tried to kiss her at The Loft, unaware of their relation until Edward reminded him. Verity later accidentally let slip about what had happened at the club, and Diane was left furious. Verity tried to comfort Diane and convinced her that Tony didn't know who she was and that it was unlikely that he was being unfaithful to her. Edward prepared a dinner for Diane and Tony to help them reconcile, later revealing to Verity his intentions to try make Tony slip up so he could win Diane over. Verity asked if his mind could be changed, but he said that it couldn't.

Verity later bumped into Sami, who was still left smitten with her after their previous encounter. She teased Sami after overhearing him tell James Nightingale that he was struggling with a case. She told Sami that his defendant, a woman who had committed benefit fraud, had a case that was "dull" and was in a field below her, but made a bet that she could win the case. She later informed Sami that the woman's benefits claim was fraudulent from the beginning and therefore the woman was charged on the wrong offence, and that the DWP made a major error in the courtroom. After sharing a bottle of champagne with Sami and James as part of their bet, Sami privately tried to confront Verity over her inhaler, and offered to be a friend. Verity flirtatiously told him that they could never be friends.

2020-2021: Establishing a Law Firm, Edward's Death & Fake Pregnancy[]

Verity decided to leave her law firm and establish her own in Hollyoaks with James, with Sami convincing her to let him join. Sami suggested Donovan's Salon as their premises, and Verity made Jesse Donovan's sister, Grace Black, and widow, Courtney Campbell, an offer. Courtney, who had been left the salon by Jesse, agreed to the sale on the condition that Verity gave Maxine Kinsella a job, which Verity agreed.

On Christmas Day 2020, Verity was caught up in the attempted murder of Tony, by their father, Edward Hutchinson. He had poisoned mince pies with drugs he swiped from the hospital, saying that Tony would suffer a fatal cerebral haematoma. However, Edward ate the poisoned pie and died outside the Cunningham's Grande Bazaar. In the weeks following his death, Verity walked in on Diane Hutchinson taking a pregnancy test. Verity initially believed that she was going to have a nephew or niece, but Diane later confesses that she doesn't know if the unborn child is that of Tony's or Edward's. Diane asks Verity to fake a pregnancy, had anybody asked, leaving Verity livid. She reluctantly accepted, and her brother Tony was told of Verity's fake pregnancy, believing that she was indeed having a baby. He excitedly breaks the news to Sami, who is also led to believe that she is having a baby. In February 2021, Diane agrees to keep the baby, even after finding out that she is carrying Edwards child. Unable to tell Sami that she was faking the whole thing for Diane, Verity sets out to get pregnant for real, enlisting Scott Drinkwell for help. As of yet, Verity is not pregnant.

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Employment history[]

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Background information[]

  • In September 2019, it was revealed that Tony Hutchinson's sister, whom he had no knowledge of, would arrive in the village alongside his long lost father. More specific details, such as character and casting information, were not revealed until December 2019.

Introduction Sequence[]


That is so kind, Sir Walter.
— First line, to Imran Maalik.

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