Trudy Ryan, played by Danniella Westbrook debuted on-screen in February 2013. Westbrook's casting was announced on 29th December 2012. Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy said that Trudy would feature in a storyline with the characters Jacqui  and Theresa McQueen. Trudy was brought into assist with Jacqui exits storyline. Trudy met Jacqui while when they spent time in prison together. She employs Jacqui and Theresa as cleaners when they are in need of money. The reporter noted that Hollyoaks were keeping the exact details of Trudy's storyline a secret. A spokesperson added that the actress was "thrilled" to join the cast.

Jacqui goes to a job interview for a cleaner role at Trudy's offices. It becomes clear that they know each other and despite Jacqui's hostile attitude, Trudy decides to hire Jacqui and Theresa. Trudy plants products on Jacqui and accuses her of stealing. The pair argue about their time spent in prison together. Jacqui becomes suspicious of Trudy's activities and finds an illegal vodka distillery and smashes it up. Trudy makes Jacqui work for her transporting the vodka. Trudy tries to bond with Jacqui and reveals that she was also raped. Jacqui plans to con Trudy out of money but the plan back fires. She sets up a deal pretending to be Trudy with Trevor Royle.

Trudy learns of the deal and warns Jacqui off. She goes ahead with the deal and discovers that Trudy and Trevor are involved in human trafficking. She reports Trudy to the police and she is subsequently arrested.

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