Trish Minniver

Trish minniver

First Appearance
10 August 2010
Last Appearance
14 September 2012
Joan Blissett (Half-Sister)
Mitzeee Minniver (Daughter)
Maxine Minniver (Daughter)
Phoenix Costello (Grandson, via Mitzeee)
Minnie Minniver (Granddaughter, via Maxine)
Wendy Costello (Niece)
Heidi Costello (Niece)
Portrayed By

Trish Minniver, played by Paula Wolfenden, is the mother of Mitzeee Minniver and Maxine Minniver, who arrives on her birthday to see her family. It is revealed that she has bitter feelings towards her niece "that she treated like a sister" Heidi Costello, this is because Trish used to date Carl Costello before he left her for Heidi. She appears to be using her daughter Mitzeee in her plan to make Carl and his family's life hell. Trish reappears at Christmas 2010 with Mitzeee and makes peace with Heidi and Carl, before befriending Myra McQueen. Trish encourages Heidi to be more accepting of her transgender son Jason Costello.

Arrival Edit

In May 2011 Mitzeee is shocked to discover that Ethan Scott has arrested Trish, and blackmails

her into getting Warren to confess to the murder of Louise Summers or Trish will be sent down for 2 years. However, this later backfires and Trish is released without charge. Trish later appears in Mitzeee's imagination while she is in prison. Trish offers Mitzeee advise and she soon realises that Trish is not really there.

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