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Patricia "Trish" Minniver is the mother of Mitzeee Minniver and Maxine Minniver, and the half sister of Joan Blissett.


1961-2021: Backstory[]

Trish was born in August 1961 and grew up with half sister Joan Blissett. Trish later gave birth to two daughters Mitzeee and Maxine Minniver. Trish would late date then footballer Carl Costello who would later leave Trish for her niece Heidi Costello. After her brief visits to Hollyoaks, Trish would later move abroad and return to Hollyoaks in 2021. She was engaged to Fergus Collins.

2010-2012: Guest appearances[]

Trish arrives on her birthday to see her family. It is revealed that she has bitter feelings towards her niece "that she treated like a sister" Heidi Costello, this is because Trish used to date Carl Costello before he left her for Heidi. She appears to be using her daughter Mitzeee in her plan to make Carl and his family's life hell. Trish reappears at Christmas 2010 with Mitzeee and makes peace with Heidi and Carl, before befriending Myra McQueen. Trish encourages Heidi to be more accepting of her transgender son Jason Costello.

In May 2011, Mitzeee is shocked to discover that Ethan Scott has arrested Trish, and blackmails her into getting Warren to confess to the murder of Louise Summers or Trish will be sent down for 2 years. However, this later backfires and Trish is released without charge. Trish later appears in Mitzeee's imagination in 2012, while she is in prison. Trish offers Mitzeee advise and she soon realises that Trish is not really there.

2021-: Moving to Hollyoaks[]

Trish returns to Hollyoaks in January 2021, where it’s revealed to her daughter Maxine Minniver that she is the girlfriend of new landlord Brad King, who Maxine was starting to like. Maxine shows some resentment towards Trish for not being in hers and her daughter Minnie Minniver’s life that much. Trish does apologise for this but not in a heartfelt way. Trish mentions Maxines dance competition when she was younger and the two eventually performed it. Trish is also seen getting alone with Theresa McQueen and is even seen to show a hint of jealousy when Brad pays her a compliment. Maxine invite Trish and Brad for dinner and to meet Minnie, which Trish is delighted to accept the invite. Later on Trish drops the bombshell that her and Brad like Hollyoaks and have decided they are moving there also.

A few weeks after moving to Hollyoaks, Trish is looking for work but after Maxine gives her some encouragement, Trish decides to open a dance class business and even more so when Brad says he will invest too so later Trish asks Marnie Nightingale if she can temporarily use to the Salon de The de Marnie to hold her classes but Cher Winters has already approached Marnie to see if she can set up her hair beauty business their, stuck Marnie give them both an opportunity to prove to her the want it and the winner will be the one that gets the patch, however Trish upsets Marnie by slagging her off to Maxine unaware Marnie is behind her but Marnie despite this still chooses Trish over Cher thanks to the charisma of Brad.

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Background Information[]

  • In December 2020, it was revealed that Trish would be returning but recasted to actress Denise Welch as the role was to become a regular one and it was also revealed that she will have a new Toy boy boyfriend with her upon her return. Trish made her return the following month.
  • Trish celebrated her 39th birthday on 10th August 2010. However, when the role was recast to Denise Welch, Welch mentioned that the character had been aged up to match her age. On 20th October 2021, it was mentioned that Trish was 10-years-old when she partook in the 1971 Blackpool Appaloosa, meaning that she could not have been born on 10th August 1971.

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