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Trevor Royle arrives in Hollyoaks as a gangster as part of the exit storyline for Jacqui McQueen in April 2013. During his first year on the show Trevor's storylines included getting Ste Hay to deal his drugs along with Freddie Roscoe and also stabbing Freddie kidnapping Vincent Elegba and also murdering Richie Trent and the arrival of his boss Fraser Black. Also in January 2015, saw the arrival of his son Dylan Jenkins. Trevor begins a relationship with Grace Black to which he’s later murdered on his wedding day by Nico Blake in May 2016.


1978-2013: Backstory[]

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2013: Villainous Arrival[]

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2013-2014: Early relationship with Grace and learning of Fraser's betrayal[]

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2014-2015: Esther's surrogate and Dylan's arrival[]

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2015: Dylan's and Carly Bradley's death[]

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2015-2016: Robbie's betrayal, false murder accusations and feud with Ben[]

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2016: Release, affair with Sienna and death[]

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Kill Count[]


  1. Richie Trent, 31st July 2013 - Shot.

Despite Trevor's only on screen murder victim to be Richie Trent, a line spoken by Fraser on 3rd December 2013. Tonys not the first bloke with kids we've had hit. Confirms more murder victims.

Connected Murders & Deaths[]

  1. Doug Carter, October 2013 - Supplied Clare with the bomb which she detonated, Doug died due to the explosion.
  2. Ash Kane, October 2013 - Supplied Clare with the bomb which she detonated, Ash died due to the explosion.
  3. Leanne Savage, October 2013 - Supplied Clare with the bomb which she detonated, Leanne died due to the explosion.
  4. Ray McCormick, March 2014 - Told Grace he order Ray to kill her father Fraser Black. Grace gets to Ray first by stabbing him.
  5. Charles S'Avage, October 2015 - Shoots Charles when aiming for Robbie Roscoe as Charles is dying of his gunshot wound The Gloved Hand Killer kills him before hand.

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Jacqui McQueen - When Trevor finds out Jacqui is trying to steal money from him he catches her and attacks her ready to kill her however Tony Hutchinson knocks Trevor out when he smashes a plant pot on his head.
  2. Freddie Roscoe - Trevor attempts to kill Freddie three times, twice attempts to shoot him. The first time is when Trevor not long after his arrival, stabs Freddie during a heist, when Freddie went to go and hand himself in and reveal all on Trent's murder he is stopped by Fraser Black, The second time was when Trevor found out about Freddie shooting Grace, Grace later talks Trevor from shooting Freddie when she reveals she will give him another chance.
  3. Myra McQueen - Puts a hit on Myra after he finds out that Myra's daughter Jacqui is still alive and not dead.
  4. Tony Hutchinson - Goes to shoot Tony after he finds out Tony has been working with Sam Lomax to try and bring Trevor down but Trevor all of a sudden has a change of heart.
  5. Fraser Black - Trevor twice, attempts to shoot Fraser. The first is when Jim McGinn tells Trevor that Fraser murdered his father Sydney Royle. When released from prison, he kidnaps Fraser and goes to shoot him but Grace talks him round. The second time is when Ray McCormick proves to Trevor that Fraser killed his father when he takes him to the grave, Trevor goes to shoot Fraser but backs down he later sets Ray the task. During the 20th anniversary week, he attempts to shoot Freddie to get to his younger brother Robbie.
  6. Ray McCormick - When Fraser lies to Trevor that Ray killed Trevor's father, Trevor kidnaps Ray and marked him dig his grave but Ray later proves to Trevor that it was in fact Fraser who killed his father.
  7. Kim Butterfield - Trevor puts a him on Kim when Kim interferes with Trevor's and Grace's relationship.
  8. Robbie Roscoe - Attempts to shoot Robbie when he finds out Robbie has been grassing him up to Ben Bradley.
  9. Jason Roscoe - Attempts to shoot Jason to get to Robbie.

Background Information[]

  • Trevor was initially created as a guest character in April 2013, but in May 2013, it was announced that Greg Wood would reprise the role, and Trevor was promoted to be a regular character.
  • in December 2013 Trevor mentioned that he had been working for Fraser for 15 years


First Line[]

"Trudy Ryan?" (first line to Jacqui McQueen)

Last Line[]

"I love you Grace" (Final dying line to Grace Black, just after they married)


  • 2013-2016: Trevor's first and only solo shot features Trevor in a dark room full of lightbulbs with the camera zooming in on his face.
  • For a short stint in 2015 Trevor was added to the background of Grace Black's after the intro became over-crowded with characters, In November, the intro was extended bringing Trevor back to his original shot.

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