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Trevor Royle

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  • Despite Trevor's only known murder victim to be Richie Trent, it has been implied that he wasn't Trevor's first murder victim.

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  • Trevor was initially created as a guest character in April 2013, but in May 2013, it was announced that Greg Wood would reprise the role, and Trevor was promoted to regular character.
  • Actor Greg Wood decided to leave the programme in 2016, with his final scenes airing in May 2016.


"Trudy Ryan?" (first line to Jacqui McQueen)

", Grace" (Final dying line to Grace Black, just after they married)


  • 2013-2016 - Trevor's first and only solo shot features Trevor in a dark room full of lightbulbs with the camera zooming in on his face.
  • For a short stint in 2015 Trevor was added to the background of Grace Black's after the intro became over-crowded with characters, In November, the intro was extended bringing Trevor back to his original shot.

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