Tracey Donovan
First Appearance
Last Appearance
21st September 2017 (Death)
4th October 2017 (Darcy’s Flashback)
Adam Donovan (Son)
Liam Donovan (Son)
Jesse Donovan (Son)
Grace Black (Daughter)
Clare Devine (Daughter)
Fraser Black (Ex-Husband)
Glenn Donovan (Ex-Husband)
Maxine Minniver (Daughter-in-Law)
Curtis Royle (Grandson)
Iona Campbell (Granddaughter)
Current Home
Portrayed by
Attempted Murder Victims
Fell off Lisa's Love Boat and was left to drown
Murdered by

Tracey Donovan (born Devine & previously Black) is the mother of Clare Devine, Grace Black, Adam, Liam & Jesse Donovan. She is portrayed by Lisa Maxwell

Characterisation Edit

Her character is billed as a "train wreck" who has had a "tough life", which Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy described as not being "a huge shock" considering she was married to Fraser, a "dangerous gangster"

Arrival Edit

Tracey first appears at Nightingale's where James Nightingale orders food. Tracey walks past and takes his phone. She then goes to leave. James shouts to stop her, and she runs into Jesse Donovan, her son. The two reconcile.

War Against Darcy and Death Edit

After Darcy broke the heart of Jesse when she left him for his brother Adam, Tracey wants to destroy her.

Tracey finds the way when she discovers that Adam is not the biological father of Toby, but before revealing the truth, Darcy tries to take away the paternity results, ending Tracey falling of a boat, drowning and dying.

Marriage To Fraser Black

Tracey married notirious gangster fraser and had two daughters with him Grace and Clare. Fraser disowned tracey and mistreated her and broke her down to extent where she left him and her daughters with him. He is now the ex-husband of tracey black

Marriage to Glenn Donovan

Tracey Married Glenn Donovan for a fresh start and had three sons with him Adam,Liam, and Jesse Donovan. Glenn Donovan and Tracey Loved their sons but Glenn rejected her daughter Grace and Clare because of her previous marriage to Fraser Black. Glenn later had a one-night stand with his stepdaughter Grace Black but Tracey didn't know it was her daughter Grace and then Tracey and Glenn divorced. She never Found it was her Daughter Grace Black.

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