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Thomas Gordon "Tom" Cunningham is the orphaned son of Helen and Gordon Cunningham, the adoptive son of Frankie and Jack Osborne (who adopted Tom on his fourteenth birthday), the half-brother of Lewis, Mandy Richardson, Dawn, Jude, Max and Cindy Cunningham, the husband of Yasmine Maalik and the father of Steph Cunningham-Lomax. He is also the founder of the daycare group, Tom's Turtles.


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Introduction Sequence[]

  • 2016-2018: Tom swirls around with Peri and then waves at the camera.
  • 2018: Tom joins Alfie on a couch, then Peri jumps on.
  • 2018-2019: Tom has a pillow fight with Alfie, Peri, and Harley.
  • 2019: Tom toasts marshmallows with Harley and Peri. (Harley replaced with Steph following her exit)
  • 2019-: Tom watches a kite on the City Wall with Cindy, Steph and Hilton.

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