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Toby Faroe is the triplet brother of Mitchell Deveraux and Celeste Faroe, the half-brother of DeMarcus Westwood and the long lost son of Martine Deveraux and Felix Westwood. Martine gave birth to triplets in 1994, with two of them were adopted by supposed-doctor Ramsey Ley.

In January 2022, after Toby was ready to confess to his crimes after getting angry with Celeste causing her to spill her drink which would cause the Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion and result in the deaths of three people although two of which decided to re-enter the building.

In February 2022, Toby was arrested for the murder of his cousin, Lisa Loveday, after he faked his death and tried to flee the country to France with his mother and father, but was set up his father and arrested by D.S. Cohen.


1994-2019: Early Life[]

Toby was one of three triplets born to Martine Deveraux and Felix Westwood on 10th March 1994. Felix sold two of the triplets to Ramsey Ley (who named them Toby and Celeste Faroe) for £50,000, as the third triplet - named Mitchell - wasn't expected to survive.

With the two children, Ley carried out a "nature vs. nurture" experiment, documenting her findings in her book. The experiment involved Toby spending his life locked in a room, whilst Celeste was treated normally - the pair separated by a red door. In 2007, Celeste discovered that Toby was behind the door and slid a key underneath, with the pair learning of the experiment and setting the facility ablaze.

2019: Arrival in Hollyoaks[]

Toby arrived in the village with his sister (believed to be wife at the time) Celeste to view a flat, previously owned by Mitchell Deveraux. Toby and Celeste introduced themselves to Scott Drinkwell. After they decided to purchase the flat, they introduced themselves to their neighbours, Mandy Morgan and Darren Osborne. The pair were eager to impress Toby and Celeste, which the pair tried to use to their own advantage.

The pair also introduced themselves to Jesse Donovan and Courtney Campbell, and also decided to make a fool out of Jesse by telling him that they wanted to use his salon to style their models and actors for music videos. Jesse, in his excitement, posted a vague comment to social media about having a potentially famous client at the salon, which they saw and told Jesse that the client had been put off by the post, having previously asked Jesse to keep quiet about the client. He and Celeste secretly took enjoyment in Jesse's disappointment, laughing at him behind his back.

2019-2020: Revelation and revenge plan[]

Toby and Celeste began watching the Deveraux family closely. They attended a sermon held by Walter Deveraux in December 2019, with Toby getting angry over Walter being a hypocrite as he talks of “Martine’s precious son”, when they cast their own son out, whispering this to Celeste. Toby was anxious to confront Martine and reveal his identity to her, but ended up changing his mind. Celeste revealed that she had a photo of Mitchell kissing Scott Drinkwell, which she planned to use to destroy to the family due to Walter's homophobic views.

On New Year's Day, Mandy had her drink spiked by Juliet Quinn, and ended up in Celeste and Toby's flat by mistake. The pair worried that she had overheard their plan. They decided to take Mandy and Darren out for a drink to see if Mandy knew anything, and took the opportunity to try make fools out of them. Toby gave Darren his business card so he could go into the studio and Celeste convinced Mandy to let her see her portfolio to send to modelling agencies, only for Toby to revoke his offer to Darren and tell Mandy that the agencies did not have the reaction expected to Mandy's portfolio.

Toby and Celeste decided to throw a housewarming party in an attempt to get closer to the Deverauxes, inviting some of the other villagers to be more subtle. Toby discovered from Walter that Martine did not raise Mitchell, but he and his wife, Gloria, did so. However, the party ended abruptly when Mitchell was arrested. Lisa Loveday apologised to Toby on her family's behalf and flirted with Toby, and Celeste and Toby realised that she was their way into the family.

Toby later visited Lisa in the flat and planted the photo in one of Walter's books, which he found. Mitchell eventually came out to Walter, who reacted badly and threw Mitchell out. Toby felt guilty over what happened but Celeste was delighted, and convinced Toby that he was doing the right thing.

2020: Revealing the truth and tracking down Felix[]

Toby is seen over the weeks getting continuously frustrated when he sees Martine and Mitchell getting along with one another Celeste on more than one occasion stops Toby from approaching Martine and gives Toby the task of keep getting close to Lisa for more information, Toby tries his best not to put his foot in it with Lisa but does a few times much to his disappointment eventually Lisa comes up with the assumption that Toby fancies Martine much to Toby's shock she reveals she will be back the following week Martine does arrive back in the village the following week along with Mitchell and Scott and Toby feels even more rejected when he finds out that Mitchell is having a birthday party Celeste tries her best to calm Toby down and not to do anything stupid however Toby arrives at The Dog in the Pond to watch Mitchell's celebrations and gets that jealous and angry at the bond the Deveraux family have with one another Celeste notices this and taps her finger to try and get his attention however this does not work and Toby asks Martine "What about me?" Much to their shock Toby reveals his the long lost son Martine gave away Martine is devastated runs off while a shocked Walter and Mitchell look on. Later, Toby and Mitchell square up when Toby reveals the truth to him later Toby is seen with Celeste at The Dog talking about the events when Mitchell's boyfriend Scott Drinkwell arrives to tell him Martine wants to see Toby, Toby is seen arriving at the Deveraux home, where Walter is seen being very graceful of Toby however Toby makes his feelings clear Martine does her best to explained to Toby why she gave him away Toby after hearing what Martine has to say is more angry and approaches Celeste who is upset for some reason however Lisa arrives and talks to Toby about when she went missing back in 2001. Lisa and Toby have a heart to heart before an agitated Celeste rushes Lisa out the door to a confused Toby.

Why all this is being revealed to Martine. Viewers are being treated to flashbacks to Toby's youth the events took place in the year 2000, where a young Toby is seen in a room before a female walks in to give him his favourite dinner. Later, a young girls voice is heard by Toby over the red door and again viewers are treated to another flashback sequel this time to 2007 where an older Toby receives a key and he unlocks the door goes down stairs to discover CCTV of his room and a book titled "The Red Door" realising he was an experiment Toby trashes the CCTV room and later a fire of the building burning down is seen with Toby and Celeste watching on. After Martine is seen holding a picture and reveals to Mitchell by unfolding that there was a third baby a girl Celeste is then seen giving cake to Toby for a treat for his birthday however Toby only blows one candle out and Celeste blows the other before the two are laughing and Toby says "happy birthday sis" revealing that Celeste is his sister and Martine's daughter.

The next day, Toby meets with Martine who tells Toby he has a sister also as well as Mitchell as a brother a furious Toby tells a story to Martine and tells her that her daughter is dead as Celeste watches on Martine thanks Toby for telling her about her daughter before leaving while Celeste is watching on later Toby and Celeste see Martine crying on Lisa's lab in the salon. Mitchell then approaches Toby and Martine witnesses Toby and Mitchell so she approaches as she does so Mitchell tells Toby they have a sister and they need to find her together Celeste is shocked by Mitchell caring and Martine notices this and looks at the photo and straight away notices. Celeste is her daughter Toby is shocked Martine notices and later on, Mitchell again approaches Toby along with Celeste and they reveal to Mitchell they want to find their father later on Mitchell tells Toby and Celeste after gathering information that their fathers name is Felix Westwood and gives them a photo much to their surprise.

2020: Attempts to kill Felix[]

When Felix arrives in March 2020, after being tricked by Celeste into making Felix think Martine phoned him when it was in fact Celeste, The truths started to surface for Toby about being given away by Felix along with Celeste for just £25,000. This infatuated Toby to the point where Celeste had to talk him around to the original plan no long putting all his anger towards Martine, Toby decides to point it more towards Felix as Felix starts to make his presence felt in the village more truths start to emerge like Walter helped gave Toby away along with Celeste this was a pushing point for Toby whom decided to take revenge on Felix later that night as Felix was to apologise to Martine for his behaviour with Lisa, Toby whom is dressed up in all black sneaks behind Felix and starts to beat him with baseball to point where Felix is unconscious after which Toby runs and leaves Felix to lay there half dead.

The next morning, Toby is seen panicking by Celeste and confesses that he attacked Felix after which Toby takes Celeste to where he beat Felix up to where the find him being put in the back of an ambulance and ask Grace Black who was attacked Grace confirmed it was Felix, Celeste then takes Toby to the hospital where Felix is now in a coma as the two try and come up with a story Celeste leaves Toby in the room with Felix to which he takes the opportunity to tamper with the medical equipment to stop Felix from breathing however Mitchell who is seen unsympathetic towards Felix walks in to a frustrated Toby. Later on, as the police arrive for questioning after seeing how unsympathetic Mitchell is being this then gives Celeste an idea to pin it all on Mitchell and give Toby an alibi. Mitchell is then arrested, however, later released due to lack of evidence thanks to the help of Verity Hutchinson.

Later Felix awakes from the coma and has a heart to heart with Celeste making her feel guilty and pondering on what to do with Toby.

2020: Mitchell's wedding and turning killer[]

Toby tells Walter about the wedding making him furious. On the wedding, Mitchell gives him and Celeste a watch with their birthday on it. Toby smiles and says "today is going to be a good day". Later, Toby was waiting for the bad news. Scott was coming down the stairs with Diane Hutchinson and Damon Kinsella when Mitchell came running and said, "We don't let people down", and they share a kiss. Toby, immediately, finds out that Celeste fixed the wedding. They have a heated argument. When the argument ended, he said, "You are dead to me". They leave to go to the ceremony.

Toby sits down for the wedding. Mercedes McQueen makes her speech, Damon gets the rings and Scott makes his speech. Mitchell was about to make his speech when Walter shows up.

2020: Aftermath of Lisa's murder, role in Mitchell's exit and more anger issues[]

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2021-2022 : Relationship with Cleo McQueen and Salon de Thé Explosion[]

Toby falls in love with Cleo McQueen and asks her out, but his unnerving attitude and raised voice dissuades her. He insists that he was having a bad day, and Cleo agrees to date him again.

In 2022, Toby is accosted by undercover police officer, Saul Reeves (alias Nate Denby), who believes that he either killed or was a part of Lisa’s murder. His sister and father, who know the truth, aimlessly and unsuccessfully try to throw Nate off the scent, but to no avail. Following an altercation, Toby and Nate get into an argument, leading into a fight, which renders the latter unconscious. Toby, believing that he has killed someone else, runs to Celeste, who is attending a fundraising event at the Salon de Thé, and forces her to the side. This causes a coffee machine (possibly) to start sparking. He plans to confess the truth; that he killed Lisa, and in front of his unsuspecting family, and girlfriend. However, the sparks, combined with a smoke bomb (thrown in the salon by Becky Quentin) causes the salon to burst into flames. This traps Toby, Celeste, Cleo and Martine (Felix was present, but was blown out of the salon by the force of the explosion).

In the rubble, while the others attempt to escape the wreck, Toby confesses to his loved ones that he killed Lisa, and later reveals to Martine that he had planned to kill Mitchell. Martine and Cleo, understandably livid, haven’t got a lot of time to react; Felix attempts to rescue them, and Martine and Cleo are able to escape. Celeste, however, reenters the scene to comfort Toby, who refuses to leave. Celeste decides to stay with him until he decides to leave, and it turns out, he had no plans to.

Following a second major explosion, Sylver McQueen, who is a few feet away, is killed, as is Celeste, by falling rubble. Toby is pulled from the wreckage and is taken to Dee Valley’s ICU unit, with severe injuries. By proxy, Toby is responsible for the death of Marnie Nightingale, in addition to Sylver, and Celeste (in a way). Should he survive, it is almost certain that his relationship with Martine and Cleo are both over.

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Kill Count[]


  1. Lisa Loveday, 9th September 2020 - Beat to death with a fireplace poker, mistaking her for Mitchell Deveraux.

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Felix Westwood, 27th April 2020 - Viciously attacked Felix with a pipe.
  2. Felix Westwood, 28th April 2020 - Attempted to kill Felix by tampering with medical equipment, but was interrupted by Mitchell Deveraux.
  3. Mitchell Deveraux, 9th September 2020 - Beat whom he believed to be Mitchell to death in his hotel room, unaware that Mitchell had switched rooms with Lisa Loveday.
  4. Martine Deveraux, 22nd January 2021 - Locked Martine in a garage and was going to set it on fire with her inside, but was talked out of it by Celeste.
  5. Pete Buchanan, 7th April 2021 (unconfirmed) - Attacked pete and carved the word predator into his arm. intention to kill unclear.
  6. Saul Reeves, 10th december 2021 - Prepared to bludgeon him to death with a wrench but was stopped by Felix



Address Duration
7 Weirside View 29th November 2019 to 1st October 2020
5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 3 Since 1st October 2020 to 9th February 2022
Prison Since 11th February 2022

Employment history[]

Job Duration
Warren's Wheels mechanic 2021 to 9th February 2022

Background Information[]

Introduction Sequence[]


So, what's the music scene around here?
— First line to Mitchell Deveraux and Scott Drinkwell.

Oh, where are they? I'll just do it on my own.
— Final line before being arrested for Lisa Loveday's murder.

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