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Tina Chasity Loretta Reilly (neé McQueen) was a character on Hollyoaks. She was portrayed by Leah Hackett. She aired her scenes from 3rd August 2006 to October 2008. She appeared in a flashback on the 20th November 2014.



Tina meets Dominic Reilly. They soon discover that they both share interests in reading and a passive demeanour. Following many failed dates, Tina and Dom finally kiss and lose their virginity to each other. Tina's sisters Carmel and Michaela overhear Dom calling Tina "Cathy", a character from her favourite play Wuthering Heights, and assume he is having an affair with Kathy Barnes.

Relationship With Dom Reilly

Dom proposes to Tina, and they begin to plan their wedding. However, Tina and Dom discover their planned wedding clashes with Tina's sister Mercedes McQueen and fiancé Russ Owen so Myra suggests they have a double wedding and Mercedes and Tina reluctantly agree. During their joint hen night, Tina and Mercedes, along with Jacqui and Carmel find an unconscious Clare Devine, following an attempt on her life. On the wedding day, Louise Summers interrupts the ceremony claiming Mercedes slept with Warren Fox on the night Clare was pushed, Mercedes being his only alibi after his arrest for attempted murder. In order for the wedding not to be ruined, Tina tells Russ that Mercedes was with her all night. After marrying Dom, Tina tells Mercedes she will never forgive her for spoiling her wedding day. Due to lack of privacy at the McQueen house, Tina and Dom move in with Jacqui and her boyfriend, also Dom's brother, Tony Hutchinson.


Tina agrees to be a surrogate for Jacqui and Tony who cannot have children. Myra and Mercedes are not happy with the plan and try to convince her not to go through with being inseminated with Tony's sperm. However, Tina insists but Dom is also unhappy, but the pair reconcile and he agrees to stand by Tina, who is overjoyed to discover she is pregnant. However, she discovers at her 12-week scan that the foetus is 15 weeks and therefore must have been conceived when she slept with Russ. Tina confesses her affair to Jacqui, who is furious, but tells her to keep it a secret or both their relationships will be over. A heavily pregnant Tina confides in Niall Rafferty, telling him she is considering putting her child up for adoption, unaware Niall is her half-brother who Myra put up for adoption. Tina tells Jacqui her adoption plans during a phone-call. An angry Niall then pushes Tina down a flight of steps, and tells the McQueens he saw Jamie "Fletch" Fletcher push her. Tina is rushed to hospital and has a baby son that she names Max. Due to injuries sustained in her fall, Tina has an emergency hysterectomy, rendering her unable to have any more children. Jacqui and Tony want to raise Max, but Tina decides to keep him. The truth about Max's paternity is revealed, making Dom and Tina split up.


Tina and Russ agree to move in together. However, Tina does not love Russ and soon moves out. As she does, Niall kidnaps her and ties her up in an abandoned church with her sisters. Niall leaves Myra a note from Tina, similar to one she left with him as a baby, so she goes looking for her daughters. When she arrives at the church, Niall makes Myra choose which two children will live, telling her that he will kill the rest. Myra chooses Tina, because of Max, and Michaela, because she is the youngest. Dom, Tony, Jack Osborne and Darren Osborne enter the church to save the McQueens from Niall, who detonates explosives. All the McQueens survive and begin to exit the church in the aftermath of the explosion but return when they learn that Niall is holding John Paul McQueen hostage. The floor collapses and Tina is trapped under the rubble. Dom holds Tina, who is fatally wounded. Tina tells Dom how much she loves him before dying. Dom carries Tina's lifeless body out of the church to the devastated McQueens.


In the Meet the McQueens video, Tina is established as being 21 years old.