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Timmy Simons was an associate of Fergus Collins. Serving as a technician for "Bluebird" - a subscription service involving the filming of unsuspecting women through hidden cameras in their houses or Fergus's owned buildings, Timmy became close to Fergus. When "Bluebird" was hacked, Timmy aided Fergus's escape to Mexico and stayed in Chester to thwart the hack to the best of his abilities.

After Fergus planted a camera in the carbon monoxide detector in Peri Lomax's bedroom, Timmy began developing an obsession with Peri. Timmy managed to produce a clone of Peri's phone, controlling it through his computer, and then drove a wedge between Peri and her girlfriend Juliet Nightingale. He began anonymously giving Peri expensive gifts, which an unperturbed Peri told her girlfriend was most likely from a hospital patient.

Upon realising that Peri had planned to act on Juliet's concerns of a stalker, Timmy took back a lipstick he had given her. With Juliet finding the door to 2 Oakdale Drive wide open, she planned to call the police but Timmy pushed her down the Oakdale Drive steps, leaving her unconscious. Juliet was adamant that Timmy was her attacker and the stalker, but Peri took Timmy's word over Juliet's and broke up with her.

Pretending to be homeless, Peri allowed Timmy to stay with her until he found a hostel. Whilst moving Timmy's jacket, Peri found the lipstick and confronted Timmy, who revealed that he had cloned her phone. Juliet interrupted the pair, to which Timmy revealed that a camera had been planted in Peri's bedroom. Peri beat Timmy unconscious with a hard-covered book, with the pair tying him to a chair and Juliet filmed him confessing to his crimes. He managed to untie himself and arrived at The Loft, begging Fergus for help. Fergus promised to protect Timmy, but shot him in the back of the head upon realising that Timmy had nearly exposed "Bluebird", with Fergus's other associate Warren Fox walking in as Fergus murdered Timmy. Due to the fact that his gun was used in the murder, Warren helped Fergus dispose of Timmy's body by burying him in the woods.

Kill Count[]



Attempted Murders[]

  1. Juliet Nightingale, 27th September 2021 - Pushed down the Oakdale Drive stairs.
  2. Juliet Nightingale, 28th September 2021 - Snuck into her hospital room and prepared to smother an unconscious Juliet with a pillow but was interrupted by Peri Lomax.

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