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Theresa Mariah Magdalene McQueen is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Jorgie Porter. She made her first appearance on 24th November 2008. The character was introduced as an extension of already established McQueen family. During her first five years on the show, Porter was featured in numerous high-profile storylines, including: underage sex; the murder of Calvin Valentine; teenage pregnancy; being the target of a serial killer; falling down a lift shaft; discovering her boyfriend, Ethan Scott was dating two other women and forming a friendship with the girls; finding her long-lost father; relationships with Dodger Savage, Will Savage and Joel Dexter; and her arrest for Calvin's murder. Porter announced her departure from the soap in October 2013 so she could focus on Dancing on Ice. Her exit scenes aired on 9th January 2014, however, she announced her return 4 months later. After another year on the show, Porter quit the show in July 2015. She then left in November but she still appeared on the show until March due to advanced filming. Theresa made her last appearance on 11th March 2016. Theresa McQueen returned in late 2020 as part of the Silas return storyline.


1993-2010: Backstory[]

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2008: Arrival[]

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2008-2009: Friendship with Newt and Anita[]

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2009-2010: Relationships with Ste and Newt[]

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2009-2010: Kathleen's arrival[]

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2010: Sleeping with Calvin and relationship with Kyle Ryder[]

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2010: Turning killer and setting up both Gaz and Kyle[]

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2010-2011: Friendship to Warren Fox[]

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2011-2013: Relationship to Joel Dexter[]

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2013-2015: Dodger and Sonny drama[]

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2015-2016: Helping Patrick and departure[]

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2020-2021: Blackmail return[]

Theresa arrives again in the village late 2020 as part of the blackmail storyline with the McQueens. Later, it is revealed that her and Seth are the blackmailers and need money to start a new life together away from Hollyoaks, Theresa reveals that she hopes her family will be able to forgive her. Before the last sin has started, Theresa changes her mind about the blackmail and asks Seth to leave already but her refuses and asks if she knows a last sin to blackmail them for. Theresa then tells him that Mercedes slept with Luke Morgan which was a trap from Mercedes to find out who the mole was.

The family get furious at her after finding out she was the blackmailer and ask her if she's working with Silas. Theresa reveals she isn't and then asks Seth to back her up but he hesitates because he, is in fact working with Silas to get Bobby. After Bobby goes missing, Silas calls Mercedes telling her to come to the folly but not tell anyone. Just as Silas is about to kill her, Theresa arrives and knocks him out, saving Mercedes' life. Theresa believes she has killed him and tells Seth who says they should leave right now but Theresa refuses. Seth leaves on his own.

After Seth has gone, Theresa returns to the folly to make up with Mercedes but she tells her that she'll never be a part of their family again.

Background Information[]

Kill Count[]


  1. Calvin Valentine, 24th May 2010 - Shot in the heart after he had gotten her pregnant and told her to have an abortion as he wanted to remain with Carmel McQueen.

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Dodger Savage, 30th May 2013 - Prepared to shoot him dead at the cemetery after she discovered he had recorded her admitting to killing Calvin Valentine but she was talked out of it by Will Savage.
  2. Silas Blissett, 7th January 2021 - Struck him over the head with a rock in defence of Mercedes McQueen.

Hollyoaks The Game Bio[]

"Theresa McQueen: beautiful, sassy and undoubtedly sexy, this one is a force to be reckoned with.

Despite having the 'innocent-young-girl' thing down to a fine art, this single mum is a feisty lady who knows what she wants from life.

And usually what she wants is a bad boy with a great jawline.

Although it looks like butter wouldn't melt, our Treze has been through some dark times in the village.

Most notably, killing Calvin after he left her pregnant and alone... on his and Carmel's wedding day!

Always at the centre of some drama, Theresa keeps things exciting in the village."

Introduction Sequence[]

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