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Theresa Mariah Magdalene McQueen is the daughter of Kathleen McQueen and Billy Alexander, the half-sister of Jacqui and Mercedes McQueen, and Emily Alexander, and the mother of Kathleen-Angel McQueen and Myra-Pocahontas Savage-McQueen.


1993-2008: Backstory

Theresa was born in January 1993 to her parents Kathleen McQueen and Billy Alexander while growing up Theresa was totally unaware that her 'cousins' in Jacqui and Mercedes McQueen where infact her half sisters.

2008-2009: Arrival

Theresa is first seen in November 2008 while out on a night out in the local nightclub, The Loft she becomes engaging towards local buissness man, Tony Hutchinson whom she will sleep with however she lies to Tony about her real age as she is in fact only 15 years old and not at least 18. Theresa begins to develop somewhat of some feelings for Tony but feels rejected when he turns her down and its revealed that she is a part of the McQueen family whom she turns too revealing Tony took advantage of her leading them to call the Police on Tony however after a few weeks of living with the McQueens, Thersa would finally tell the truth that she lied to Tony about her age.

Theresa would often clash with her cousin Michaela McQueen whom she would share a room with while moving in with her family, Theresa would then make friends with another local teen girl in Anita Roy along with Newt and Lauren Valentine also however Theresa would often clash with Lauren over Anita leading to Anita feeling torn. By 2009, Theresa would begin a relationship with Ste Hay however after a few months Theresa is dumped by Ste who tells Theresa he wants to focus on being a dad to his son, Lucas Hay, Theresa would later temporarily love with Anita with her cousin, Carmel Valentine after the McQueen home would become overloaded with rats but Theresa would be shocked when Anita later uses her picture to speak to a guy named, Ricky Campbell.

Theresa would soon move out the Roy family home after being set up by Anita over smashing the school window but would soon begin to feel guilty when she discovers that Anita has been getting racially abused by Gaz Bennett causing Anita to bleach her own skin later on however Theresa and Anita's friendship again would be tested after Theresa kisses Newt during a game of truth or dare and they begin dating but they're relationship will come to an end after Theresa decides to become a model for a film project for Zoe Carpenter but Theresa would be forious when she sees that Anita is dating Newt causing her to slap Anita and call their friendship to end there and then. Theresa would then go to London for weeks where she will do modeling but would be brought back by Michaela and despite still being frosty towards Anita, Theresa would end up supporting Anita after she develops a eating disorder.

2010-2011: Calvin's Murder

Theresa would end up having a one night stand with Carmel's husband, Calvin Valentine before dating drug dealer, Kyle Ryder whom often clashed with Calvin and by May 2010, Theresa would discover she is pregnant with Calvin's child and ends up telling Calvin on the day of his and Carmel's wedding this prompts Theresa to feel used by Calvin and in a momment of madness, Theresa would see their is a gin in Mercedes' bag to which she grabs it and shoot Calvin with it killing him, afterwards Theresa is coasted away from the scene by Jacqui and Mercedes who do they're best to hide the fact Theresa killed Calvin but later on Theresa would think about running away with he supposed boyfriend in Kyle but Theresa is dumped by Kyle and soon after this Kyle coldy introduces Theresa to his now girlfriend, Stacey. Theresa is then shocked when Jacqui tells her she should get an abortion however Carmel would opt against this idea still unaware Theresa killed Calvin later on Thersa would discover that Jacqui has planted the gun on Gaz who is then arrested but Kyle would later be arrested for an armed robbery and due to using the gun that was used by Theresa he is wrongly charged for Calvin's murder. Carmel would later discover that Therea killed Calvin making her forious and would tell Theresa as soon as her baby is born she will be going to the police. Myra would also discover the truth but unlike Carmel vows to support Theresa and Theresa would finally give birth to her and Calvin's daughter whom she names after her mother Kathleen by calling her, Kathleen-Angel McQueen.

By December 2010 its revealed that Theresa knew the truth about how Warren Fox survived the fire in The Loft that supposedly killed him back in May 2009 this revelation come as Warren thinks Theresa is sending him threating texts stating that they know what Warren did later Theresa is kidnapped by Warren and taking to the village bridge and its revealed that he had murdered Dale Greer in order to fake his death after revealing this Theresa pleas for her life and states she killed someone, Warren however doesn't seem fazed by this until Theresa blurs out she killed Calvin this satisfy Warren and spares her life and in that moment he recives another threatening texting see that Theresa is telling the truth Warren vows to protect her serect. Theresa would then meet, Ethan Scott who is a dective when he brings her mother Kathleen McQueen home after an arrest Thersa would then begin dating Ethan much to Warren's dismay.

By January 2011 Gaz returns and confronts Theresa over the murder of Calvin by locking her in a classroom but later Theresa would tell Warren who would beat up Gaz and threaten him to stay away from Theresa and in an effort to make Kyle look guilty Warren orders his men to beat up Kyle and the break him out of Hostpital but Theresa was against the idea incase Kyle came back looking for answers and Kyle late doe so thanks to Warren's arch enemy, Brendan Brady who prompts Kyle to undercover the truth think Warren killed Calvin later on Theresa is kidnapped by Kyle who holds her hostage however Theresa would be tracked down by Carmel and Ethan who would all be ultimately saved by Warren who shoots Kyle dead Theresa falls down the lift shack near Kyle's lifeless body but would ultimately be saved,.

2011-2013: Relationships with Ethan, Will, Joel and Dodger

Despite Ethan being a decspite and now knowing she killed Calvin, Theresa still has strong feelings for him but things become more awkward when Ethan begins to date Theresa's friend, Liberty Savage whom eventually discovers that Theresa likes Ethan and despite both telling one another they're done with Ethan, Theresa as well as Liberty continue a relationship with Ethan behind each others back but Theresa would finally discover Wthan is still cheating in her after she finds a note left by Liberty in his car causing her to punch him and confront Liberty but they soon discover that Ethan is not only a two timer but a three timer as he is also in a relationship with, Rae Wilson they both tell Rae and the tree girls eventually get they're revenge on Ethan by humiliating him by lying about an STD caused by Ethan.

Theresa would soon develop feelings for Liberty's younger brother, Will Savage not long after her relationship with Ethan comes to an end, Theresa would accept a date proposal by Will but Ethan would weigh in an apoplectic manner leading Will to suspect that Theresa is now back with Ethan after he catches them however Theresa would later explain to Will that she was ordering Ethan to leave and Theresa is unaware that she is being targeted by serial killer, Silas Blissett, however he would kill Rae instead which devastates both Theresa and Will. Theresa feels that Will is now neglecting her after he makes friends with fellow students, Ash Kane and Annalise Appleton and soon after Theresa tells Will they're over.

By November 2011, Theresa would take an attraction towards Warren's estranged son, Joel Dexter and Theresa would begin going on several dates with Joel and eventually begin a relationship which makes Will jealous they begin a relationship throughout 2012 but she thinks that Joel's mother, Marie Fielding is a fling of Joel's only to feel embarrassed when she discovers that Marie is Joel's mother. Theresa would continue her relationship with Joel and would support him when Joel's abusive stepfather, Mick Cornus when he shows up in the village in September 2012 and Thersa would later be kidnapped by Mick but would be saves by Brendan and Joel and Mick would later be murdered by Simon Walker by January 2013, Theresa along with her cousins, Bart's girlfriend, Sinead O'Connor would be saddened when both Joel and Bart flee the village.

After Joel's departure, Theresa would grow close with Dodger Savage and eventually begin a relationship with him however Theresa would discover by May 2013, Theresa discovers that Dodger has been sleeping with Texas Longford and that he thinks that she killed her leading Theresa to find a gun and confront Dodger at Texas' grave however Will manages to talk Theresa down and later Theresa throws Dodger out of her home and sets fire to his clothes which is put out by Carmel's boyfriend, Jim McGinn.

2014: Sonny's Revenge Plot

Theresa would begin to annoy Carmel at the way she looks after her daughter Kathleen-Angel prompting Carmel to contact Calvin's younger brother, Sonny Valentine who is now a dective himself and despite Carmel wanting Sonny to hatch a plan to take Kathleen-Angel from Theresa he refuses at first until Carmel tells him that Theresa killed Calvin, Theresa would then be confronted by Sonny leading her too flee from him and Mercedes and Nana to help Theresa flee the country however while at the airport Theresa would be arrested by the Police after Carmel reported her for kidnap and during her Police she comes under pressure y Sonny to the point where Theresa would finally confess to killing Calvin despite Jim telling her not too and this leads Theresa to be charged for murder and before going to prison, Theresa tells Carmel to look after Kathleen-Angel while shes inside.

Months later by August 2014, Theresa would discover that she is due to have another child and requests Mercedes to aid her into escaping prison and help her flee to Alicante afterwards as well as this Theresa gets her mother to try and see what Sonnny is up too around the McQueens and later on Theresa would manage to get herself hospitalized and while in Hospital, Mercedes would pose as a nurse and end up handcuffing Theresa's prison guard to the Hospital bed while aiding Theresa to flee from the Hostpital but they see Sonny is outside waiting but only for Sonny to be hit over the head by Myra as the girls espace, Theresa would then hide out in Mercedes' ex husband, Paul Browning's flat where she would clash with Carmel into trying to persuade Kathleen-Angel to stay with either of them however Theresa opts against trying to change her daughters mind but Theresa's mind would go elsewhere when Sonny enters and handcuffs her to the bed and later Theresa is re arrested. Its then revealed Theresa was found by Sonny thanks to her mother who was badly beaten up by Sonny.

Despite all the odds agaisnt Theresa a few months after being re-arrested, Theresa would he released from prison due to the sheer lack of evidence as well as Sonny being found out to be forcing Carmel into a statement and after Theresa is released she instantly goes into labour and gives birth to another baby girl whom she names after her aunt Myra by calling her, Myra-Pocahontas Savage-McQueen but Sonny would attempt to pay Phoebe McQueen into making Theresa look like an unfit mother and Theresa thinks its infact Dodger's sister, Sienna Blake whom had taken a huge liking towards Myra-Pocahontas and is shocked to learn Carmel has been kidnapped by Sonny but would return to the village by November 2014 stating she escaped Sonny however its revealed that Carmel is working with Sonny to get Kathleen-Angel away from Theresa but Theresa would later find Kathleen-Angel's passport with Carmel's belongings leading Theresa to attack Carmel later in during the wedding of Porsche McQueen and Lockie Campbell a disaster would occur where the Train would crash which was the wedding venue Carmel would tragically die but not before telling Theresa that shes sorry for everything that has happened between especially in the past year.

2014-2016: Aftermath of Carmel's Death, Will's Kidnap, Relationship with Patrick & Departure

Mercedes would blame Theresa for Carmels death but she herself would go missing after shes 'killed by Freddie Roscoe, however it would be revealed that Mercedes hatched a plan with Grace Black to set Freddie up for murder Theressa would reconcile her relationship with Dodger after its revealed his the father of Myra-Pocahontas and ends up feuding with Sienna over Dodger's affections and would help Dodger escape Sienna after she kidnaps him and holds him hostage.

At the start of 2015, Theresa would be kidnapped by Will whom has escaped prison and along with Maxine would be held captive at The Tug Boat and forces Dodger to choose between Theresa and Maxine and Theresa would come second best to Maxine who Dodger opts to save when Will sets fire to the Tug Boat but Theresa would free herself and Dodger would later flee the village leaving Theresea to be a sole parent. After many job attempts such as working briefly as a shop assistant at Price Slice by new owner, Simone Loveday however would later be sacked after she is overheard complaining about Simone being a annoying boss, Theresa would then apply to be a School secretary but would he turned down by the school headmaster in Patrick Blake due to her dress sense however after giving Theresa a chance after a trial he would employ her.

Theresa would begin to be used in Patricks personal life such as to help sabotage Maxine's relationship with Darren Osborne in a bid to help Patrick gain full custody of his daughter, Minnie Minniver but when Patrick begins to feel unwell and faints Theresa would soon find out that he has Motor Neurone Disease, Theresa agrees not to say anything to Maxine and begins to support Patrick threw his Illness but Theresa would become a target of Sienna's jealously as she wants to be the one who looks after him, Sienna would transfer all her of Patrick's money into Theresa's account leading to Patrick to fire her however Patrick would apologise when he discovers the truth and would later ho on holiday with Patrick but would return for Pheobe's funeral and after months and months looking after Patrick, Theresa would be disheartened by the fact Patrick still loves Maxine, Theresa would become suspicious when Patrick goes missing by January 2016 and by March 2016, Nico would attempt to kill Theresa over the fact she needs another kidney she spikes Theresa's wine which leads Theresa to be rushed to Hostpital but surrives afterwards, Theresa decides to leave the village despite the pleas from Myra whom Theresa has a big heart to heart with before departing with her daughters.

2020-2022: Return

Theresa would return by October 2020 just as her family begin to be blackmailed and it is later on, revealed that her and Seth Costello who shes in a relationship with are the blackmailers and need money to start a new life together away from Hollyoaks, Theresa reveals that she hopes her family will be able to forgive her. Before the last sin has started, Theresa changes her mind about the blackmail and asks Seth to leave already but her refuses and asks if she knows a last sin to blackmail them for. Theresa then tells him that Mercedes slept with Luke Morgan which was a trap from Mercedes to find out who the mole was.

The family get furious at her after finding out she was the blackmailer and ask her if she's working with Silas. Theresa reveals she isn't and then asks Seth to back her up but he hesitates because he, is in fact working with Silas to get Bobby. After Bobby goes missing, Silas calls Mercedes telling her to come to the folly but not tell anyone. Just as Silas is about to kill her, Theresa arrives and knocks him out, saving Mercedes' life. Theresa believes she has killed him and tells Seth who says they should leave right now but Theresa refuses. Seth leaves on his own. After Seth has gone, Theresa returns to the folly to make up with Mercedes but she tells her that she'll never be a part of their family again. However the McQueens including Mercedes would come round to for giving Theresa.

By June 2021, Theresa would be involved in the killing of John Paul's boyfriend when she along with John Paul's mother Sally St. Claire discover that George has been abusing John Paul and confronts him, Theresa would confront George on her own with Sally soon joining but when George goes to attack Theresa, Sally hits an ornament across his head killing him, Theresa then covers up the crime by hiding the ornament despite her best efforts both John Paul and Sally both at one point ate charged with George's murder how are released due to evidence of police tampering. By January 2022, Theresa finds her self having support her family after the death of Sylver McQueen a few months later Theresa would voice her concerns over Bobby's behaviour to Mercedes as it spirals out of control especially when Bobby injures Kathleen-Angel.

Background Information

Kill Count


  1. Calvin Valentine, 24th May 2010 - Shot after he had gotten her pregnant and told her to have an abortion as he wanted to remain with Carmel McQueen.

Attempted Murders

  1. Dodger Savage, 30th May 2013 - Prepared to shoot him dead at the cemetery after she discovered he had recorded her admitting to killing Calvin Valentine but she was talked out of it by Will Savage.

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