The Loft is a nightclub currently owned by Grace Black. It was established in 2000 by Lewis Richardson and Rory Finnigan. The club has had several owners since then, and has been the location of several large events, such as when Jess Holt pushed Steve over the balcony of the fire escape in 2001, and when Clare Devine was also pushed over the balcony by an initially unknown assailant (later revealed to be Justin Burton) in 2007. Grace Black was also accidentally pushed over the balcony by Freddie Roscoe in November 2014.

The nightclub has also been burnt down twice; in 2004 by then-owner Scott Anderson, who was assumed dead but later revealed to be alive, and in 2009 by Clare Devine, in which Warren Fox was also believed to be dead and was also revealed to be alive. In October 2013, Clare planned to detonate a bomb inside The Loft, but it was unintentionally moved to 28a Fern Street without Clare's knowledge, who detonated the bomb. In September 2019, Jonny Baxter planned to detonate a bomb inside The Loft in a racist terrorist attack during Sinead Shelby and Sami Maalik's engagement party, but the bomb ended up falling off the table and detonating in the backyard of 65 Christleton Terrace.

In 2002, at least two of Toby Mills's murder victims were found by The Loft. In 2011, Heidi Costello was murdered by her father, Silas Blissett, outside the club, mistaking Heidi for Lynsey Nolan.


Owners of the club from when it was named Chez Chez (2009-2013) are not included in this list.

Owner(s) Duration
Lewis Richardson2000-2001
Rory Finnigan2000-2002
Scott Anderson2003-2004
Max Cunningham2004-2007
Sam O'Brien2004-2007
Clare Devine2006-2007, 2013
Warren Fox2007-2009, 2017
Paul Browning2013
Mercedes McQueen2013
Trevor Royle2013-2014
Fraser Black2013-2014
Grace Black2014-present*
Sandy Roscoe2014
Freddie Roscoe2014-2015
Tony Hutchinson2017
  • = Current owner(s)

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