The Gloved Hand Killer was a mystery serial killer, who claimed the lives of 7 characters between January and October 2015, all by injecting them by potassium chloride. There were 6 suspects for who the Gloved Hand Killer was, and the killer's identity was revealed in October 2015.

In October 2015, it was revealed that Lindsey Roscoe was the culprit.

Victims Edit

The Gloved Hand Killer's targets were all people who had done wrong in some shape or form. The Gloved Hand Killer also targets Diane Hutchinson and Esther Bloom, but Diane is successfully resuscitated whilst Esther went into cardiac arrest before The Gloved Hand Killer could give her the lethal injection.

Name Date Circumstance
Rick Spencer 2nd January 2015 Rick was force-feeding Jason Roscoe, who was suffering from an eating disorder. He also got into a fight with Joe Roscoe, for which Rick was hospitalised.
Will Savage 4th February 2015 Will took Nico Blake captive and threatened to jump off a roof with her, and when he fell, he was hospitalised. In hospital, he tried to kill Cindy Cunningham by giving her an overdose of morphine, and told the police that Nico purposefully pushed him off.
Mariam Andrews 12th May 2015 A drunk Mariam accidentally caused a mix-up with babies Rose Lomax and Dee Dee Hutchinson, and blackmailed Charles S'Avage. She also found evidence to believe Charles was the Gloved Hand Killer
Phoebe McQueen 16th June 2015 Unknown
Dylan Jenkins 26th August 2015 Dylan framed his father Trevor Royle to get him in trouble with the police.
Ashley Davidson 19th October 2015 Ashley tried to kill Holly Cunningham as well as Sienna and Nico Blake.
Charles S'Avage 20th October 2015 Charles discovered The Gloved Hand Killer injecting Ashley with poison and tried to unmask them.

Suspects Edit

Suspects: Kim Butterfield, Tegan Lomax, Celine McQueen, Lindsey Roscoe, Charles S'Avage
Main Suspect: Kim Butterfield
Culprit: Lindsey Roscoe

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