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The Dog in the Pond explosion was a disaster that occurred on 8th September 2006 when escaped prisoner Sam Owen doused the pub in petrol and held the customers hostage, threatening to set the place alight. The lighter ended up being dropped and the pub exploded.

5 characters were killed whilst 7 characters were injured. The Osborne and Dean families were also left homeless as a result.



Number Character Circumstance
Jake Dean Minor injuries and smoke inhalation
O.B. Struck with a plank of wood by Sam Owen
Calvin Valentine Minor cut after being pushed by Jake Dean
Kris Fisher Smoke inhalation
Zoe Carpenter Smoke inhalation
Darren Osborne Smoke inhalation
Russ Owen Minor injuries and smoke inhalation


Number Character Cause Of Death
Mel Burton Blast injury from the explosion
Sam Owen Crushed by rubble after being left to die by his brother, Russ
Joe Spencer Engulfed by flames in a second explosion
Olivia Johnson Engulfed by flames in a second explosion
Sophie Burton Smoke inhalation and internal injuries
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