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The Dog in the Pond is a gastropub, and the main public house in the Hollyoaks village. It is currently owned and managed by Tony Hutchinson and Diane Hutchinson (with Scott Drinkwell as deputy manager) but has a long list of former owners, residents and employees. Several events have occurred at The Dog in the Pond, such as when pimp Steve set the pub alight on New Year's Eve 2000, or when Sam Owen blew up the pub, killing five (including himself) in 2006.


1996-2008: Osborne Ownership[]

At some point prior to October 1995, Greg and Jane Andersen purchased the pub and lived inside with their two daughters, Natasha and Sarah. When Natasha was killed in March 1996, the Andersen family decided to emigrate to the United States, and sold the pub to Jack and Celia Osborne.

Jack and Celia moved into the pub with their two children, Ruth and Darren. In mid-1997, it is revealed that Jack embarked on an affair with Ruth's friend, Dawn Cunningham, and she secretly gave birth to a daughter in 1991. Celia divorced Jack and decided to leave for the United States, taking Darren with her. Ruth married Kurt Benson in 1998, and the pair contemplated moving into either the pub, or Kurt's house together, but ended up deciding to remain where they are until they could afford a property of their own. Meanwhile, Jack began a relationship with barmaid Jill Patrick, and the pair married in 1998. Jill moved into The Dog in the Pond with her three children; Sol, Kate and Gina, who did not get along with Ruth, nor Darren when he returned in 1999.

In 1999, Gina and Sol discovered that they were not Jill's biological children. Gina went missing so Sol and Jill searched for her, but they had an argument whilst driving and were involved in a car accident. Jill and Sol were seriously injured, but they made a full recovery. However, Sol was arrested and sent to a young offender's institute. When he was released, Jack threw him out, making him homeless. Jack ended up allowing Sol to return, and Sol began a relationship with Jess Holt. Meanwhile, Jill had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, and died in October 2000. Jess's pimp, Steve, did not like how Jess was trying to escape from him and torched the pub. The incident left Sol almost blind, and when he and Jess were discharged from hospital, Jess pushed Steve over a balcony.

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The Jolly Roger[]

After Neville Ashworth purchases the pub in 2008, he renames The Dog in the Pond to "The Jolly Roger". However, he ends up reverting the pub's name back to The Dog in the Pond after realising the pub has turned into a gay bar.



# License Holder Duration
Greg Andersen Until 1996
Jack Osborne 18th November 1996October 2008
Neville Ashworth 200814th July 2010
Carl Costello 19th July 20101st December 2011
Riley Costello 2nd December 20114th October 2012
Mitzeee Minniver 5th November 201215th February 2013
Darren Osborne February 2013October 2015
Mac Nightingale October 2015November 2017
Ellie Nightingale November 2017September 2018
Mercedes McQueen September 2018 to 23rd September 2021
Fergus Collins 23rd September 2021 to 23rd November 2021
Trish Minniver 24th November 2021 to 4th January 2022
Maxine Minniver 4th January 2022 to 1st February 2022
Tony Hutchinson Since 1st February 2022
Diane Hutchinson Since 1st February 2022


# License Holder Duration
Jane Andersen Until July 1996
Natasha Andersen Until March 1996
Sarah Andersen Until July 1996
Celia Osborne November 1996June 1997
Jill Osborne November 1997October 2000
Jacqui Hudson 19992001
Darren Osborne 2004October 2008
Frankie Osborne 2005October 2008
Mercedes McQueen 20072011
Suzanne Ashworth 2008July 2010
Kris Fisher 20082010
Archie Carpenter 2008
Cindy Cunningham 2008
Josh Ashworth 2008July 2010
Gilly Roach 2008July 2010
Cheryl Brady 20092010
Heidi Costello July 2010November 2011
Riley Costello July 2010December 2011
Jem Costello July 2010November 2010
Gaz Bennett 20112011
Rae Wilson 20112011
Jacqui McQueen 20112012
Jack Osborne February 2013October 2015
Frankie Osborne February 2013October 2015
Ellie Nightingale October 2015November 2017
Nathan Nightingale October 2015February 2017
Reenie McQueen October 20152015
Rachel Hardy October 2015March 2016
Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz November 20152016
Damon Kinsella July 20172018
Brody Hudson July 20172018
Breda McQueen July 2018January 2020
Sylver McQueen July 2018September 2021
Goldie McQueen September 2018September 2021
Warren Fox January 2020June 2021
Becky Quentin 26th October 2021 to 17th November 2021

Other information[]

  • The postcode for the pub is CH12 4LA.



The Dog in The Pond tour

A tour around The Dog in the Pond set by Guy Burnet (Craig Dean); 2006.

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