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Tessie Thompson is the mother of Harry Thompson and the ex-girlfriend of Tony Hutchinson. Tessie arrived in the village in 1998 and began dating Tony. She decided to scam Tony to take his money by pretending to be pregnant, but Tony found this out and a humiliated Tessie left the village.

In October 2007, Tessie accepted an invitation from Tina McQueen for Tony's surprise thirtieth birthday party. She told Tony that she had a surprise for him - that she had really been pregnant but decided to scam Tony and tell him that she was lying. She introduced Tony to his long-lost son, Harry, and allowed Tony to get to know Harry. Harry made sporadic visits to Tony between 2007 and 2009 before moving to the village permanently in 2015.

In October 2018, after Harry's failed wedding to Ste Hay due to Harry's affair with James Nightingale being revealed, Harry went to stay with Tessie. Tessie was furious with Tony for not siding with Harry, and refused to speak to him. However, when Harry returned in April 2019, Tony asked Harry how Tessie was.

Tessie became a grandmother in July 2019 when Sadie Cressington, whom Harry got pregnant whilst staying with Tessie, and Sadie gave birth to a son, Isaac.

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