Terry Hay is the abusive step-father of Ste Hay. Terry was mentioned in 2006 when Ste arrived at school with bruises on his face. In October 2007, Terry tried to convince the Barnes family that Ste was a danger to their daughter, Amy, and her baby, Leah. When they arrived at Ste and Amy's flat, Terry began beating Ste, but Mike Barnes pulled him off and threw him out. A few months later, after Ste had a visit from his mother, Pauline Hay, Terry told them that things always got bad for him when Pauline started whining about Ste. He almost broke Ste's finger, and told them he'd call the cops on them unless they stayed clear of him and Pauline. In March 2008, Pauline showed up again and told Ste that Terry she and Terry had split.

In 2014, Terry visited Ste to apologise for the abuse directed towards he and his mother, for which Ste forgave him. Ste told him that he and John Paul McQueen were getting married, and invited him to attend the ceremony. Terry had to decline due to work conflicts, but gave them his blessing.

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