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Sylvester "Sylver" McQueen (né Peter) is the adopted brother of Goldie McQueen and the adopted son of Breda McQueen. Sylver was released in June 2018 after serving a prison sentence for the murder of his adopted father which was later revealed to be a lie and it was his step mother Breda McQueen who killed Vinnie. He moved into 26 Leigh Road with Myra McQueen, terrifying Sally St. Claire. Sylver put an end to his serial killer adoptive mother Breda by killing her by stabbing her in the head with large nitting needles and later start a relationship with Grace Black whom he accidentally gets engaged too.



Sylver was born in March 1983 to Harriet and Wes also given the birth name of Peter Wes was abusive towards Sylver emotionally and physically after the death of his mother Harriet later Wes hired a Nannie named Breda McQueen who was close with Sylver and on Christmas day 1986 when Wes got violent towards Sylver Breda stepped in after getting Sylver out of harms way she kills Wes and adopts Sylver who she names from Peter. Sylver grew up believing that Breda was his biological mother and believed that his adotive sister Goldie McQueen was actually his biological sister also Goldie's father Vinnie was agressive towards Breda and Sylver and one day in 2000 Sylver and Vinnie got into a heated row and Sylver pushed him over a ledge and thought to have killed him and later was sentanced to 18 years in prison. Later in 2019 it was revealed via flash backs Vinnie surrived his encounter with Sylver but Breda finished him off.

June 2018: Arrival in Hollyoaks

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June 2018: Sylver arrives in Hollyoaks.

Sylver arrives in Hollyoaks in June 2018 when his released from prison after completeing his 18 year sentance Sylver is determind to put things right with his sister Goldie McQueen however Goldie is dissmissive due to the fact Sylver killed her father however after some thinking Goldie eventually accepts Sylver into her life after eventually accepting her fathers death was a case of self-defence so Myra McQueen offers Sylver to stay at their home which Sylver accepts later its revealed that Sylver knows Simone Loveday as she was the one who represented Sylver in the murder trial of Vinnie still showing anger towards the fact Simone couldn't get Sylver off the murder charge this prompts Simone to try and get rid of Sylver by making people aware that there is a dangerous killer living amongst them, later Sylver get a job at the Emporioum after his employed by Dirk Savage however this don't last long as Simone vocies her opinion on Sylver by speaking loudly in public this angers Sylver to the point where he picks up a some equipment thats outside the Emporioum and despite Dirk's pleads Sylver throws the equipment through Simone's shop window however after speaking to Breda and Goldie, Simone feels guilty and decides to apologise to Sylver who forgives her.

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Sylver smashes Price Slice window.

Sylver seems to be settling in Hollyoaks just fine and impresses Myra even more when Sylver handles a situation concerning Carl Costello who is after his grandson Bobby Costello since his mother Mercedes took Bobby back off Carl with the help of Mitzeee Minniver due to Carl's alcoholism later Carl kidnaps Goldie in a efgort to get the McQueen family's attention however they manage to trick Carl and get Goldie back Sylver finds out about this and sets off to go after Carl as he angerly searches the woods Carl is the murdered by a unknown person and Sylver is later seen acting shifty and abit nervous when Carl's body is found. Breda is later comfired to be Carl's killer.

Coming face to face with Mercedes after 20 years and affair

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Sylver rekindle's his passion with Mercedes after 20 years.

Sylver along with the rest of the McQueens sets off to go on holiday to Ibiza when they are invited by Mercedes however unknown to Mercedes, Sylver is out of prison, the McQueens all arrive at Ibiza and it's revealed that Mercedes has rekindled with Russ Owen and again is engaged to him Sylver later approaches Mercedes who is shocked to see that his out of prison later after Myra pays Goldie to kiss Russ to show Mercedes of how much of a snake Russ is after running off all them years ago as Russ tries to explain to Mercedes then disovers that Russ use to be an porn star this upsets Mercedes who later bumps into Sylver back at her villa Sylver comforts Mercedes and the two end up sleeping together the next day Metcedes tells a devestated Sylver that it was just a one off and Sylver is left more upset at the fact Russ is seen with his son Max at the airport ready to move back to Hollyoaks after nine years away however much to everyones shock Mercedes is arrested for Carl's murder later when Mercedes decides to move back to Spain with Russ, Sylver does everthing in his power to persuade her to stay in Hollyoaks in which she does and Russ decides to also however Mercedes and Sylver continue to sleep with one another later Russ starts to become alittle suspicious and confronts Sylver along with Mercedes however they both manage to convince Russ that there is nothing going on later on Sylver confides in his mother and reveals to her that his fallen in love with Mercedes.

Later on in November 2018 Mercedes is again due to marry Russ like she was back in 2007 despite a number of pleads by Sylver to reconsider later its reveales that Russ had slept with Goldie and made her get abortion and Russ also finds out that Mercedes had been sleeping with Sylver, Russ confronts Sylver and the two get into a fight in which Sylver seems to be getting the upper hand on untill Breda arrives and stops Sylver from beating Russ up later that night Russ is murdered by a unknown assailant like Carl later to be revealed to be Breda.

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November 2018: Sylver and Russ fight over Mercedes.

Father figure and feud with Liam Donovan

When Sylver and Mercedes start to get closer Sylver bonds with both Bobby and Max and the two seem to like Sylver very much later however Mercedes finds being with Sylver stressfull at times and ends up sleeping with Liam Donovan who ends up falling for Mercedes and due to that has a jealousy hatred for Sylver and at every oppurtunity Liam gets he winds Sylver up Liam goes as far as getting Sylver to beat him up in March 2019 however Mercedes marries Sylver but through out the first half of 2019 continues to sleep with Liam also behind Sylver's back in May 2019 Russ's younger sister Nicole Owen returns for her nephew Max as he got into contact with her telling her Mercedes dosen't love him like she does Bobby later she leaves with Max as Sylver holds a breaking down Mercedes.

In July 2019, Nicole brings Max back to the village where Mercedes, Sylver, Breda and Nana McQueen organised a party for him. Mercedes ruined the party after taking cocaine which Liam supplied to her Max and Nicole left and boarded the next flight back to Greece and Sylver is left angry with the way Mercedes has gone on this prompts Mercedes to go and sleep with Liam yet again unknown to Sylver and Liam continues to wind Sylver up at every oppurtunity he gets.

Finding out the truths and Who Shot Mercedes?

In November 2019 the walls start to close in on Mercedes from the past eleven month Syylver learns of the affair with Liam and is left devestated and lashes and not only that Sylver also finds out from Brooke Hathaway that Mercedes had anbortion and it could of possibly been Sylver's child out later that day Mercedes is shot by a unknown culprit and its revealed that Sylver slept with Grace Black on the night of the shooting and after Liam finds the gun he decides to plant it at The Dog in the Pond in order to set Sylver up for the shooting however Sylver along with Grace find the gun as D.S. Cohen arrives to search The Dog however Grace leaves with the gun and later plants it back on Liam, Cohen searches Liam's car and Sylver satisfyinly watches on as Liam gets arrested however Liam gets off with the help of James Nightingale, Sylver is confronted on more the one occasion by Breda and Goldie over the shooting and he denys it everytime however his occasional angry outburst gives him no argument at times Sylver is shocked when he seed Mercedes in a coma on deaths door and everytime he sees her he feels guilty about sleeping with Grace whom he actually starts to have a relationship with while Mercedes is in her coma over the shooting, Goldie notices Sylver Isn't that much into Grace and sees that he is still in love with Mercedes, Goldie even issues this to both Sylver and Grace in which Sylver denies even Breda confronts Sylver over his feelings for Grace later when Mercedes takes a turn for the worst and Sylver is worried and Graces notices this and with Breda and Goldie telling her Sylver will always love Mercedes later on a very guilty Sylver is seen breaking down at the side of Mercedes Hostpital bed Sylver then confesses unknown to him Mercedes is coming round from sadation and can here him about sleeping with Grace Mercedes awakens and not long aftee Cohen arrives and Mercedes tells her she knows who shot her Cohen asks who and a spitful Mercedes tells Cohen it was Sylver who shot her and later on Mercedes goads Grace over this telling her the bitch is back as Sylver is taking back to prison.

Breda later visits Sylver in prison and Sylver cannot believe that she and his sister Goldie do not believe him over his innocents due to this Sylver lashes out during when Breda vistits him leaving Breda scared and coming to the conclusion along with Goldie that Sylver did indeed shoot Mercedes however knowning Mercedes is lieing Grace points this out to both Breda and Goldie who still believe Mercedes over Sylver so Grace hatches plan after plan evenually Sylver comes to the conclusion that he has to trick Mercedes into him forgiving her and that they can start again after Bobby Costello tells Mercdedes that he knows Sylver wouldn't shoot her and after Grace tells her that she ain't bright as the person who shot her is still out free while Sylver is locked up Mercedes later vistits Sylver who tells her his willing to start again if she can get the charges droped after some convining from Sylver and making sure his sticking to his word Mercedes later gets all the charges droped on Sylver over the shooting later Sylver is released and Bobby is very glad to see him and so is Mercedes however Sylver walks past her and kisses Grace and reveals to Mercedes that he will never forgive her and thanks for letting him free from prison Sylver then is angry with both Breda and Goldie for sideing with Mercedes but eventually forgives them.

Revelations and killing Breda

In January 2020 Sylver along woth his sister Goldie later discover that Breda is the local serial killer they put the clues together and find that Breda has gone after Mercedes and that they are at Stone Mount Farm where Breda has been keeping Tony Hutchinson for months on end since Harry's death Breda finds Mercedes and locks her up with Tony whom she stabs when Tony tries to stop Breda from hurting Mercedes afterwoods Sylver and Goldie both confront Breda in the little house that resides on th farm about the killings Breda confesses to killing Carl Costello, Russ Owen, Glenn Donovan and Louis Loveday and Goldie clicks on that Harry wasn't accident from Breda's dementia Breda then tells Sylver and Goldie about her father of how abusive he was towards her during her childhood untill one day she sees th bolt gun and shoots him in the head with it killing him and ever since then God gave her the task of getting rid of bad dads Sylver digusted qeustions Breda even more and Breda tells him she killed Wes and also Vinnie much too Sylver's anger and shock he asked why she let him go to prison Breda coldly replied he was heading that way anyway so he might aswell of learned his lesson Sylver getting more and more and demanding to know what shes done to Mercedes eventually snaps and starts to strangle Breda who sees the bolt gun and shoots Sylver with it stopping him strangling her Mercedes meanwhile is freeing herself and Tony and Goldie finds them and tells Mercedes that Sylver is in the house with Breda wanting to save Sylver Mercedes runs in the house which is on fire at this point when Breda wants to vommit suicide and take a badly injured Sylver with her Breda angrily jumps up and tries to stab Mercedes with a broken peice of glass Goldie also tries to stop Breda from harming Mercedes after she enters Sylver all of a sudden get a burst of energy likly from adrenaline and picks up some large nitting needles and stabs them through Breda's head killing her after which he says "Sorry, Mum", Mercedes and Goldie help Sylver out the bur ing debris and shout for an ambulance for both Tony and Sylver and a worried John Paul rushes over to Mercedes.

After the event of the previous day Sylver is shown to be very truamed from it all amd even freaks out after he awakes from his coma later on Sylver is seen in theorpy with Doctor Shields, Sylver opens up and expresses his anger for being faulesly accused of killing Vinnie and growing up in prison Sylver then tells Shields he can tell that shes becoming nervous of him and eventually has another angry out burts punching the water machine later Grace offers her support much to Mercedes devestation after Goldie tells her Sylver still loves her.

A few weeks past and Sylver seems to becoming to terms with killing his foster mother however when Diane Hutchinson approaches Sylver to have a chat with Tony after Tony thinks Breda has come back to get him again at first Sylver don't think it's a good idea however after Diane explains the situation Sylver agrees to see Tony after Tony had a little freak out Sylver reasures him that Breda ain't coming back as he was the one that put her ways to an end by killing her Sylver and Tony have a chat afterwoods and Tony feels alot more stable after witnessing that his not the only one whonhas mentally suffered from Breda.

Engagement to Grace Black, Dinner party and rekindle with Mercedes

After all the events with Breda and talking to Tony, Sylver is trying to settle down with Grace Black who he now lives with after the death of Grace's brother Jesse Donovan, Sylver offer his support to Grace why her other brother Liam is plotting revenge on Maxine Kinsella, when Sylver is seen getting along with Mercedes over Bobby a very jelous Grace confronts Sylver who he accidentally proposes to much to Grace's delight later Sylver and Grace celebrate at The Dog in the Pond which is when Mercedes discover their engagement and a angry John Paul lays into Sylver and Grace for their disrespect and Liam knows for a fact to him that Sylver is still in love with Mercedes so he adds him to his dart board of doom in whuch Grace discovers this and as does Sylver and Grace tells Sylver that they need to tell Warren Fox that Liam is out to get him later Grace and Sylver see Warren who Sylver tells to calm down as Liam wants that sort of angry reaction from Warren however a forious Warren ignores Sylver's pleads and vows that his going to kill Liam some weeks past ans Liam's behaviour is spiralling out of control as Sylver is preparing for his wedding to Grace oblivious to Liam's plans Sylver falls for a trap set by Liam when Liam arrives at his home panicked telling Sylver that Grave is in trouble Sylver rushes off and as he tries to call Grace on his moblie phone Liam ambushes him by wacking him around the head knocking Sylver out later on Liam holds Merecede, John Paul, Grace, Maxine and James hostage in what he calls The Devils Dinner Party Sylver along with John Paul is tied up in The Dog in the Pond behind the stage decorations however at first unlnown to everyone one at the table while Sylver and John Paul are tied up Liam sets the task to Grace and James to find Sylver and John paul within a three minute period or he will shoot Maxine however when Grace and James fon't find Sylver and Johm Paul but instead a box Liam removes the tinsel like decorations to reveal Sylver and John Paul have been their all along tied up with ear mooths to block out any sound Liam removes the cloth covering their eye and in doing son Sylver angerly asks what is going on Liam, later on Liam receals that Grace and James where the ones who shot Mercedes, Sylver is then angry with Grace telling her that all he wanted after Mercedrs was just a honest woman Grace pleas her sorrys to Sylver but his fustration of being tied up grow as time passes with Liam cussing at everyone one he chooses Sylver to shoot aftrr Mercedes failed her attempt Grace in which Sylver declined and thanks to Warren breaking in and tackling Liam the beating him up Sylver gets the chance to be freed not long after Liam is killed when she pushes Liam down a flight of stairs.

The next day Sylver is seen quite calm after his encounter woth Liam and Mercedes tells Sylver that Grace needs to pay for shooting her Sylver does his best to defend Grace especially when Grace arrived ats his home Sylver stalls Mercedes by asking her to take Bobby to school in which she clicks onto but takes Bobby to school anyway as Mercedes leaves Sylver breaks down along woth Grace telling her that he just wanted a honest woman and that his scared of what shes capable of Grace agrres to end their relationship and to hand herself in her and Sylver hug as later on Sylver witnesses Grace being escorted in tge back of a Police car and when Mercedes arrives to rub it in Sypver rants at her telling her that all this is down to her and Liam and that Curtis is now gunna grow up without a mum taking in what Sylver said Mercedes later stops Grace and James from hanfing them selfs in and pins the shooting on Liam the next day Golfie tells Sylver to go and get Mercedes back that his still in love with her while Warren is telling Mercedes to stop being childish and tell Sylver how she really feels later on however Sylver arrives at The Dog all dressed up impress Mercedes they confess their love and agree to put everything behind them as Warren and Goldie cheer and clap along with the punters.

Kill Count


Attempted murders

  • Vinnie-2000: Leaves Vinnie after pushing him from a great hight.

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