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Sue Morgan was the mother of Adam, Luke, Beth and Zara Morgan, and the widower of Andy Morgan.

Sue arrived in Hollyoaks with her family in 1999: she had an affair with her boss and Andy decided to move the family in an attempt to save his marriage to Sue. However, Sue had little faith in keeping the marriage alive and attempted to leave Andy. Her children were left furious when she began a relationship with her former boss William, especially when it was only discovered when Adam found the pair kissing on Millenium Eve. However, Sue discovered that William was married whilst on holiday to France and decided to end the relationship.

After Luke began becoming more reclusive and Zara continued to misbehave at school, Sue and Andy ended up growing closer as they attempted to sort the family's problems together. The pair were left devastated when Luke was raped by Mark Gibbs, and Sue attempted to support him. Andy, however, disapproved of the impending trial due to the media coverage, driving a wedge between him and Luke. As the family continued to fall apart, Sue became depressed and her erratic behaviour caused Zara to turn on her and run away from home.

Luke's ex-girlfriend Mandy Richardson managed to reconcile the family and Sue also made amends with Zara, but insisted that she wanted a divorce from Andy, which he granted. After Beth was raped in November 2001, Sue and Andy supported her, but her rapist Scott Anderson was found not guilty as Beth had been coached by journalist Alyson Turner throughout the trial. After Beth went to prison for mowing down Scott, Sue and Andy reconciled and waited for Beth to be released before re-marrying and moving to France with her.

With Adam living in New York, Zara in Thailand and Luke in Canada, the family became distanced, especially when Luke was disallowed to board a flight to France as Andy lay on his deathbed. Sue was later diagnosed with a terminal heart condition and visited Luke after being given six months left to live. Despite disapproving of his relationship with Cindy Cunningham over Mandy, Sue came to terms with his choice and passed away after making amends with Luke.


1999-2000: Marital Problems[]

Sue arrived in the village with her husband Andy, sons Luke and Adam, and daughters Zara and Beth. Sue and Andy's marriage was under strain due to the pair drifting apart and a suspected affair between Sue and her employer. In an attempt to save their marriage and bring the family closer together, Andy bought Store TwentyFour to turn into a restaurant. Sol Patrick crashed a car into the store, delaying progress on the restaurant, which later opened later in the month as Deva. However, the grand opening did not go without a hitch, as Wayne fell through the ceiling from the flat above part way through the event.

Sue and Andy's strained marriage also struggled with the behaviour of their daughter, Zara. Zara was suspended by her former school and her history resulted in her application being rejected by many others. Andy enrolled Zara in Hollyoaks Comprehensive College, annoying Sue as they had not discussed Zara's education and Andy had made the decision without her input.

Sue and Andy's marriage took a turn for the worst when Beth revealed that Andy had shared a kiss with Adam's ex-girlfriend, Kerri, leading to their separatation. Sue later began a relationship with her old boss, William, which Adam discovered on Millenium Eve and eventually revealed, ultimately driving a further rift between her and her family - especially with Zara who had been hellbent on a reconciliation between her parents and subsequently turned against Sue.

Beth later began a relationship with Rob Hawthorn, and Sue and Andy took a liking to him. After Deva chef Tony Hutchinson and his friends Lucy Benson, Ruth Osborne and Lewis Richardson confronted Rob over the water tank siege, Andy threw them out and fired Tony. Rob and Beth were engaged in December 1999, which left the Morgans' unimpressed. However, all were stunned when Rob was killed in an explosion on Millenium Eve - a bus fire which he had ignited.

2000-2001: Luke's Rape and Family Troubles[]

In February 2000, Adam was falsely accused of sexual assault by Christine Woodhead, his film tutor whom he was having an affair with. The Morgans' were left horrified by the accusation and supported Adam. Adam was eventually exonerated after Geri Hudson and Matt Musgrove affirmed that Christine and Adam were having an affair.

Merely a few weeks later, Luke was raped after a fight and car chase with Mark Gibbs. Sue was concerned when Luke returned home bloodied and bruised, but Luke was evasive as to his whereabouts. Sue was concerned about Luke as he became distant from his friends and family, especially after Mandy Richardson broke up with Luke. However, Sue's attentions were diverted by her struggling marriage to Andy, and Zara setting fire to the art block. Unable to deal with the rape, Luke intended to hang himself in a park, but was involved in a car accident on the way. At the hospital, Adam was able to convince Luke to reveal that he was raped, leaving Sue horrified. Adam convinced Luke to go to the police and Sue supported him when he eventually decided to do so. Mark was arrested and charged, and as they waited for the October trial date, Sue decided to take Luke and Beth to France with William.

Whilst on the holiday to France, Sue separated from William upon discovering that he was still married, whilst Beth stayed behind after getting engaged. Upon Sue and Luke's return, the family began to fall apart due to Zara's hatred towards Luke and Andy's disapproval of Luke going ahead with a conviction. When Mark pleaded guilty to GBH, Andy insisted that Luke agreed to not continue with the rape charges. Luke ignored his advice and proceeded, to which Mark was found guilty of rape. Luke accepted journalist Alan Hook's £20,000 offer of an interview, and launched a scathing attack against his family. With the money, Luke moved out despite Sue's protests. The stress of the family situation caused Sue to end up on prescription pills, which caused Sue to develop erratic behaviours. Sue would take her anger out on Andy and Zara but put on a smile for Luke, putting a serious strain on her relationship with Zara.

Zara aired her worries to Luke about Sue, but her concerns fell on deaf ears until she fled to stay with her grandmother in Scotland. Luke then realised how his family was being affected and after a heart-to-heart with Mandy, agreed to Sue's offer of taking a shift in Deva alongside Andy. Despite the family reconciling, Sue still struggled with erratic behaviours - even smashing all of the dinner plates at Christmas. Sue eventually sought help, Zara's attitude changed towards the family, and Sue agreed to get along with Andy - despite asking for a divorce.

2001-2002: Beth's Rape and Departure[]

In November 2001, the family was rocked when Beth - who had recently returned from France - was raped at a party by footballer Scott Anderson. Sue stood by Sue as Luke advised her to go to the police, which she did. However, Luke received a job opportunity in Canada, which Beth convinced him to accept. Scott, meanwhile, was arrested and charged.

However, on New Year's Eve, Adam was left paralysed in a serious accident when Mandy swerved to avoid a fox and collided with a tree before the car rolled down a hill. Adam struggled to deal with his paralysis and pushed his family away. Scott's trial occurred not long after, but the case was dropped after Beth received coaching from journalist Alyson Turner.

As a result of the exoneration, Beth started a hate campaign against Scott - which came to a head when she accidentally hit him with her car, leaving him with a career-ending injury. Sue and Andy were left devastated when Beth was sentenced to two months imprisonment when her charges were reduced to dangerous driving, but the pair were reconciled and later got engaged. Beth was released shortly before Sue and Andy's wedding (which Luke returned for). Zara and Adam were furious at Andy and Sue's secret intentions to move away, and refused to leave with them. Sue, Andy and Beth all left for France together.

2021: Return[]

Sue returned to the village in May 2021, having drifted apart from Luke in the years after his move to Canada - especially when Luke was unable to fly out of Canada to visit Andy on his deathbed due to intoxication. She revealed she had been diagnosed with a heart condition and had, at most, six months left to live. Luke was stunned by the news and so chose not to tell her about his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis, but when Sue saw he was suffering with hand tremors, she pressed him on a reasoning behind it. Mandy covered for Luke and claimed it was nerve damage caused by his alcoholism. Sue took a liking to Mandy and did not hide from her son that she thought she was better matched to him when compared to his fiancée, Cindy Cunningham.

Pushing her disapproval of Cindy, Sue attempted to convince Luke to end his relationship and take Mandy back. Luke being caught between his fiancée and his mother put an almighty strain on his relationship with Cindy. After Cindy left Luke and decided to move out, Luke and Sue's relationship began to suffer. Mandy eventually got through to Sue, telling her that if she wanted to keep a good relationship with Luke, she'd need to accept that he was with Cindy. Sue ended up changing her mind, but died on the sofa from heart failure shortly after putting things right.



Address Duration
12 Carlton Drive 1st April 1999 to 25th October 2002
France 25th October 2002 to 4th May 2021
65 Christleton Terrace 4th May 2021 to 6th July 2021

Employment history[]

Job Duration
Deva owner 1st April 1999 to 25th October 2002

Background Information[]

  • The character of Sue was axed, alongside the characters of Beth and Andy Morgan when producers decided to axe Ross Davidson from the role of Andy, after complaining to producers about the lack of storylines for his character.
  • In May 2021, it was confirmed that Sue would be returning to Hollyoaks, but the role would be re-casted to actress Marian McLoughlin.


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