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Stuart Sumner arrived in the village in February 2019 and runs a far-right extremist group, which he has groomed Ste Hay and Jonny Baxter for. Stuart also owned The Teahouse up until his death.


Stuart was described as at first "The fella next door type" but with hidden secrets, Stuart then was described as being dangerously manipulative.



Stuart at a young age was a racist he often use to beat up people due to being either black or foreign some point in the 1990s Stuart met a woman named Alice and later had three kids with her Sid, Aiden and Violet. Stuart would later become a far right leader and often manipulated young and vulnerable adults some point Stuart recruited Jonny Baxter who would later become very close with Stuart to the point where he would live with him and carry out Stuart's demands.

2019-: Far right storyline[]

Stuart is first seen in February 2019 when he purchases Esther Bloom's former business renamimg It The Teahouse Its quite obvious he knows Gavin Jackson. Stuart befriends Ste Hay who he sees as a opportunity to manipulate him into joining his racist group as it’s is quite evident that Stuart is using psychological manipulation to Ste to manipulate him into making Ste believe what they are doing is right and for the better of the British people, this was for over the course of a year. Ste, thanks to Stuart and Jonny, grew a hatred for the Maalik family who Stuart and Jonny lived next door too. In May 2019, Stuart's son Sid arrives temporarily and is seen a little racist towards Imran Maalik showing that he is trying to follow on what his father does. Stuart and his far right group along with Ste, later march through Hollyoaks village with Ste at the forefront which upsets his sister Leela Lomax. After Ste fell out with his family due to his behaviour towards the Maaliks. Stuart comes up with a plan to detonate a bomb at a nearby Muslim community centre but tragically it was accidentally detonated in the Maaliks familys home which although no fatalities the explosion injured Jonny who refused to be treated by Misbah and temporarily causing Yasmine to lose hearing. After Jonny refused to be treated Ste starts to realise that the far rights is going too far and it's not what he wants this lead to Stuart to start to become suspicious of him and gets Jonny to keep an eye on Ste. Stuart decides to test Ste's loyalty by getting Jonny to pretend that he also wants out of the far right even going as far as stabbing Jonny to make Ste believe him Stuart even makes Ste stay in his house locking him in or getting Sid to keep an eye on him eventually Sid let's Ste leave the house to see his kids unknown to him that Ste is attempting to escape Stuart finds this and hits Sid for disobeying him showing he is physically abusive towards his son the next day Stuart prepares to get rid of Ste by killing him this shocks both Sid and Jonny meanwhile Ste is getting the help of his sister Leela along with his niece Peri Lomax later Jonny fools Ste into thinking they need to leave as Stuart knows they are planning to escape still unknown to Ste, Jonny is working with Stuart they order a taxi but unknown to Ste its Stuart posing as one however he don't realise this until his inside and clicks on that Jonny has been working with Stuart all this time Ste manages to temporarily escape but Jonny catches him hiding in The Love Boat meanwhile Leela enlists the help of Sami Maalik who is due to get married to Sinead Shelby, Sami witnesses Jonny and Stuart and attempts to help Ste but is knocked out and tied up. Sid catches up with Leela and tells her he knows where his taking Ste and Sami cause it's where he takes them to "make it look like an accident" this shocks Leela and they jump in the car to chase Stuart down. Stuart takes Ste to a seaside cliff and Sami manages to untie him self and attempts to fight off Jonny but his again knocked out by Stuart eventually Ste is taking on top of the cliff by Stuart and Jonny and they are eventually caught up by Leela, Peri and Stuart's son Sid after hearing the sirens Jonny tells Stuart that it's over Stuart angerily goes to push Ste off the cliff however Sid push Stuart away causing him to fall off the cliff which results in killing Stuart much to everyone's shock and Sids devastation. Sid is arrest for killing his father, however, thanks to Jonny giving a statement that it was self defence Sid is set free.

Kill Count[]


Although Stuart hasn't killed anyone during his time in Hollyoaks, it’s strongly hinted he has killed before after a line spoke by his on-screen son Sid Sumner in episode Episode 5301 (18th November 2019) Its where he takes them. To make it look like a accident. As it’s strongly hinted, Stuart falls in the killers category.

Attempt murders[]

  1. Intended to set off a bomb at The Loft, but it was accidentally detonated in the backyard of 65 Christleton Terrace.
  2. Sami Maalik - Whacks Sami aggressively around the head with a metal pole, when Sami attempts to fight off Jonny.
  3. Ste Hay, 18th November 2019 - Attempts to kill Ste by pushing him off a cliff but is pushed off himself by his own son Sid Sumner, who was meaning to stop his father from killing Ste.
This section or article is a stub.
This section or article is a stub - there is too little information to be useful. You can help the Hollyoaks Wiki by expanding it.

Introduction Sequence[]

Despite being a regular character, Stuart does not appear in the introduction sequence.

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