Stone Mount Farm is a derelict pig farm owned by Breda McQueen. Breda grew up on the farm and her husband, Vinnie, worked on the farm. When Breda killed Wes in 1986, preventing him from beating up his son, Peter, Breda adopted him and renamed him "Sylver McQueen". She also gave birth to a daughter, Goldie, in 1987. In 2000, Vinnie threatened to attack Goldie and went for Sylver, who threw him against a wall and accidentally pushed him down a flight of stairs. Sylver was lead to believe that he killed Vinnie, but in July 2019, it was discovered that Breda had killed Vinnie, and Sylver had only injured him.

In January 2019, Breda held Louis Loveday captive in one of the bedrooms of the farm, and buried him there after murdering him. She ended up moving his body in June 2019 when she discovered that Juliet Quinn, Imran Maalik, Ollie Morgan and Brooke Hathaway had broken in.

In September 2019, Breda held Tony Hutchinson captive in the farm after she stabbed him with a screwdriver upon Tony discovering that Breda was the serial killer in August 2019.

In January 2020, Breda held Mercedes McQueen hostage in the pig pens before setting the building on fire. Sylver and Goldie confronted her over being the killer, and Breda shot Sylver with a bolt gun after revealing some of her murder victims to them. She set fire to the farmhouse and pig pen, but Goldie ended up freeing Mercedes and Tony. Breda tried to stab Mercedes with glass from a smashed photo frame, but Sylver fatally stabbed Breda through the skull with her knitting needles, killing her. Mercedes and Goldie managed to get Sylver out of the farm before it exploded.

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