Stephen 'Macki' Mackintosh was a friend of Justin Burton. The two met when Justin was troubled and began buying marijuana off Macki. Soon Justin was forced to go to boot camp and sorted out his life. When Justin returned to town, Macki frequently distracted Justin and wanted him to come back to his old ways. However, Justin wanted to avoid Macki and hang around with his stepbrother Ali Taylor and friend Nicole Owen. An embittered Macki made Ali's life a misery by calling him "monkey boy" and other racist taunts, and he framed Justin for a fire started in the science lab at the school. However, after finding evidence against Macki, Justin managed to get him expelled.

Both Ali and Justin thought their troubles were over, until next term as Macki returned to school and wanted revenge. The bullying got worse and both Ali and Justin were beaten up by Macki and his friends. Ali eventually had enough of the bullying and went after him with a knife that his father, Richard Taylor, had confiscated from Justin (who got the knife to defend himself against Macki). When Ali found Macki, Macki challenged him to a one-on-one fight and led him to a quiet spot; whilst Ali's back was turned, Macki picked up a brick.

Justin, who had realised the knife was missing, found Ali just in time to see Macki with the brick. He called out to Ali, who then turned around and stabbed Macki. Ali dropped the knife and Justin told him he'd sort it all out and told Ali to go home. Ali then ran out into the road and was hit by a car. Justin hid the knife in the hospital toilets. Meanwhile, both Macki and Ali died of their injuries. A few days later, Justin went back for the knife but the police had already found it and were waiting for Justin to show up. Justin was then arrested for Macki's murder but was later found not guilty.

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