Stella Grey was a businesswoman who owned several clubs, bars and properties. She owned a house for which her clients would hold parties in, one of which Lisa Hunter and Gucci attended in November 2006. Stella furiously confronted Burton Phillips after he burst into one of the places and threatened some of the party attendees whilst saving Lisa from being raped after taking an overdose. She also hires an escort from Burton, Ben Davies, who she offers a job as an escort too. However, he turns her down. Stella later visits Burton, asking for Lisa to work for her instead of Burton, to which he flatly refused. Stella, regardless, visited Lisa and convinced Lisa to work for her. She purchased Burton's bar, Attraction, and turned it into a private members' club, for which she employed Lisa and Ben (unaware the latter was working undercover). Stella performs in front of a group of men, which "choose" her. She had Lisa kidnapped to be forced to star in pornography, but later changed her mind and gave Lisa the chance to flee. Burton told Ben that Stella had Kay killed after kidnapping her as they went to save her. Lisa grabs a gun and threatens to shoot Stella's henchmen, and unintentionally shoots Ben, which proves to be fatal. Stella and her henchmen are arrested by armed officers shortly afterwards.

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