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Steven "Ste" Hay (previously McQueen) is the son of Pauline Hay and Danny Lomax, half-brother of Leela and Tegan Lomax, widower of Doug Carter and Harry Thompson, the ex-husband of John Paul McQueen, the adoptive father of Leah Barnes as well as the father of Lucas Hay and Hannah Hay-O'Connor.

Originally Ste was rebellious and seen as a scaly in his early days. Ste went from school bully to drug dealer in his first year. Ste also had a mean streak when he often hit out at Amy Barnes. As time went on Ste showed remorse and went down some what of a redemption path and scoring friendships with the likes of businessman Tony Hutchinson and student Rae Wilson. Perhaps Ste's most famous relationship's are to the gangster Brendan Brady and Harry Thompson.

Ste has often shown a venerable side this is first seen when its discovered his step father Terry Hay often caused problems between Ste and his mother and when Brendan also often hit out at Ste and in 2019 Ste was manipulated by Stuart Sumner and his right hand man. Jonny Baxter. into a far right group however Ste came to his senses.


1988-2006: Backstory[]

Ste was born in January 1988 to parents Pauline Hay and Danny Lomax however Danny left Pauline not long after Ste's birth, this led Ste to be brought up and abused by Terry Hay who he thought was his father due to Pauline siding with Terry. Ste had a difficult relationship with his mother and he often acted in a rebellious manner throughout his childhood and teenage years.

2006-2009: Arrival and relationship with Amy Barnes[]

Ste is first seen in February 2006 when he and his then friend Wayne Tunnicliffe showed a liking to Amy Barnes and her friend Michaela McQueen they would often flirt with the girls to impress them and Ste and Amy started to date and Ste often pressured Amy to have sex with him which wasn't taking to kindly by Amy's friends at the time, Josh Ashworth and Fletch. Ste and Josh along with Fletch would then often not see eye to eye with one another especially adding the fact Amy is not wanting to have sex with Ste however Ste along with Wayne pressured Josh and Fletch to help them do petty crimes to which Josh and Fletch wanted to do to show Ste and Wayne that they are in fact not much different to them. Later, Amy sleeps with another man unknown to Ste and falls pregnant. Amy is left feeling guilty about cheating on Ste after Ste confides in her about the physical abuse he endured as a child by his step father, Terry. Later, Ste decides to steal a car from the School car park and takes Amy, Michaela, Josh and Fletch for a joy ride and this is where things take a nasty turn when Ste crashes the car, panicking Ste flees the crash luckily everyone involved scurried, however, Amy did in fact nearly loose her life when she was put in a coma. Fletch then later put a statement against Ste and he was later caught by police officer Calvin Valentine. Ste was then sent to young offenders.

Ste is not seen until later in 2007 where he is then released from his young offenders his find out of Leah's. Ste convinces Amy his not the same person that he was just over a year ago after some persuading Amy agrees to let Ste in Leah's life as well as rekindling their relationship much to Amy's parents Mike and Kathy's disgust especially when they found out Ste is Amy's father. After Amy leaves home Mike contacts Ste's stepfather in attempt to track them down however he was unknown to Terry's relationship to Ste and was taken aback when he along with Amy witness Terry horribly attack Ste, Mike eventually puts a stop to it by pulling Terry off a already badly beaten Ste this prompts Amy to tell Mike to leave and not speak to her. Ste is struggling for money so he does his best to find a job but know one will employ him seeing no option Ste steals the credit card that belongs to local gangster, Warren Fox. With the credit card Ste starts to by expensive things such as sofas and TVs however Warren finds out and reposed all the things Ste has brought he then threatens Ste however this does not stop Ste later on breaking in the Evissa where Warren's girlfriend at the time, Louise Summers is currently in Louise catches Ste who is hooded up and a struggle ensures Ste knock Louise out when he pushes her off him a fire then breaks out Ste then leaves Louise in the fire luckily Louise is saved by Calvin. After bragging to Josh in the middle of the village unaware. Warren overhears Ste confessing he burned down the Evissa. Warren later catches up with Ste and beats up Ste who is seen begging for Warren not to kill him. Warren knocks Ste out with a punch and then leaves. Now seeing no other option for money then to turn to drug dealing so he enlists help of a friend he met inside in Nige Foster. Ste even puts pressure along with Nige on Fletch to smoke marijuana while all this is happening Amy takes it upon on herself to contact Ste's mother, Pauline. In order for her to get to know Leah, however Ste is furious with Amy doing this and lashes out hitting her leaving her shocked however after Ste shows remorse for his actions Amy forgives him and they rekindle again. Ste still struggles to find a job so he later steals Carmel Valentine's hand bag but he is caught red handed panicking and to stop himself from being arrested Ste lies saying his daughter, Leah has got a leukaemia. Amy is furious with Ste but agrees to go along with the lie in order to receive money. Ste then starts to turn horrible with Amy and he eventually starts hitting her and gets violent when she does the slightest thing that annoys him.

2008 starts very much the same way the previous year ended for Ste and Amy with Ste still controlling and hitting Amy this would continue to happen for the majority of the year until the truth about Leah's health is revealed Mike forces a ling with Amy's older sister SarahAmy to stay away from Ste. However, Amy later discovers that she is again pregnant Ste finds this out again does his best to tell Amy his changed Amy believes Ste however when Ste steals a karaoke machine, Amy is left furious and orders Ste to stay away Amy then would later reveal Ste's abuse to Mike which angers Mike to the point he viciously beats up Ste. Feeling sorry for himself Ste later gets drink and climbs up a scaffold building and tells Amy he will jump if she does not take him back Amy along with Sarah and Mike believe Ste is just playing up however Kieron Hobbs does his best to talk Ste down, Ste eventually starts to climb down but he slips and breaks his leg.

By the time 2009 arrives, Ste has settled a little bit by befriending Justin Burton whom he later flat shares with and eventually having a job at a local restaurant in Gnosh. Ste would later meet three people in Natty and Daniel and Abi Raven and become friends with all three of them Ste also during this time embarks on but a very brief relationship with Theresa McQueen. Amy eventually gives birth to Ste's child and a baby boy in which she names Lucas. However Amy starts to suffer from a common mental health state in post-natal depression eventually Amy leaves Hollyoaks by April leaving both Leah and Lucas in the care of Mike who is forced to let Ste see the kids. By June, Justin departs by going on the run when he is falsely accused of starting the fire at The Loft nightclub which resulted in the 'death' of Warren Fox. Daniel and Abi begin to help Ste with Leah and Lucas however Ste was well unaware of Daniel and Abi's plans to kidnap Lucas to replace him with the son they had together but tragically died. Abi starts to drug Ste when he looks after Leah and Lucas in order to make it look like his doing a bad job of parenting, Mike catches Ste asleep while looking after Lucas. Mike lashes out at Ste by taking Lucas back off him and tells Ste that Lucas along with Leah are now going to be looked after by him instead but Ste fires back by reclaiming Lucas and tells Mike that he from now on isn't allowed to see Lucas. Ste shakes Lucas when tired from being drugged Daniel sees this as a opportunity to try and convince Ste to give up on Lucas. Later thanks to Natty the truth is revealed about Daniel's and Abi's plan the two of them are arrested and leave the village. When tragedy strikes in October when Amy's sister Sarah is killed in a freak accident involving a parachute. Amy returns for the funeral and Ste does his best to support Amy and the kids the two move in together but not as a couple but in order to look after Leah and Lucas. Ste grows an attraction towards men however still sees himself attracted to women and after opening up to Amy, accepts the fact he’s bisexual.

2010-2013: Relationships with Brendan and Doug[]

By the time 2010 arrives things are looking okay for Ste especially when he eventually accepts he likes both sexes and he eventually befriends and becomes very close with Rae Wilson and the two of then start a relationship with one another. Later, Ste is sacked by Tony at the Gnosh so he gets employed by Cheryl Brady to be a barman at her Chez Chez night club which was previously The Loft. Things then get back on track for Ste and Rae but that's till Cheryl's brother, Brendan Brady arrives. Ste wasn't a fan of Brendan to start with especially when he caught Brendan doing his gang business behind Cheryl's back such as drug dealing and when Brendan puts pressure on co-worker, Carmel to smuggle drugs to Spain. Brendan and Ste sleep together however Brendan beat Ste up afterwards to keep him from talking and telling people his gay but Brendan would often get very jealous of Ste's and Rae's relationship even go as far one time in enlisting a female contact in Veronica to kiss Ste which is seen by Rae however Brendan's plan back fires when it does little to their relationship but Ste kisses Brendan that very same night when he confronts him but is left shocked when Brendan angrily throws him out. The very next day Brendan angrily corners Ste but kisses him and the day after that Ste thinking Brendan is playing hard to get but is left even more shocked when he follows Brendan to the cellar and moves in for a kiss Brendan however punches Ste and then orders Ste to lie to Cheryl that he was mugged despite all that Ste and Brendan begin a private relationship and not wanting to keep quiet Ste eventually tells Amy of his and Brendan's relationship when Brendan finds this out he beats up Ste. Amy knowing what is going in tells Ste to leave Brendan while Brendan tells Ste he should date Rae again so people don't get suspicious of him being gay however Ste sleeps with Rae which angers Brendan and he angrily confronts Ste and is caught by Amy. Later a fire is started at Gnosh. Ste thinks it was Brendan for a way to shut Amy up but Ste along with most the villages are shocked to find out it was in fact Tony's half brother Dominic Reilly was the one responsible for the fire and the deaths in Steph Roach and Malachy Fisher. Ste apologises to Brendan but is again left unnerved when Macca, Brendan's ex shows up and reveals that the reason his in hospital is because Brendan beat him up when Ste has a heart to heart with Macca they end up kissing. Ste continues to have difficulties with his relationship with Brendan. Ste then later finds out that Rae is pregnant this prompts Ste to rekindle with Rae. Unknown to by the end of December. Brendan murdered Danny Houston in order to stop Danny killing or getting one of his contact to kill Ste.

2011 starts and Ste is still seeing Brendan behind Rae’s back. Warren is back after his supposed death back in May 2009 and Ste is too torn between the two on giving the other information on the other especially when Warren offers to pay Ste and is taken aback when he sees Brendan so fixated on getting one over on Warren. Ste warns Brendan that Warren is every bad as he is however this does not stop Brendan letting it get in the way of his relationship with Ste. In March, Warren is arrested for Danny's murder but is let out and knowing it was Brendan, Warren tells Ste that it was Brendan that killed Danny in order to protect him however Ste is left shaking by Warren's reveal and decides to end his affair with Brendan this prompts Brendan to again beat Ste up to a stop to Brendan constantly hitting him so after Brendan has just had a brawl with Warren over the matter Ste sneaks behind Brendan and smacks him with a baseball bat Brendan does not retaliate when he wakes up in hospital as he reckons him and Ste are even. During all this drama Ste is beginning a relationship with fitness instructor Noah Baxter. Who is seen hating Brendan but Ste catches Noah and Brendan about to have sex much to his devastation. However, Ste forgives Noah knowing that Brendan was playing his games. Noah later gets a dream job offer in the north city of Newcastle. Ste decided to move down Newcastle with Noah however when Ste later catches Noah kissing Sean, Ste ends their relationship and Noah departs Hollyoaks on his own. After Noah departs Brendan tells Ste how much his 8n love with him and they sleep together however Brendan's ex-wife Eileen Brady walks in on them Eileen later tells Brendan unless he stops seeing Ste he won't see his son, Declan Brady. so Brendan tells Ste they will have to pretend not to be seeing each other however Ste decides to put the breaks on they relationship and later goes on holiday with his kids. Ste later returns to Hollyoaks and bonds with Declan but when Ste mentions sexuality this is heard by Brendan who is furious and punches Ste yet again having enough of Brendan lashing out after giving him a black eye Ste takes upon himself to go the Police but Brendan manages to convince him not to for his sons, Declan's sake. When Brendan is accused of murdering Rae and the other girls whom have been murdered through the village the past year, Ste doubts Brendan would do such a thing and when Brendan is released Warren accused Ste of knowing where he is and threatens to kill Ste if his lying to him. Brendan later returns to the village and gets Warren locked up and attempts to start a relationship with Ste again but decides to fire Ste from the club to get him out his life.

2012 arrives and Ste decides to go into business with Doug Carter and during this time Ste meets a guy called Adam on a online dating website, Ste goes on a date with Adam not releasing Doug is jealous as his been developing feelings for Ste but while Ste is on the date Doug makes a pass at his friend, Texas Longford. to which causes a scene in front of Ste and his date Adam and Ste ends up kissing Adam at the end of their day which makes Doug very jealous however unknown to Ste but Doug lashes out causing a argument to ensure and Ste then comes to the realisation that Doug has in fact got feelings for him and after this realization things start to become a little awkward between Ste and Doug. Later, Adam dumps Ste as he believes Ste has in fact got feelings for someone else blaming Doug Ste confronts him and they begin to argue but they end up kissing by the end of the argument.

2014-2015: Fraser's murder and relationships with John Paul and Sinead[]

To be added.

2015-2019: Relationship with Harry[]

2015-2016: First chapter of Starry[]

In 2015, Ste started a relationship with Tony's son Harry. At first, Harry chased after Ste. Although the attractions were mutual, Ste resisted the temptation at the beginning, because he had already committed to Sinead, he was much older than Harry, and Harry was the son of his best mate. Furthermore, because of his train wreck track record, his drug addiction, criminal record, and HIV, he was afraid of ruining Harry's life, but finally he gave in to his feelings. After some on-offs, they both committed to their relationship despite the strong disapproval of Tony.

In February 2015, Harry came to visit Tony because he failed to pay Harry's boarding school fee. Later, Harry stayed in Hollyoaks and enrolled in Hollyoaks High. He was struggling with his sexuality. He and John Paul shared a kiss in The Loft before he knew John Paul was a teacher of his school and married to Ste. He then had an on-off relationship with Cleo for months.

In May 2015, Sinead and her cousin Scott lured Harry to meet John Paul in a gay bar in an attempt to break Ste and John Paul up because she and Ste had a baby together and she wanted to have Ste to herself. Harry ran into Ste outside the gay bar while school bullies Aiden and Kyle passed by. Worried about people discovering his sexuality, Harry lied saying that Ste was harassing him. Aiden and Kyle then viciously attacked Ste and left him unconscious. Terrified, Harry didn't stop them, but he called an ambulance afterwards. Threatened by Aiden and Kyle, Harry took the blame for the attack. His name was cleared after Zack found out the truth. Ste and Harry bonded over this incident. Harry admitted that he was not ready to come out yet, and Ste promised to support him. Later, in a dinner, when Ste fed Harry some hot sauce with a spoon, they had a brief eye contact, and apparently they had feelings for each other.

In August 2015, Harry and Cleo broke up. Ste and John Paul had also broke up and Ste started a relationship with Sinead, but Sinead felt uncomfortable when Ste and Scott became too close, so she decided to set Harry and Scott up together. Harry ended up locked in a toilet with Ste by Sinead who mistook Ste for Scott in a desperate attempt to keep Scott from lusting after Ste. She was unaware, however, that Harry was lusting after Ste as well. Harry and Ste talked about their sexuality, love lives, and Ste's relationship with Sinead. Harry tried to kiss Ste. With some hesitation, Ste backed away and claimed that he was with Sinead. Another day, Harry comforted Ste after Tony made insensitive comments about his HIV and his relationship with Sinead. He claimed that he couldn't stop thinking about Ste, then kissed him again. This time Ste kissed him back at first, but then pushed him away and told him to stay away.

When Harry found out that Ste had proposed to Sinead, he angrily accused him of trapping her into a loveless marriage. Their heated argument turned into passionate kisses and they were nearly caught by Sinead. Ste told Harry that this could never happen again. Harry then attempted to comfort Ste when it was revealed that Cameron had killed Ste's biological father Danny and stepmother Sam. Later He sent Ste a text about their relationship which Sinead read, but she didn't know who the text was from. Doubted that Ste had an affair, Sinead pretended that she was ok if he slept with another man while in a relationship with her. Ste and Harry met in a bar. Harry suggested they went to a hotel afterwards. Ste asked Harry if he was sure, and Harry replied that he'd never been more certain about anything in his whole life. Ste agreed at first, but after he figured out that Sinead already had doubts, he called it off and went back to Sinead while Harry jealously watched them together. When the plumbing broke at the boarding house where Harry lived, he had a shower at Diane's and Ste accidentally walked in on him. Harry then decided to use the situation to his advantage by making suggestive comments about his lack of underwear while wearing a towel in order to tempt Ste. Ste told him that it would never work.

Harry wrote down how he felt about Ste in an email, but he didn't send it and he didn't put the recipient on it. The email was discovered by Tony, but he thought it was for Sinead. He told Diane and she told Ste in turn about the email. Ste realized that the email was for him and now he knew Harry's true feelings for him. Ste went to see Harry, they argued, and Ste admitted his feelings to Harry. He also reminded Harry of his track record, his drug addiction, criminal record, and HIV, but Harry didn't care. Ste couldn't resist his feelings anymore, and they finally slept together. Later Ste felt guilty for cheating on Sinead, and told Harry that they couldn't do it again. This didn't last long as Ste yielded to his feelings once more and they slept together again. Harry then sent a text to Ste which Sinead read causing her to discover the affair. An outraged Sinead left the village with her daughter Hannah and shut down the contact with everyone. Blaming Harry for losing Sinead and Hannah, Ste ended things with him. Later when Ste was alone at Diane's, Harry tried to convince him to give them another chance and Ste gave in again. When they made out on the couch, Diane came back. They narrowly avoided being caught by hiding behind the kitchen island and sneaking out later.

A few days later, once again they were almost caught when they argued in a toilet and Tony came in. Harry lied saying that he was taking drugs and that Ste tried to stop him. Tony decided to send Harry back to the boarding school but later changed his mind. Ste was convinced that their relationship was not right and the boarding school might be a good thing for all of them. Felt like Ste was trying to get rid of him, an angry Harry decided to go back to the boarding school although Tony asked him to stay. After Harry left, Ste realized that he made a mistake, so he went to the boarding school to bring Harry back, and they continued their secret affair.

In October 2015, Tony organized a pride event in the village. At the event, John Paul found out about their affair. When they made out behind a curtain, a jealous John Paul took down the curtain and exposed their affair to the whole village. Feeling overwhelmed, Harry refused to admit he was gay and ended things with Ste. Again, this didn't last long. When Tony saw they kissed, he lashed out at Ste, claiming that he was a car crash, and ruined everyone who was in a relationship with him.

In November 2015, Harry finally decided to completely accept his sexuality. He told Tony that he was gay and that he was in love with Ste. Meanwhile, Ste had some bad news, his HIV condition worsened, and he had to take medication for the rest of his life to survive. However, Harry stuck to him when he heard the news. At Harry's 18th birthday party, he planned to declare his love for Ste to all the guests, but Ste broke up with him because he was convinced that Harry deserved a better life.

Ste had a dinner date with John Paul in an attempt to rebuild their relationship, but it didn't go well. Harry showed up at the door afterwards. Ste realized that it was Harry who he wanted to be with. They slept together that night. The next morning, John Paul came back and found out. He let Ste believe he was ruining Harry's future. Ste ended things with Harry once again, but soon regretted it. A drunken Ste tried to win back Harry by declaring his love at the school in front of Harry's classmates which ended up embarrassing Harry. Losing Harry, he went back to alcohol and drugs, and he ended up in hospital. When Harry came to visit, Ste promised that he would stop and they were back together. In an effort to wreck their relationship, Tony called police on Ste for doing drugs when Ste was actually ditching those drugs. Believing Ste lied to him, Harry broke up with him.

On Christmas Day, Harry received an offer of a football scholarship in California. He then discovered that it was Tony who had called the police. He packed his things and left, calling Tony the worst father ever, and claiming that he was sick of Tony trying to control him. He was shocked, however, to see Johan Paul was proposing to Ste, and ran off heartbroken. When Ste saw Harry, John Paul was just about to put a ring on his finger. Ste chased after Harry then stopped, and the proposal was ruined. Both Ste and John Paul realized that their relationship was over and that it was Harry Ste truly loved. Harry returned to home as he had nowhere else to go, but Ste came, claiming that he couldn't live without Harry, and Harry agreed to give their relationship another go. When Tony protested that it was not happening under his roof, Ste invited Harry to live with him, to which Harry agreed. They spend Christmas together with Ste's family in The Dog.

2016-2017: Starry's relationship tested: homelessness, Ste's drug addiction and children custody battle[]

In 2016, scheming lawyer James and his mother Marnie planned to con Tony out of his restaurant The Hutch, so they could take over. They tried many scams, their plan was quite successful, and The Hutch was in serious trouble. Pete falsely accused Harry of assaulting him. This caused Harry to lose the opportunity to go to California, but the accommodation fee Tony had already paid was non-refundable. Financially struggling, resenting Ste for dating Harry, and being further manipulated by James, Tony took desperate measures. He asked Ste to pay the money back since he was supporting Harry or sign over his rights as a partner of The Hutch. Otherwise, he would sue them for financial losses. Although Ste knew that Tony had no legal grounds to sue them, he signed over his shares because he was fed up with Tony for blaming him for everything and he no longer wanted to be partners with someone so low. Harry was furious with his father for forcing his boyfriend out of the job and claimed he would never forgive him for this.

Not much later, Ste was in conflict with Cameron. In order to kick him out of the Lomax's, Cameron planted some drugs he found in the house into Rose's changing bag and the drugs were found by Diane. Everyone thought those were Ste's. When Tony asked Harry to go home, he refused because he wouldn't go anywhere without Ste. Tony tried once again to get through to Harry that Ste would always end up letting him down. Harry wouldn't listen. It turned out the drugs were Tegan's. Tegan tried to do the right thing and confessed, but when Diane threatened to get social services involved, Ste took the rap for his sister, and was thrown out of the Lomax's. Harry was proud of him and continued to stay with him and support him. This did, however, make them homeless. When Harry was caught changing at school, he told John Paul they were currently homeless and John Paul offered them a place at the McQueen's to stay. Harry and Ste eventually got thrown out after breaking a cherub figurines. They convinced Jack that they stopped a burglary in his store, so Jack allowed them to stay. However, Jack finally found out that they lied and kicked them out. This forced the couple to live on the streets for a few days. After they helped Grace to find a lost toy of her baby, they were invited to stay with her and Trevor, allowing them to work in the Loft, but eventually they were thrown out again.

Being caught by James for breaking into The Hutch, Harry begged him not to tell his dad. James offered them a deal which provided them a place to stay in exchange for their services. While Ste refused, Harry asked James if he could go easy on them because they were having a hard time. James offered them a shack to stay and Harry was happy. Harry in the meantime was failing his classes. When James helped Ste get a job in The Dog, Harry was suspicious that he was after Ste, and James later make it clear that he was not after Ste, but he was after Harry, and that he always got what he wanted. James set up a situation to make himself and Ste both soaked. When Harry found them half undressed, he suspected Ste had cheated on him and the two had a row. Later, James flirted with Harry and Harry assured him he wouldn't cheat on Ste. James offered him 10K for one night of pleasure and he refused. When Ste brought over his kids Leah and Lucas, as he needed to stay with the kids, he asked Harry to work his shift at The Dog, where James continued to flirt with him. Harry was having none of it and walked out. This caused Ste to lose his job. The next day, Ste was arrested because Cameron reported him for not paying for his lunch in The Tug Boat, and Harry ran to James for help. James got Ste out, but the fine had to be paid. Under the pressure of needing money and a roof over his head, Ste decided he would go back to dealing drugs. Harry desperately tried to stop that from happening, asking Ste to wait one day. He then texted James, and slept with him for the money. The next day, James threw the money in front of him. The money, however, was not needed as Leela and Tegan had learned of Ste's situation and told him to come back home. Ste found the money and Harry lied saying it was from his mother. He then returned the money to James because he wanted to forget what happened.

James and Marnie continued sabotaging The Hutch. The restaurant was in a death trap. Harry came to comfort Tony, and Tony finally approved his relationship with Ste. When Tony and Diane weren't selling The Hutch to Marnie, James blackmailed Harry to force them to sell. Harry agreed to help set up a fake kidnap by some loan shark to whom Tony owed money. It was successful, and Tony finally agreed to sell the restaurant to Marnie so he could pay the debt. When Harry asked James if he could give Tony and Diane their old job back, James told him he could if Harry slept with him. Harry walked away but eventually called James agreeing to it. While they talked, Harry got a different idea. He went to the police and told them he had been kidnapped, blackmailing James into giving Tony and Diane their job back, but James offered Ste a job as well. When Ste went to James' to show his chef skill, he discovered where Harry was kidnapped, and Harry was forced to admit he was in on it. When Ste confronted James, he revealed that Harry slept with him for 10K. Being cheated on and lied to, Ste broke up with Harry. Believing he was responsible for putting Harry in this situation and that Harry would be better off without him, Ste refused to take him back when Harry begged.

Devastated after breaking up with Harry, Ste became addicted to crystal meth after being seduced by Cameron. Harry was miserable as well without Ste. Tony and Diane got a job opportunity in southern France. He didn't want to leave Hollyoaks if Harry was feeling this way, so he set up an opportunity to leave Ste and Harry alone together to make up. When Harry asked for forgiveness again, Ste admitted that it was not Harry's problem, but his. He was not worth it, and Harry deserved better. However, he couldn't resist his feelings anymore, and they finally agreed to get back together. On the day Tony and Diane planned to leave for France, Harry discovered Ste's addiction to crystal meth. He couldn't deal with it on his own, so he asked Tony for help. Tony decided to stay behind with Harry to help Ste get over his addiction while Diane went to France with the kids.

On the first day, Tony and Harry tried to help Ste overcome his addiction, and they brought him to their flat. Harry tried to get him to eat. He told Ste that Tony was looking for a rehab for him. Ste told him that he should go out with his mates, but he told Ste he wouldn't go anywhere until he knew Ste was ok. Ste tried to walk out but Harry managed to stop him. Tony appeared and showed Ste some DIY work. He convinced Ste that the work would keep his mind off the drugs. He also invited Ste to live with Harry and the work was for their room. Ste went into the bathroom to have a shower, but he was actually trying to call his dealer. Tony rushed in to get his phone. Tony convinced him to get clean for his kids. Later, Ste broke the piggy bank that belonged to Tony's twins when Harry wouldn't give him the money that he stole from the Roscoe's. Tony threatened to call the police but Harry convinced him not to. Harry followed Ste outside where Ste punched him and Harry landed on the ground. Ste immediately regretted it and begged Harry not to give up on him. They went back to the flat. Harry overheard Ste telling Tony that he wasn't that person anymore. During the night, Ste demanded the key to the door but Harry refused. Ste verbally abused Harry but Tony told Harry it was only the drugs talking. Tony reassured Ste that they were trying to help him. While Ste was asleep, Harry quizzed Tony about Ste's earlier statement. Tony explained Ste's abusive past with Amy and Harry was disgusted, but Tony told him Ste was a different person now. Harry left the house to clear his mind, then he returned home and comforted Ste throughout the night. In the morning, Tony found Ste and Harry asleep on the sofa. Ste returned the money he stole from the piggy bank. Tony promised to pay for a private rehab but Ste felt like he didn't deserve it. Harry promised Ste that he would stick with him.

The rehabilitation was successful. When Ste went to visit Amy, he attacked her new fiancé Ryan in front of Leah and Lucas due to misunderstanding. Ryan was a cop, he got a new job in Hollyoaks police station, and they moved to Hollyoaks. Ryan got along with the kids, Leah felt "normal" living with Amy and Ryan, and didn't want to see Ste. Harry was trying really hard to cheer Ste up when Ste felt his position was threatened by Ryan. When Ste opened his new business, a tanning salon, his kids didn't show up. Harry convinced Amy to have the kids spend time with their dad. He also bribed Leah to be kind to Ste. Leah, however, was a tough negotiator and Harry gave in to her demands, admitting he was a push-over. Things didn't end well when Ste took the kids from school but didn't appear to remember taking them. Harry was afraid he was back on the drugs, but actually Ste had memory blackouts, causing him to become violent sometimes and later not remember, though something could come back to him over time. These blackouts were the result of his drug and alcohol abuse. In one blackout, Ste attacked Ryan after an argument. This caused Amy and Ryan to ask for full custody. Harry remained supportive of Ste and enlisted James for help. Ste, however, refused the help in the end because he and Amy had a good chat. Later on, Amy broke her promise and Ste lost his rights as a fit parent. The court gave Amy temporary full custody, and Ste could only visit the kids under supervision. Ste was really upset that his kids lived next door, but he couldn't visit them, and he had to act like a stalker, spying on his own kids.

Harry started to feel like he was always coming second to Ste's family and was reminded that he was Ste's family too. This inspired Harry to propose to Ste on New Year's Eve. The plan, however, failed when a pissed-off Hunter and Prince stole the ring. The twins walked free and Harry didn't get the ring back, due to their mother Goldie blackmailing Ryan with a video proving Ryan cheated on Amy with Mercedes. When a video of Amy pushing cake into Leah's face went viral on the internet and she was called the worst mom, she and Ryan believed that Ste put it online, although in fact it was Prince. In an attempt to help Ste get his kids back, Harry reported the video to social services. Believing it was Ste, Ryan viscously attacked Ste. When Ste reported the attack to the police, Ryan asked his uncle DS Geoff Thorpe to cover up for him. Harry felt his effort was not appreciated by Ste, while Ste felt Harry made things worse. Ste and John Paul became closer again although John Paul was in a relationship with James, feeding to Harry's insecurity, as Ste chose to seek comfort from John Paul and not from Harry. Harry learnt that Goldie was blackmailing Ryan, so he went to Goldie, threatening to put her kids behind bars by going to the top. He finally got his ring back, and he got Ryan's cheating video from Goldie as well. Harry then accidentally helped expose Ryan and Mercedes's affair by leaving his phone for Amy to find. Amy broke up with Ryan, and Ryan left for Canada. Ste could see his kids again.

Amy reminded Harry how lucky Ste was to have him, and this inspired Harry to propose to Ste. Ste reminded him of his track record, but Harry told him that those didn't matter, all he knew was that when the world ended, there were gonna be just two of them still standing. Ste told him the last thing he wanted was to lose him, but he was not ready to say yes yet. Ste reassured him that he did love him, but he needed to focus on proving himself to Amy for the kids. Harry was willing to wait because Ste was worth it. Feeling neglected, Harry frequently argued with Ste, and this further pushed Ste away. Harry became more insecure about their relationship as Ste spent more time with John Paul and refused to hand over the divorce paper to him because he was having a hard time as Finn, his rapist, might get out of prison soon. When Ste tried to comfort John Paul, they shared a kiss. Ste had doubts about his relationship with Harry. Harry took matters into his own hands, and gave John Paul the divorce paper for him to sign. John Paul later signed the paper because he felt that James needed him and Harry needed Ste. Ste and John Paul kissed goodbye. Ste realized how gorgeous Harry was, how much he loved Harry and he would stick to Harry.

In March 2017, Ste and John Paul finalized their divorce. Harry decided to throw a divorce party. Both James and John Paul attended. John Paul accepted James' proposal earlier that day. James had to leave early for business. The party didn't have a good ending as Harry and Ste fought when Harry found that Ste decided to move in with Amy to help with the kids without talking to him first. Once again, he felt like he was last on Ste's list, and he stormed out. Both abandoned by their lovers, Ste and John Paul ended up sleeping together. Harry soon regretted it, and he called Ste to apologize, but Ste didn't pick up. The next day, John Paul wanted to get back to Ste, but Ste would stick with Harry. Harry and Amy found Ste. Harry apologized and told Ste that he would do anything for him. They moved in together with Amy to help with the kids. Ste called John Paul to tell him he was with Harry and the last night could never happen again, but James picked up the phone and learnt that his fiancé cheated on him. A furious James took John Paul out for a ride. When they were on a cliff, James let John Paul believe that Ste was in the boot and pushed the car off the cliff. A frightened John Paul later found that Ste wasn't in the boot. He went to look for Ste and wanted to convince him to resume their relationship, only to find out that Ste was proposing to Harry. John Paul later left for Singapore. Ste realized that he made a massive mistake by not originally accepting Harry's proposal, so he proposed to Harry and promised he would spend the rest of his life making Harry happy. Harry joyously accepted it, and they kissed passionately.

2017-2018: Starry's relationship further tested: Amy's murder[]

Amy was murdered on her wedding night. It was later revealed that the real murderer was her newlywed husband Ryan. He killed her because she found out he was gay. But earlier that night, Harry came to stop Amy from taking the kids away, and they had an argument. Harry accidentally pushed her and caused her to hit her head. Afterwards, he left in panic, thinking she would be ok. When he heard Amy was dead, he believed he killed her. But Ste was the major suspect from the beginning.

In March 2017, Ryan came back from Canada to try to work things out with Amy. He convinced Ste that he would be a good stepfather to the kids, so Ste helped him to persuade Amy to resume their relationship. Before their wedding, Ryan revealed to Amy that he had a job opportunity in America, and that they could leave right after the wedding. Amy didn't agree because she didn't want to take the kids away from Ste. At their wedding reception, Harry found out that Ste had slept with John Paul, he confronted Ste, and insulted his kids in anger. Not tolerating him insulting his kids, Ste pushed him and splashed wine on Amy's dress. Being angry with Ste for ruining her wedding, Amy decided to leave for America with Ryan. Ste learnt from Leah that they would go abroad. In a desperate attempt to stop Amy from taking the kids away, he called an emergency court hearing. He met with Harry to try to work things out, but he was too focused on the kids to discuss things with Harry, and he left early. Harry stayed with James for a while. They talked and shared a kiss. Harry learnt that John Paul wanted to get back with Ste but Ste turned him down for Harry, so he decided to forgive Ste. Meanwhile, at the court hearing, Amy was granted the rights to leave with the kids and they would leave the next day. In Amy's flat, Ste read stories to the kids for the last time and said goodbye to them. Later, Ste argued with Amy and cut his hand, but then he had a blackout and had no memories about the following few hours. Back home, Harry told Ste that he still wanted to be with him and Ste promised that he would never cheat on him again. Then Tony broke the news that Amy had been murdered. When the police came, Harry claimed that he and Ste had been stayed together all night, but later the police found out that Harry gave the false alibi for Ste, and Ste got arrested for Amy's murder. Harry ran to James, and asked him to be Ste's lawyer. James refused at first, but then agreed.

DS Armstrong, knowing Ste had blackouts and his memories were unreliable, planted false memories in his head. Ste, believing he remembered what happened, confessed the killing. Harry was heartbroken and determined to prove Ste's innocence. He kept putting pressure on James to look into things, unaware that James was deliberately trying to sabotage the case to take revenge on Ste for sleeping with John Paul as well as to keep him away from Harry. On the night the murder happened, James saw Harry threw away a pair of trainers with blood on them, so he believed Harry was the killer from the beginning. Later, he collaborated with Ryan to frame Ste. Ste asked Harry to attend Amy's funeral, and to say sorry to Amy's parents Mike and Kathy on behalf of him, but Kathy forbade Harry to attend the funeral. Later, Harry and Tony went to the wake, and apologized for Ste. Kathy called Ste a murderer and was heard by Leah and Lucas. Harry put all his energy into Ste's case and his college work was falling behind. Seeing Harry put his life on hold for Ste, Tony asked Ste to do the right thing and let him go. Not wanting Harry to destroy his life, Ste broke up with him. Ste planned to plead guilty. Harry tried to convince him to plead not guilty, but Ste refused to see him. In the court, when Ste was about to plead guilty, Harry claimed that Tony had a gun and interrupted the hearing. Harry then asked James to arrange a meeting with Ste. He convinced Ste that his memories were unreliable. Ste once claimed that he called Tony that night, but actually he called his dealer. Harry asked him to plead not guilty if he had any doubts about his memories. Ste later pleaded not guilty and they got back together. Tony promised to help Harry to fight for Ste. Harry and Tony made many posters to find witnesses for that night. They gave these posters to James, but James ditched them to the bin. James also ignored the request from Mercedes to check the ringtone she heard from Amy's flat around the time the murder happened.

In June 2017, Ste was getting harassed by a fellow inmate. In an attempt to help Ste, Harry reported it to the authority, which made it worse. Ste was beaten up and landed in hospital. Harry and Tony visited him. Later Ste escaped after having a blackout and ended up at The Hutch where Harry found him. Harry convinced him that they should go on the run together, but Tony put a stop to their plan by calling the police. The police took Ste away. Harry genuinely believed he had no future without Ste. Later, Harry wanted to visit Ste but Ste refused to see him in any circumstances. Believing that Tony was behind this again, Harry decided to move out, but then changed his mind after Scott's attempted suicide because he leant that Ste refusing to see him had nothing to do with Tony and he thought the family should stick together in such circumstance.

When the cops found the trainers which were supposed to belong to Ste, James confirmed to Harry that Ste was most likely going down for this murder. Harry, knowing Ste's innocence, started to drink. Harry told James that he had no life, no future, he was nothing without Ste despite James pointing out Harry's qualities. When DS Armstrong was exposed as a stalker who stalked many women, Ryan found Amy's photos taken by Armstrong which proved that he had been stalking Amy and made him a suspect for Amy's murder. James and Ryan decided to burn these photos so that Ste could be convicted.

Ste's trial date was set. Trying to help Harry, Tony visited Ste in jail, and he found out that Ste hadn't been taking his HIV meds because the prison didn't really tolerate HIV. When Harry learnt this, in a last attempt to stop Ste from giving up and to prove to Ste how much he loved him and believed in him, Harry decided to plan their wedding. Lucas told Tegan that he heard an argument after Ste left on that night when Amy was murdered, but James and Ryan convinced Tegan that this wouldn't help in court.

In August 2017, Harry asked Tony to go and visit Ste and tell him about the wedding. Tony proposed to Ste on behalf of Harry. Ste told Tony that he was pleading guilty based on James' advice. The next day, Ste ended up in the hospital with an infection in his chest due to not taking his HIV meds. When Tony visited him, he told Tony that he would change his plea to not guilty. He left Harry a message on Tony's phone. He thanked Harry for standing by him, and believing in him when he didn't believe in himself. He confessed his love to Harry, and asked Harry to visit him the next day. Meanwhile, James had taken his blood to inject it onto the trainers in another attempt to frame him. The next day, Harry visited Ste. He proposed again and Ste said yes, and they shared a kiss when unnoticed by the guards.

When Tegan visited Ste, he asked her to hand over a letter to Ryan in which he asked him to take care of the kids. He also asked her and Leela to help Harry move on, and not to wait for him in case he was found guilty. In the past few months, Ryan was getting closer to Tegan. He confessed to her the scheme that he and James were trying to frame Ste.

In September 2017, Ste's trial started. After learning that James was indeed setting him up, Ste confronted him. When Ste threatened to report him, James informed Ste that Harry was the real killer. Ste decided to step up and take the blame. In the trial, Harry was confused that James was apparently sabotaging the case, and Ste was playing along with his game to send himself down. Harry shouted at Ste, asking him to do something. Fearing Harry would ruin their plan, Ste asked James to arrange a meeting with Harry to explain himself. When Ste confronted him, Harry confessed. On that night, he met Ste outside, and he wanted to sort things out, but Ste was too focused on his kids, and asked him to get away. Harry then went to Amy's flat to try to stop her from taking the kids away. When they argued, he accidentally shoved her, causing her to hit her head. He left in panic, believing she would be ok. When he heard about Amy's death, he realized he killed her. He also told Ste that it was always the plan that if Ste was found guilty, he would come clean. But, Ste was willing to spend his life in prison to protect Harry because he loved him, and he partially blamed himself for Amy's death and Harry's involvement. He told Harry that he didn't deserve prison, prison would break him, and that he could still live the life he had before he met Ste, before Ste destroyed his life, and before everything went wrong. But, Harry wouldn't allow Ste to do that, and he prepared to confess. To prevented this from happening, James promised to get both of them off the hook by casting doubts on someone else. In the end, James, with the approval of Harry, chose DS Armstrong, who stalked and attacked women but avoided prison because of some loopholes. The strategy was successful, and Ste was found not guilty, but he was shot by Kathy moments after, when he and Harry kissed and hugged in celebration.

Ste was lucky that the bullet missed all the important organs. He didn't blame Harry for leaving him in prison for months, he didn't blame Harry for almost getting him killed either, but when he saw the kids, he realized that he couldn't have Harry around them while knowing he killed their mother. Therefore, he ended his relationship with Harry. Tony was furious that Ste dumped Harry. When he berated him, Ste claimed that he was seeing someone else. Harry tried to change his mind, but Ste told him that he did love him but he couldn't be with him. Harry's guilt was starting to weigh him down and he desperately wanted to tell his father but James reminded him to keep it to himself, because a lot was at stake. Amy's grave would be exhumed to find more evidence. Ste ran to Harry to tell him the news. Harry was frightened. Ste reassured him that they wouldn't find anything. Harry claimed that he couldn't deal with it without Ste. Ste told him not to give up after everything they did to keep him out of prison. Ste admitted he would always care about him. Their talk became passionate, and they kissed, but Ste stopped. Harry told Ste that he would never stop loving Ste, and after everything Ste sacrificed for him, it only made sense if they stayed together. Ste claimed that he couldn't look at him without thinking about Amy, and he felt like he did kill Amy himself. Tony overheard their conversation, and he thought that Ste was confessing Amy's murder. When he threatened to call the police, Harry came clean that it was him who killed Amy. Unable to cope with his son being a murderer, Tony kicked Harry out of the house.

Harry ended up back on the streets. Feeling guilty, he started selling himself for money as a way to punish himself for what he did to Amy. He was caught by Ryan, who claimed it was a sting operation while actually he was seeking for a rent boy for sex himself. James discovered Ryan was gay and used it to blackmail him into dropping the charges. Later, Tony told Diane that Harry killed Amy because he couldn't handle it on his own, and Diane told Ryan, but Ryan agreed to let Harry be, after being blackmailed by James. James opened up to Harry, they kissed, and they ended up sleeping together, but the next morning Harry asked for money. James made it known he wanted Harry to stay with him because he had feelings for him. Harry turned him down, as he didn't think about James in that way. Harry ran into Ste before Christmas. They admitted that they still thought about each other. Harry claimed that the Christmas two years ago was his favourite moment when they got together, when Ste chose him over John Paul, and when Ste came to Tony's house, claiming he couldn't live without Harry. Ste admitted it was his favourite moment as well. Harry hoped they could start over again. Ste reassured him that he would always care about him, and he still loved him, but he couldn't be with him because of what happened to Amy. Disappointed, Harry walked out, left Ste in tears. James made Harry an offer: Harry could stay with him and he would find Harry more trustworthy clients. He offered this to keep Harry safe, and keep him close. Harry accepted his offer.

Harry went to a business event with James. A client of James took an interest in Harry and made an offer to James: if he could spend time with Harry, James would have the deal. James agreed. However, they got caught in the act by Tony. Tony wanted Harry to come back home, so he could help him. Harry confessed to Tony and Diana that selling himself was a way of punishing himself for what he did to Amy and that he hated himself and would do anything to make things right. Not wanting Harry to leave, James manipulated Diane to refuse Harry to move back home, but Diane went further, she suggested Harry to turn himself in. Furious with James, Harry demanded an explanation. Their argument was overheard by Sami, and he reported Harry to the police. When Ste found out that the police were looking for Harry, he rushed to James'. Ste and Harry embraced. Harry had to leave the country. James, Ste and Tony worked together to help Harry escape. While James and Ste led the police away, Harry found himself in the boot of Tony's car riding out of town for a visit to Diane's family. When they were inside the tunnel, Diane heard a noise and suspected Harry was in the boot, she stopped the car and got out. When she saw Harry was indeed in the boot, they argued and she threatened to call the police. When she took a few steps back, she got hit by the Maaliks' car. Lying on the ground, Diane changed her mind and urged Harry to run, but Harry decided to go back to take responsibility and face justice because too many people were hurt because of him. When Ste saw Harry got out of the ambulance, they hugged. Harry entered the hospital, and Ste followed. Ste was ready to forgive him for what he did to Amy and start over again, but he was stopped by James. Ste claimed that Harry needed him and he had to be with Harry. James reminded him that Harry killed the mother of his children. Ste replied that if they worked really hard, maybe they could get pass of it. James asked him if he could wait for Harry until he got out of prison, and visited him everyday throughout the years. Ste replied that he would manage it. Finally, James asked him if he could really forgive what Harry did. Ste was convinced that he would never really get over the fact that Harry killed the mother of his children. When Harry saw James he was told Ste had left. Tony arrived with good news but so the police. Harry was tired of people getting hurt because of his lies and he was going to hand himself in. He hugged Tony and walked towards the police. Outside of the hospital, Harry confessed to killing Amy.

Harry struggled with being in jail. Zack and Holly dropped by for a visit. Holly was quickly done when Harry only talked about how hard it was for him to be in jail and Zack dropped by one last time before agreeing with Holly that Harry was only focused on himself and didn't seem to care about what he had done. James promised that if Harry pleaded not guilty he would get him out of here. Tony was having none of it. Harry agreed to plead not guilty and told James that if he was released maybe the two of them could start a relationship together. When Sami learnt of this he told Tony and Ste, who thought this was not a good idea. They visited Harry and persuaded him into pleading guilty for a more lenient sentence. Harry eventually did so and faced twenty years of prison time.

In the meantime, trying to get over Harry, Ste was getting closer to Ryan, although Ryan was dating Tegan. Tegan found out that Ryan was the real murderer. Ryan tried to kill her and faked it as an accident. She survived but was put into coma. Ste and Ryan started a relationship secretly, but they were exposed eventually. Ryan, feeling unsafe, decided to move to Brazil and convinced Ste to go with him. When Tegan woke up, Ryan was exposed as the real killer. Ste held him captive, and tortured him to get him to confess, but Ryan escaped and nearly killed Ste before being caught by the police. James visited Harry to tell him the news. Harry wanted to go back to Ste, but James told Harry that Ste was in love with Ryan and planning to move abroad with him. Harry agreed to move in with James when he made the suggestion. He told his father that he wasn't coming home, but was going to live with James. Before the truth came out, James was ready to start a relationship with Kyle, but now things had changed, so he threw Kyle out of his house.

When Harry saw Ste going back to drugs, he tried to talk him out of it. Ste was surprised that Harry didn't hate him after he knew his relationship with Ryan. Harry told him that he tried, but he couldn't. The two shared an emotional kiss and Harry texted James to tell him he couldn't move in with him anymore. James later reconciled with Kyle. Ste and Harry went home, they told Leah and Lucas the truth together, and they promised that they would protect them. Then Ste suggested that that kiss didn't meaning anything, and they'd better be friends, to which Harry reluctantly agreed. Harry's sister Dee Dee was found seriously ill. When Ste comforted Harry, Harry confessed that he loved him and he would never stop, since they meant to be together, there was no point to waste next few months to say sorry to each other to rebuild the trust, then they kissed again. Harry organized a camping trip with the kids to cheer Ste up. He planned to propose to Ste, but Ste was not in the mood because he was still traumatized after things with Ryan. The trip was ruined when Ryan appeared again after he escaped from prison. He tried to reconnect with Ste but the police were coming and he escaped. Harry followed him and they started a fight. Ryan fell into a river and Harry left him to die. When Ste found out that Harry let Ryan drown, he was angry with him because he felt that Harry was not that man he loved anymore. Harry tried to persuade him to give their relationship another chance. He reminded Ste of everything they had gone through, no matter what life had thrown them, they always found their way back to each other, and he never gave up on Ste even once. Eventually, Ste was convinced that Harry hadn't changed at all, he was still that man he fell in love with, they did belong together, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Harry. He asked Harry to propose again and accepted it.

2018: Starry's relationship in doubt, Harry's affair with James, married to Harry[]

Although they got back together, Harry started to feel that Ste thought he was still that 17-year-old, innocent Harry, but he had changed, and he was not innocent anymore. He felt that he couldn't be open with Ste. In the meantime, he thought that James saw the real Harry, and he became closer to James. Gradually, he was torn between Ste and James.

Leah's biological father Billy showed up and demanded custody rights unless Ste paid him. Ste agreed and Harry volunteered to meet Billy on behalf of Ste. Instead of paying Billy, Harry punched him and ordered him to go away. This made things worse. Harry asked James for help, and James tricked Billy into giving up his rights by demanding years of child support owed by him. To thank James, Harry offered to sleep with him but James turned him down because James was in a relationship with Kyle.

Ste opened a new business, a food truck. Financially struggling, and still feeling guilty for what happened to Amy, Harry went back to soliciting. When he was caught by the police, James helped him. After seeing texts on Harry's phone, Ste doubted that he had an affair with James, but eventually he chose to believe in Harry.

Sami, with the help of Kyle, framed James for the murder of Kyle while he was still alive and hidden. Harry tried to console him and help to prove his innocence. Ste didn't believe James' innocence, and didn't want Harry to be involved with James, so he demanded Harry choose between James and him. Harry chose Ste, and didn't see James again. James later was sent to prison.

Unable to handle Dee Dee's illness, Tony abandoned the family and disappeared. Ste and Harry tried to find him. Diane gave up on him. Later, Harry also gave up. However Ste didn't give up, and he continued looking for Tony even when Harry protested. Meanwhile, Ste also tried to help taking care of Dee Dee and Ant.

When one of Harry's clients Christopher showed up and Harry nearly got caught, Ste and Harry fought about how they no longer talked. Harry then went to prison to visit James. Harry told James he'd been selling himself and that he never stopped doing it. James wondered how Harry felt about continuously cheating on Ste with all these men. Harry said he felt more guilty about being here with James, because Ste hated him. Harry arrived back home and happily kissed Ste, saying he wanted things to work between them. He told Ste he found a counsellor and that things were going to be better from then on. Ste was happy Harry was in a good mood and told him to continue to do so. Ste was trying to get the contract for his food truck at Hollyoaks High. When Leah told them they had to go shopping to find the right clothes, Harry picked going to see James that day instead. Ste allowed him because he'd noticed how much it had helped Harry to talk to his counsellor. Leah found the visitation order in Harry's bag and confronted him about it. Harry told her he was not cheating on Ste. In order to talk to James more often, Harry smuggled a mini phone into the prison. Leah overheard Harry's call and called back for James to pick. Leah confronted Harry, but Harry was in no mood to have to explain himself to her. Harry told her to keep quiet because Ste was stressed enough, but Leah told the police. During an important presentation to Sally to land the contract for Ste's food truck at Hollyoaks High, Harry got arrested for smuggling in the phone, and Ste lost the contract. Ste went to visit James and told him to stop seeing Harry, because he was toxic to Harry. When Harry got released Ste was incredibly angry with him. Harry tried to explain that James was just a friend and needed someone to talk to, but Ste didn't really believe him. Harry admitted that was a two way thing and Ste wanted to know why Harry went to James to talk and not to him. Harry didn't get a chance to explain himself further as Ste put him for an ultimatum, James or him. Harry didn't answer. His Man-Finder app found him a client and he walked out. When he arrived on the site of his hook up, he spotted Kyle. Kyle fled the scene, however. Harry headed to jail and tried to tell the police officers he saw Kyle, but they didn't believe him. He checked his app but Kyle's account had been deleted. When he got home Ste was moving out, because he didn't understand what was going on with Harry anymore. Ste accused Harry of being obsessed with James and Harry promised he and James would be over but he needed to talk to James first. Harry didn't get a chance to talk to James, as he received a note from James saying that not to contact him anymore, otherwise he would tell everyone that Harry was selling himself. Upset with James, he kept the news of Kyle's appearance to himself. He tried to win over Ste, telling him that he knew what he wanted now and that it was Ste. Harry went to see Sally and convinced her to give Ste the contract. When Harry showed up with the contract, Ste didn't know how to respond. Leah told then just kiss, then they kissed. Ste forgave Harry and they stay together. Harry, however, went back to his Man-Finder app the same day.

Tony was still missing. Harry had no interest in finding his dad, but Ste thought they should look for him. Harry was grateful Ste was putting in the effort. Harry was getting an offer from Christopher to meet up. Ste reminded him that Leah had a performance but Harry came up with an excuse to meet Christopher. Christopher was not amused when Harry complained about his life and told him he was paying him for sex with a smile. Harry had enough and told him he was done with this and that he had a man at home that loved him. He went to find Ste and they talked about their wedding. Ellie Nightingale overheard their conversation and persuaded them to have the party in The Dog. She got a phone call later and was told that James got beaten up and was now in Hospital. Harry wanted to know if James was okay, but Ste asked him to promise that whatever was going on with James he was keeping out of it. The next day, Harry convinced Ellie to take him to see James. Ellie had a hard time seeing James and left pretty quickly. James was angry that Harry brought her here. Harry tried to tell James he saw Kyle, but James had him thrown out of the room before he got the chance to. When Harry got home Ste was angry with him, but he told Ste that James was just a friend and that he was innocent. When Ste didn't believe, Harry told Ste that he saw Kyle because the latter was going to pay him for sex. He was then forced to explain to Ste that he had been renting himself out. Ste was furious and told him the wedding was off. Harry tried to convince Ste that they needed to stay together. He tried to explain why he kept renting himself out. At first he explained it as an addiction, which Ste didn't want to hear about. He then confessed he was selling himself to punish him for what he had done to Amy. He told Ste that he wanted to be a good person but he could only be a good person when he was with Ste. Ste pointed out that a good person wouldn't have had left James to rot in jail when he knew Kyle was out there, and decided they were going to find Kyle. They tried to convince DS Cassidy that Kyle was alive but she didn't believe them, pointing out Harry was not to be trusted when it came to James. They found Kyle through the Man-Finder app and tricked him to meet up with them. When they met Kyle they took him to The Dog, where Sami and Ellie were announcing their plans to travel the world. The truth was then revealed that Sami had been setting James up for murder to get revenge on him, who years ago framed Sami's father for embezzlement and caused him to commit suicide. The next day Harry tried to fix things with Ste, but Ste was not interested, and told him to go find James. Harry told Ste he wanted nothing to do with James, but Ste wouldn't listen. Tegan tried to change Ste's mind. She remined him of everything Harry went through since he met Ste, everything he sacrificed for Ste, and the fact that he never gave up on Ste after every fight, every relapse and every drama. She asked Ste if he really would turn his back on Harry when he needed him. When Harry came home ready to pack his bag, Ste surprised him with a living room decorated with the pride theme. Ste told Harry that since he was given a lot of second chances more than he deserved Harry should get one more as well. Harry said that he wanted to be someone Ste could be proud of. Ste then told Harry that he knew the Harry he fell in love with, that gorgeous, decent lad was still there and that the wedding was back on. They embraced emotionally.

Harry then went to see James. He told James that Ste had forgiven him for everything, Ste was the most incredible person in the world and he was so lucky to have Ste. James told him Ste didn't love him, not who he really was. He started to undress Harry but Harry stopped him and told him Ste had to be the one. Harry went to the door but came back. He kissed James and they slept together. The next day, Harry and Ste run into James. Ste taunted James about not knowing what love was and Harry non-verbally begged James not to tell Ste about what happened between them. James kept his mouth shut and walked away. Harry later showed up at James' door. He told James that he wanted to be with Ste and saw James at the same time. James agreed to this. Without Tony things at home were difficult as Ant refused to go to school without Dee Dee. Ste had an idea and could use Harry's help but Harry lied about needing to help out Zack in order to see James. Ste set up a home school in the hospital to cheer Dee Dee and Ant up. It worked well at first, but eventually Dee Dee burst out again. When Harry returned home, Diane was in tears and Ste thought they needed to find Tony. Harry told him not to look for his dad and got angry when he walked in Ste phoning people for clues of Tony's whereabouts. Harry blamed his dad for walking out of them, but didn't tell Diane of Ste's new quest, instead he told Ste to stop looking for Tony because he was worried Diane wouldn't be able to handle more disappointments. When Ste was busy with looking for Toy and helping taking care of Harry's siblings, Harry was busy with his affair with James. Ste, with the help of Leah, created a video and put it online, asking Tony to come back for his family. When Ste got a response from the video, he was so excited and he told Diane that he might have found Tony. Harry was angry Ste ignored all their wishes but Diane wanted to meet up with this person anyway. After Harry slept with James again, when he was getting dressed he reminded James that he shouldn't be with him when Dee Dee was lying in hospital. James told Harry that he should leave Ste to be with him. Confused, Harry asked why, to which James told him he loved him. Harry left and didn't answer the phone the next day. Ste finally found Tony and convinced him to come home. Harry was waiting for Ste outside when James approached him and told him he loved him again, but they were interrupted as Ste and Tony arrived. Outside of the Hospital Harry thanked Ste for not listening to him and Diane and bringing Tony home. They went inside to Dee Dee's room, holding hands. The happy family reunion was interrupted by James, who had some information that would change this family forever. Harry tried to get James to leave before he could tell his family about their affair, but James didn't leave. He first told Dee Dee and Rose they were switched at birth, he then got ready to announce his second big news but Ste pushed him out of the room and Harry quickly followed. Harry tried to prevent Ste from attacking James and told him he would deal with James. Harry demanded to know why James was trying to tear apart his family. James said he didn't, but he tired of chasing Harry and Harry putting his family above him. Harry told him right now he felt nothing but contempt for him and left. Harry was outside the hospital when James showed up. Harry once again had to stop Ste from attacking him. James explained that he was sorry for what he just did, that he did it because he was a bully who lashed out when he didn't get his way, and that he was going to die alone and bitter. Ste yelled at him saying that it couldn't happen to a better person. Later Harry showed up at his door. He told James that he loved him but that James needed to be patient especially after today. James promised that he would be more patient.

At the start of October, James wanted to take away for a romantic evening of Opera with Harry. when Ste spotted them they lied about the topic of their conversation. Ste needed James' help because Romeo and Prince had stolen his idea and were selling food in his name. James talked to the boys as a lawyer and told them to stop the business. Ste needed Harry to babysit and James told Harry he knew he would always play second fiddle to Ste. Later, Ste told Harry he no longer had to babysit because Ste wasn't in the mood to open his business for the rest of the day. Harry went to see James. He waited at his home when a intruder ran out of the house and Harry got his foot injured. Marnie arrived a few seconds later and spotted a half-naked Harry on the floor. Ste came to thank James for his help, but Harry texted him to lure him away before he could get in. Marnie told Harry that Tony would be ashamed if he knew who Harry really was, to which Harry answered that Marnie didn't know that either. Marnie was curious to hear what Harry was really like then, though Harry snapped and told her he didn't know. He confided in her that he loved Ste and wanted to marry him, but felt like Ste didn't see Harry who he really was now and that Ste was still in love with that 17-year-old innocent Harry, whereas James, he saw Harry better than anyone, but the idea of starting a proper relationship and having a family with James was scary to him. Marnie told him, that he couldn't have both and that he had to pick between them, because otherwise he would lose both of them and that it's time for Harry to decide who he was and what he wanted. Harry was taken to the hospital for his foot injury. When James arrived with flowers, Harry told him to leave because Ste was on his way. Ste arrived but didn't see James sneaking out. Ste told Harry he wouldn't know what to do without Harry. Harry told him he didn't have to worry about that because Harry was marrying him and he was the man for Harry while looking at James. When Harry was released he saw James flirting with another man. James told him that he was moving on, because clearly that was what Harry wanted him to do. Harry told him that was not what he wanted and that he wanted to be with James, but they just had to keep it a secret. James made it very clear that if Harry wanted to be with him, he had to cancel the wedding. Ste told Harry the next day that this wedding was the only good distraction he had at the moment before they ran into James. Harry showed up at James' afterwards, trying to get James to understand he couldn't leave Ste yet. James gave him till 4 o'clock in the afternoon to postpone the wedding. Harry met up with Ste and Tony outside the hospital and got Ste to agree with him it wasn't the right time for the wedding. However, Tony insisted they got married as the family deserved a happy occasion. So the wedding was happening as Harry didn't argue back. Harry returned to James' and kissed him, telling him that it was him he wanted to be with, but that for his family he had to be with Ste. He left his key behind and ended the affair. A week later Harry got a letter saying they knew about the affair and would tell if they didn't get 3K. Harry went to see James, believing James to be behind the note because James did dark and twisted things when he didn't get what he wanted. James denied he knew anything about the letter. Harry told James he had to marry Ste because it was the only good thing his family had now that Dee Dee had been put in coma. James took the letter and told Harry he would sort it out. James found out that Romeo was the blackmailer and the intruder who broke into his house. He scared him away. Harry waited for James to come back and they had sex again. When Harry left, he told James that this couldn't happen again because he was still marrying Ste and his family was depending on him to do this. They kissed and Harry told him to stop because someone could see. Romeo took a photo when they kissed. James found out and chased after him. When he got Romeo, he had another idea. he recruited Romeo to help him expose the photo in the wedding to ruin it. When asked why he would do that, he replied that he did dark and twisted things when he didn't get what he wanted, and that since he couldn't be happy Harry shouldn't be happy either.

The wedding was coming. There would be a big storm according to the forecast. Dee Dee's situation was not promising, and she could die on that day. Ste and Harry intended to postpone the wedding for Dee Dee's sake, but Tony insisted that the wedding should go on, because the family deserved some happiness. When Harry ran into James, he figured out that James had some evil plans, so he warned him. Heard that Dee Dee could die that day, James called off the plan to ruin the wedding. It turned out the therapy went very well, and Dee Dee would get a full recovery, although there was still a long way to go. Harry called James and left a message to tell him he was willing to run away with him if James wanted. James didn't pick up the phone because he was in shock when he found out Romeo was his son. The wedding went on as planned, Ste and Harry exchanged rings and vows, and they got married. The storm started right after the wedding. When they were about to take off for their honeymoon, Ste found out about Harry's affair with James. Outside in the storm, a furious Ste lashed out at Harry. Rose was missing. she didn't want to be with Tegan since she found out she was not her real mother. Tegan, Ste, and Harry looked for her in the storm. A tree fell toward them, and Ste instinctively pushed Harry away. The tree hit Tegan, and she was seriously injured. In the hospital, while his sister was dying, Ste begged Harry to stay with him to support him, but Harry told him that he was in love with James and he was not the man for Ste anymore. Ste then asked him to leave. Harry went to James', but James threw him out, because he thought Harry came only because Ste found out about their affair. The next day, Harry left the village.

2019: Last chapter of Starry[]

Harry arrived in town the day after New Year to reconcile with James. With some on-offs, they finally decided to start a relationship. Harry's first encounters with Ste didn't go well. When Ste heard that Harry was moving in with James, he didn't take the news well and insulted Harry. Harry tried to apologize and explain himself, Ste didn't accept it and asked for divorce, but the divorce never happened.

A few months later, it seemed that Ste had forgiven Harry. After the tragic death of Lily, Harry visited his family to offer his condolence. Ste arrived a minute later to offer his support as well. Tony hugged both of them and told them he loved them. Later, Ste and Harry left together. At the Easter fete, Harry helped out by being a goalie and seemed to be on good terms with Ste as Ste playfully pushed him into the ball pool.

In the first few months, Harry and James' relationship went well, but it deteriorated soon. It turned out not as Harry thought, James didn't see the real Harry, Harry didn't see the real James either, and they were not open with each other. James gave Harry a car as a gift to thank him for helping his relationship with Romeo. The care was involved in a hit and run which caused Grace to be paralyzed. Harry was the major suspect, but actually the car was stolen by Liam and Mercedes for a joy ride. When the accident happened, Harry was with Sadie, his ex-girlfriend. They had a rebound fling after he left Hollyoaks which resulted in her pregnancy. She was thrown out of her house by her parent when they found out. She needed help from Harry. Fearing to lose James because of the baby, he kept this secrete. Meanwhile, James represented Laurie who raped Sinead, helped him walk away from the charges, and kept it a secret from Harry. When Harry found out, James told him his career was above anything, and if Harry had problem with it he could pack his bag. When Harry kept contacting and meeting with Sadie, James doubt that he had an affair with Kyle. When he finally found out about Sadie and the baby, he gave Harry an ultimatum either him or the baby. Needing Sadie as his alibi Harry brazenly lied to her that he would stick with her and dump James if he had to. Liam told Sadie that Harry was lying and bribed her to leave. When Sadie found out Harry was lying to her, she took Liam's offer and left. Harry was arrested after his alibi fell apart. James didn't believe in his innocence.

After being abandoned by Harry on their wedding day, and Tegan's death, in his most vulnerable time, Ste was approached by a far right extremist group. Blaming Misbah for Tegan's death, and lacking of support from loved ones, he was easily groomed. In the past few months, his involvement became deeper and deeper. Tony was worried about Ste's involvement with the extremists, especially for the sake of those kids, and asked Harry to pay Ste a visit, because Harry was still the stepdad of the kids after all. Harry was not welcomed at first, but soon the atmosphere became warmer. He was unsuccessful in talking sense into Ste about the extremists but they had a good time. Despite Harry's betrayal, Ste still cared about him. Harry was happy to hang out with Ste because he believed in his innocence and stood by him. Ste offered to use his contacts in social media to find Sadie. Learnt that Harry met Ste, James was paranoid with the idea that Harry was cheating on him with Ste, his husband. He accidentally punched Harry in wrath, and demanded Harry to never see Ste again, to which Harry reluctantly agreed. Ste then told Harry that he found Sadie, and he tricked Sadie into meeting Harry at The Teahouse. Liam was also there, when they were unnoticed by Ste and Harry, he threatened Sadie to leave. Sadie ran into James and James found out that Liam was bribing and threatening her from testifying for Harry. Ste went to James' to offer his help, but James threw him out. James and Harry went to confront Liam in front of Grace. It was unsuccessful because Liam used James' distrust of Harry to his advantage. Harry argued with James, told him that it made no sense to be together if he didn't believe him, and left. He went to see Ste. Ste comforted him and reassured him that he would go through this just like before. Harry told Ste that he could go through those tough situations before because Ste had his back. Ste promised Harry that he still had his back and kissed him. Harry pulled away, then Ste told him he wanted him back. The next day, after thinking about it, Harry told Ste that he couldn't be with him because of his involvement with the extremists and now he was with James. He went back to James. Sadie changed her mind, agreed to testify for Harry, and asked him to meet. Believing that he was actually meeting Ste, James drugged him, and he missed the meeting with Sadie. An angry Sadie changed her mind again and refused to testify for Harry. Marnie found out the truth, urged James to come clean, otherwise she would tell Harry herself. From Marnie, we knew that James did this to his ex-boyfriend before. James promised he would never do it again, and turned over all his drugs to Marnie, but actually he still kept some. Ste saw that Sadie met with Liam again and rushed to tell Harry. Harry went to find Sadie and tried to convince her testify for him but was unsuccessful. Sadie gave birth to Issac in the Hutch when Tony and Harry were present. In the hospital, Tony let Harry hold his son. Feeling the connections, Harry decided that he would be part of his son's life, take the responsibility as a father. James discouraged him by implying that he was not capable of being a father. When he ran into Ste, Ste reminded him how he had taken care of Ste, and that Ste could have died without him. Ste tried to convince him how amazing he was and that his baby was very lucky to have him fight his corner. Harry couldn't help it and kissed Ste, but then he told Ste again that he couldn't be with him because of his involvement with the extremists and he was with James now. When James found out, jealousy made him do the most horrible thing. He drugged Harry again so that he missed his court hearing and could get arrested immediately. No better options left, Harry decided to run away. He said goodbye to Tony and Issac. He asked Ste to run away with him together. Not wanting to leave his group, Ste refused. When they kissed goodbye, Harry expressed his regret and confessed his love to Ste. Later, Harry overheard the conversation between Mercedes and Liam and learnt the truth about the hit and run. He tricked Mercedes into confession and recorded it. But, before he could do anything, he was killed by serial killer Breda McQueen. She was on a mission to kill bad dads, and she believed Harry was a bad dad because he was walking away from his newborn baby. Ste was devastated when he found out about Harry's death more than two months later. He was forbidden to attend Harry's funeral because of his involvement with the extremist group. He regretted that he didn't run away with Harry so that he could have protected him.

2018-2019: Far-rights[]

To be added.

2020-2021: Return and helping Sid[]

Ste Hay finds out what Sid's planning to bring Victor Brothers and County Lines down and then Ste is worried about Sid in danger from County Lines Boss Victor Brothers. Sid tells Ste the truth to take Victor down plan. Ste says to James about Victor has dragged Sid back into dealing again and he owns Sid.

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Other Information[]

  • It would appear that Angela Hay and Ste's unnamed brother no longer exist, as Ste was later mentioned to have been an only child. Angela was not mentioned when Ste became a regular character later in 2006, whilst his brother was mentioned only in dialogue in October 2006.
  • In 2006, Ste was occasionally credited as "Ste Turner" instead of "Ste Hay".
  • Ste's birthday was originally 9th January 1990, first established in episode 2208. However, in episode 5729, Ste says that he is 33, meaning that he would have been born in 1988.

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Introduction Sequence[]

  • 2010-2012: Ste stands in a white room full of pictures of himself.
  • 2012-2013: Ste catches a disco ball and smiling at the camera.
  • 2013-2015: Ste zipping up his tracksuit top with Leah & Lucas jumping behind him.
  • 2015-2016: Ste stands with his arms folded on a carnival-esque background.
  • 2016-2019: Ste rides a carousel with Leah and Lucas
  • 2019-: Ste has a water-balloon fight with Leah and Lucas against Peri and Leela on Oakdale Drive.

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