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Hollyoaks has had numerous spin-offs since 1995; feature-length movies, late night specials, mini-series spin-offs, web series spin-offs, documentaries, books, fragrances & shampoos - and even a video game!


Title Release Date Synopsis
Hollyoaks: Off On One 16th October 1998 Kurt Benson seeks revenge on Rob Hawthorn, whilst Rob attempts to flee following his murder attempt on Lucy Benson.
Hollyoaks: Indecent Behaviour 17th November 2001 Jason Cunliffe throws a party at his home, which all goes wrong.

Late Night Specials[]

Title Transmission Date Synopsis
Hollyoaks: Breaking Boundaries 15th March 2000 Luke Morgan is raped by Mark Gibbs following an intense fight and car chase. Ruth Osborne and Lewis Richardson reconcile whilst Chloe Bruce and Max Cunningham decide to lose their virginity. Nikki Sullivan and Dan Sanders visit the family of the man killed in the car accident.
Hollyoaks: The Boys Do Barca! 11th December 2000 Finn and his friends go to Barcelona for Finn's stag do.
Hollyoaks: Leap of Faith 5th November 2003 Toby Mills follows Ellie Mills to Liverpool after she flees. Toby takes Ellie and convinces her to jump from roofs of tall buildings to prove that they were untouchable.
Hollyoaks: In Too Deep 31st May 2005 Steph Dean is haunted by the ghost of one of Toby Mills's murder victims. Ben Davies meets a woman whom he saved from a nursing home fire in 2002, and is prompted to reconcile with Lisa Hunter.
Hollyoaks: King of Hearts 15th December 2010 Rhys Ashworth and Jacqui McQueen attempt to cheat during a game of poker with Brendan Brady and Danny Houston. After their plan is discovered, Danny tells Jacqui that she must sleep with him to save Rhys and wipe the debt they owe him.


Title Transmission Date Episodes Synopsis
Hollyoaks: Movin' On 3rd September - 23rd October 2001 16 Tony Hutchinson and Finn begin a new business venture. Lewis Richardson begins to spiral out of control as his relationship with Ruth Osborne becomes strained.
Hollyoaks: After Hours 5th July - 8th July 2004 4 Lisa Hunter is whisked away to Paris by a man she meets at the hotel where she works. Joe Spencer goes on a night out with friends, which leads to a disaster.
Hollyoaks: Crossing the Line 5th September - 8th September 2005 4 Andy Holt spikes Dannii Carbone's drink with GHB before raping her. Andy reveals this to his friend, Sam Owen, and tries to convince him into drugging and raping girls with him. Chris Fenwick tricks Lee Hunter into sleeping with a transvestite called Aphrodite. Ben Davies and Lisa Hunter make friends with siblings Ally and Alex Harrison.
Hollyoaks: Let Loose 12th September - 12th December 2005 16 Ben Davies and Lisa Hunter decide to leave Hollyoaks for a new life abroad. however, their relationship is put to the test over Lisa's jealousy.
Hollyoaks: No Going Back 5th December - 8th December 2005 4 Mel Burton is raped by Andy Holt, but Sam Owen lies to Andy that he raped Sophie Burton. Dannii Carbone tells Russ Owen about her rape and attempts suicide when he doesn't believe her. Sam and Andy end up fighting but Russ manages to rescue one of them from falling off a cliff. Rhys AshworthGilly RoachJessica Harris and Olivia Johnson go on a trip to a spiritualist camp.
Hollyoaks: Back from the Dead 13th February - 16th February 2006 4 Sam and Russ Owen are horrified to discover that Andy Holt is "back from the dead", as they try to save their sister, Nicole, from his clutches. Mandy, Louise and Clare go on holiday, but nothing goes as expected.
Hollyoaks: In The City 14th August - 18th December 2006 20 Ben Davies and Lisa Hunter adjust to normality as they return from their holiday in Sri Lanka to live in Liverpool; Lisa goes into modelling and Ben turns to crime.
Hollyoaks Later 24th November 2008 - 11th October 2013 30 (5 per season) Varies per season

Online Spin-offs[]

Title Transmission Date Episodes Synopsis
Hollyoaks: The Morning After the Night Before 6th July - 31st July 2009 12 Josh Ashworth meets Dave Colburn and attended a party with Dave and his friends, where they end up binge drinking and feel the negative effects afterwards.
Hollyoaks: Freshers 26th August 2010 - 11th September 2010 6 The fresher students go on an adventure before they begin their education at Hollyoaks Community College.
Hollyoaks: Tom's Life 27th October 2014 6 Tom Cunningham's finding life tough after Nancy and Darren Osborne's break-up. When his plan to get them back together goes wrong he almost gives up completely... until he discovers an amazing new skill.
Hollyoaks: Ollie's Diaries 30th March 2022 - present 1 Through video diaries, Ollie Morgan documents caring for his father Luke as Luke battles the final stages of frontotemporal dementia.


Documentary Release Date Synopsis
Hollyoaks Highs: The Wicked Bits 8th September 1999 A documentary on the past events of the show to celebrate the series going three nights a week.
Hollyoaks: Access All Areas 5th July 2000 The Hollyoaks cast discuss various sexual matters.
Hollyoaks: Casting Special 23rd October 2000 A documentary on the audition process for the open auditions.
Hollyoaks: Catwalking 12th July 2001 A documentary following the cast behind the scenes as they prepare for a live charity event.
Turning it Around 16th March 2003 Jamie Luke (Norman Sankofa) presents a documentary about homelessness in young people.
GCSEase: Hot Wired at Hollyoaks 18th March 2004 An episode of the GCSEase: Hot Wired series, looking at the effect of information and communications technology.
Hollyoaks: On The Pull 13th December 2004 - 6th February 2005 A documentary on the audition process for the open auditions.
Hollyoaks: Dance Workout 27th December 2004 Sarah Jayne Dunn, Ali Bastian and Jodi Albert take you through three sections to the complete overall body exercise regime
Hollyoaks: Extreme Challenge 16th March 2006 A competition between Matt Milburn (Joe Spencer) and Roxanne McKee (Louise Summers), competing to win a holiday in Australia.
Hollyoaks: The Story So Far 3rd June 2007 A documentary (transmitted only in the United States by BBC America) hosted by Chris Fountain and Carley Stenson to introduce the late 2006 episodes of Hollyoaks to America.
Hollyoaks: Summer's Got a Secret 2nd March 2008 A documentary looking at Summer Strallen's cameo in Hollyoaks to advertise her upcoming performance as Maria von Trapp in Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Sound of Music.
The Hollyoaks Music Show 23rd March 2008 - 17th December 2011 A showcase of various music acts.
Hollyoaks: The Good, the Bad and the Gorgeous 2nd October 2009 A documentary looking back at the past 14 years, showing classic clips.
Hollyoaks Best Bits 2011 23rd December 2011 Will Best looks back at some of the biggest and best moments from Hollyoaks in 2011.
This Is Abuse 13th December 2013 - 14th February 2014 A set of advertisements involving Hollyoaks characters Maxine Minniver and Patrick Blake, as part of their domestic violence storyline.
Hollyoaks: The Story Of... 19th November 2014 - 23rd November 2015 A review of some of the show's biggest characters and their stories.
Hollyoaks: Access All Areas 2nd June 2015 - 1st April 2017 The Hollyoaks cast give a behind-the-scenes tour of the set and answer viewer questions.
Hollyoaks Does Come Dine With Me 19th October - 23rd October 2015, 19th October - 23rd October 2020 A spin-off of Come Dine With Me, in which Hollyoaks actors compete for money for charity.
Raised by Queers 22nd June 2017 Actor and gay dad Kieron Richardson explores same-sex parenting and introduces his twins
Hollyoaks: Pride 23rd June 2017 A review of some of Hollyoaks's most iconic LGBTQ moments.
Hollyoaks: Gay Dads Forever 5th January 2018 Kieron Richardson and his partner Carl Hyland prepare to become parents through surrogacy.
Hollyoaks Real Issues: Homeless, Still Human 18th April 2018 A documentary following the research for Peri Lomax and Harley Frater's homelessness storyline.
Hollyoaks: See the Person, Not the Condition 4th February 2019 An interview with actors with disabilities and how their characters are represented in Hollyoaks.
Don't Filter Feelings 2nd August 2019 - 13th July 2020 A podcast featuring members of the cast discussing a specific subject with host Lauren Layfield.
Hollyoaks Favourites 2nd April - 24th July 2020,
11th September 2020 - 15th January 2021
A series looking back at past Hollyoaks episodes.
The Dog in the Pond 29th May - 23rd July 2020 A podcast hosted by Kelly Condron, interviewing cast past and present.
Hollyoaks@25 27th July - 28th August 2020 A series looking back at the show's biggest storylines from each 5 years.
Hollyoaks: IRL 16th June - 14th July 2021 A five-part web series looking at the real-life impact of recent Hollyoaks storylines.


Book Release Date Author Synopsis
Hollyoaks: Coming Together 25th March 1996 Karen Dolby A book based upon events displayed in the programme.
Hollyoaks: Can't Get the Girl 24th June 1996 Karen Dolby A book based upon events displayed in the programme.
Hollyoaks: New Friends 30th September 1996 Karen Dolby A book based upon events displayed in the programme.
Hollyoaks: Friends & Families 30th September 1996 Karen Dolby A book based upon events displayed in the programme.
Hollyoaks: Luke's Secret Diary 21st July 2000 Kaddy Benyon The life of Luke Morgan; his thoughts and experiences.
Hollyoaks: Lives and Loves of Finn 21st July 2000 Geraldine Ryan The life of Rory "Finn" Finnigan.
Hollyoaks: Stolen Emails 1st June 2001 Chris Parker A mystery hacker accesses private email addresses and discovers everyones' secrets.
Hollyoaks: Luke's Journal: A New Beginning 22nd June 2001 Neil Jones Luke Morgan tries to pick up the pieces after the rape.
Hollyoaks: Party! Party! Party! 9th April 2002 Matthew Evans A set of plays as part of the "High Impact" series.
Hollyoaks: Seeing Red 7th June 2002 Kaddy Benyon Lisa Hunter tries to understand how and why her life spiralled out of control, leaving her with only two options: survive or self-destruct.
Hollyoaks: Running Wild 7th June 2002 Tara Byrne Sassy, strong-willed and with one goal in mind - to have fun - seventeen-year-old Ellie was last seen when she left to go on holiday with her boyfriend. But after two unforgettable weeks in the sun, something occurred to her - why go home?
Hollyoaks: The Official Companion 21st June 2002 Matthew Evans A companion guide containing profiles of the characters, articles from the Hollyoaks Gazette, and behind-the-scenes stats and facts.
Hollyoaks: Truth or Dare 4th May 2006 Angela Corner Best friends Hannah, Nancy, Sarah and Nicole tell each other everything. Or at least they want to - but some secrets are too hot to handle. A trip to France is the perfect chance to finally be honest. They say it's better to tell the truth than live a lie; but what if the truth changes everything?
Hollyoaks: Playing with Fire 4th May 2006 Kirsty Neale All Justin wants is Becca. They belong together, it should be simple. But it's not supposed to happen like this. He's sixteen and Becca's his teacher. They're falling in love against all the rules. And things are about to get completely out of control.
Hollyoaks: Guilt Trip 15th September 2006 Kaddy Benyon Exams, friends, boys - Nicole's just your average sixteen-year old girl. Except her brother Sam's just been imprisoned for a terrible crime, and her family's in emotional melt-down. Her world is spinning out of control, but Sam's not done yet. Nobody in Hollyoaks saw what was coming next.
Hollyoaks: Fame Game 15th September 2006 Ian Pike They say if you want to be a star, London's the place to be. All Steph wants is to see her name in lights. So together with older sister Debbie, the two Dean girls are about to unleash their own X-factor on the capital city - it's all about determination, not talent!
Hollyoaks: Girl Talk 22nd July 2010 Lucie Cave Interviews with several of the female cast members.