Hollyoaks has had numerous spin-off films, series, and online shows since 1998. There have been a total of 2 VHS/DVD spin-offs, 4 spin-off television series, 3 online spin-offs, and 2 special one-off episodes, for a total of 11 spin-off productions.

In addition, there has also been 17 books released, as well as calendars released between 2001 and 2008, and also in 2008, fragrances and shampoos were launched.

Movies[edit | edit source]

Title Release Date Synopsis
Hollyoaks: Off On One 16th October 1998 Kurt Benson seeks revenge on Rob Hawthorn, whilst Rob attempts to flee following his murder attempt on Lucy Benson.
Hollyoaks: The Boys Do Barca! 11th December 2000 Finn and his friends go to Barcelona for Finn's stag do.
Hollyoaks: Indecent Behaviour 17th November 2001 Jason Cunliffe throws a party at his home, which all goes wrong.

Late Night Specials[edit | edit source]

Title Transmission Date Synopsis
Hollyoaks: Breaking Boundaries 15th March 2000 Luke Morgan is raped by Mark Gibbs following an intense fight and car chase. Ruth Osborne and Lewis Richardson reconcile whilst Chloe Bruce and Max Cunningham decide to lose their virginity. Nikki Sullivan and Dan Sanders visit the family of the man killed in the car accident.
Hollyoaks: Leap of Faith 5th November 2003 Toby Mills follows Ellie Mills to Liverpool after she flees. Toby takes Ellie and convinces her to jump from roofs of tall buildings to prove that they were untouchable.
Hollyoaks: In Too Deep 31st May 2005 Steph Dean is haunted by the ghost of one of Toby Mills's murder victims. Ben Davies meets a woman whom he saved from a nursing home fire in 2002, and is prompted to reconcile with Lisa Hunter.
Hollyoaks: King of Hearts 15th December 2010 Rhys Ashworth and Jacqui McQueen attempt to cheat during a game of poker with Brendan Brady and Danny Houston. After their plan is discovered, Danny tells Jacqui that she must sleep with him to save Rhys and wipe the debt they owe him.

Series[edit | edit source]

Title Transmission Date Episodes Synopsis
Hollyoaks: Movin' On 3rd September - 23rd October 2001 16 Tony Hutchinson and Finn begin a new business venture. Lewis Richardson begins to spiral out of control as his relationship with Ruth Osborne becomes strained.
Hollyoaks: After Hours 5th July - 8th July 2004 4 Lisa Hunter is whisked away to Paris by a man she meets at the hotel where she works. Joe Spencer goes on a night out with friends, which leads to a disaster.
Hollyoaks: Crossing the Line 5th September - 8th September 2005 4 Andy Holt spikes Dannii Carbone's drink with GHB before raping her. Andy reveals this to his friend, Sam Owen, and tries to convince him into drugging and raping girls with him. Chris Fenwick tricks Lee Hunter into sleeping with a transvestite called Aphrodite.Ben Davies and Lisa Hunter make friends with siblings Ally and Alex Harrison.
Hollyoaks: Let Loose 12th September - 12th December 2005 16 Ben Davies and Lisa Hunter decide to leave Hollyoaks for a new life abroad. however, their relationship is put to the test over Lisa's jealousy.
Hollyoaks: No Going Back 5th December - 8th December 2005 4 Mel Burton is raped by Andy Holt, but Sam Owen lies to Andy that he raped Sophie Burton. Dannii Carbone tells Russ Owen about her rape and attempts suicide when he doesn't believe her. Sam and Andy end up fighting but Russ manages to rescue one of them from falling off a cliff. Rhys AshworthGilly RoachJessica Harris and Olivia Johnson go on a trip to a spiritualist camp.
Hollyoaks: Back from the Dead 13th February - 16th February 2006 4 Sam and Russ Owen are horrified to discover that Andy Holt is "back from the dead", as they try to save their sister, Nicole, from his clutches. Mandy, Louise and Clare go on holiday, but nothing goes as expected.
Hollyoaks: In The City 14th August - 18th December 2006 20 Ben Davies and Lisa Hunter adjust to normality as they return from their holiday in Sri Lanka to live in Liverpool; Lisa goes into modelling and Ben turns to crime.
Hollyoaks Later 24th November 2008 - 11th October 2013 30 (5 per season) Varies per season

Online Spin-offs[edit | edit source]

Title Transmission Date Episodes Synopsis
Hollyoaks: The Morning After the Night Before 6th July - 31st July 2009 12 Josh Ashworth meets Dave Colburn and attended a party with Dave and his friends, where they end up binge drinking and feel the negative effects afterwards.
Hollyoaks: Freshers 26th August 2010 - 11th September 2010 6 The fresher students go on an adventure before they begin their education at Hollyoaks Community College.
Hollyoaks: Tom's Life 27th October 2014 - 2014 6 Tom Cunningham's finding life tough after Nancy and Darren Osborne's break-up. When his plan to get them back together goes wrong he almost gives up completely... until he discovers an amazing new skill.

Documentaries[edit | edit source]

Documentary Release Date Synopsis
Hollyoaks Highs: The Wicked Bits 8th September 1999 A documentary on the past events of the show to celebrate the series going three nights a week.
Hollyoaks: Access All Areas 5th July 2000 The Hollyoaks cast discuss various sexual matters.
Hollyoaks: Casting Special 23rd October 2000 A documentary on the audition process for the open auditions.
Hollyoaks: On The Pull 13th December 2004 - 6th February 2005 A documentary on the audition process for the open auditions.
Hollyoaks: The Good, The Bad and The Gorgeous 2nd October 2009 A documentary looking back at the past 14 years, showing classic clips.
Hollyoaks Best Bits 2011 23rd December 2011 Will Best looks back at some of the biggest and best moments from Hollyoaks in 2011.
Hollyoaks: The Story Of... 19th November 2014 - 23rd November 2015
Don't Filter Feelings 2nd August 2019 - 13th July 2020 A podcast featuring members of the cast discussing a specific subject with host Lauren Layfield.
Hollyoaks Favourites 2nd April - 24th July 2020,
11th September 2020 - 15th January 2021
A series looking back at past Hollyoaks episodes
Hollyoaks@25 27th July - 28th August 2020 A series looking back at the show's biggest storylines from each 5 years.

Books[edit | edit source]

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