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Sophie Blake (legally Ursula) is the daughter of Sienna Blake and Warren Fox, born on 7th November 2017. Sophie is named after her half-sister, Nico Blake (originally named "Sophie Blake" herself), who was believed to have been killed in a fire in November 2016. She has a twin brother named Sebastian Blake and two half siblings: Joel Dexter from her father's side and Nico from her mother's side. Warren kidnapped Sophie from the hospital and went on the run with her leaving Sebastian with his mother.

In July 2019, Sophie along with her brother Sebastian are being looked after by an au pair named Nina Robertson at the hotel where Maxine Minniver and Damon Kinsella are getting married. Sienna is dead set on knowing the children are hers so after ignoring pleas from both Maxine and her sister Liberty Savage, Sienna locks Nina in a cupboard and attempts to take the twins. Nina is found by Sienna's boyfriend Brody Hudson and Liberty. They all eventually catch up to Sienna and Nina convinces Sienna that the twins are her brothers and not Warrens, however it is revealed that they are Warrens and due to the near scare of Sienna taking them Warren sacks Nina before driving off with the twins back to Spain.

In January 2020, Warren returns to the village with Sophie and Sebastian, because Sebastian has leukaemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Sienna agrees to get tested because Warren has Brody held captive, and finds out that she's a match, only to later find out from Doctor Fry that she can't donate because she's had chemotherapy. When Doctor Fry reveals that Sophie and Sebastian are staying in a private ward at Dee Valley University Hospital, Sienna realises that Warren has been lying to her because Warren told her that they were staying in a hospital outside the village. With the help of Maxine, Sienna manages to steal the twins back, only to be confronted by Joel. Joel tries to stop Sienna from taking the twins, but changes his mind when Sienna tells him that Warren is holding Brody captive. Damon and Liberty locate and rescue Brody, and Brody calls Sienna and tells her to leave with the twins on her own. Warren notices Sienna and she quickly turns on the car and speeds off with the twins, leaving Warren unable to catch up.

In March 2020, Sienna returns to the village with Sophie and Sebastian because the doctors found a donor for Sebastian in Chester. Sienna has no interest of working with Warren to raise Sophie and Sebastian but changes her mind after Warren reveals what happened in his past and realises he is genuine when he produces an insurance policy for if he flees with the twins again.

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