Sinead Louise Shelby (née O'Connor and Roscoe), is the daughter of Rob O'Connor and Morag O'Connor, adoptive daughter of Diane O'Connor and the sister of Finn O'Connor.

Biography Edit

Sinead develops an attraction to Taylor Sharpe (Shaun Blackstock), despite distraction from Taylor's brother Arlo Davenport (Travis Yates) they begin dating. Sinead reads Amber's diary and she claims that Rob has fathered the baby she is carrying. Sinead and Diane later uncover that Finn is the father of Amber's baby and she ends her relationship with Taylor. Rob's disgruntled ex-employee, Eva Strong (Sheree Murphy), steals Amber's diary and Sinead convinces Rob to reinstate Diane started when she was his pupil and Sinead's mother is still alive. Sinead and Ruby Button (Anna Shaffer) tease Esther Bloom (Jazmine Franks) after she pretends Sinead is her girlfriend.

Stephanie Davis was seen recording scenes with both Alex Fletcher and Kieron Richardson on Hollyoaks in July 2018

Introduction SequenceEdit

  • 2019-: Sinead blows a kiss to Hannah, and dances with Diane, Tony and Scott.
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