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Simon Walker was a corrupt police officer who had an explosive feud with Brendan Brady. In March 2013, Simon was killed when, during a fight with Brendan, Brendan kicked Simon who was struck by an oncoming train whilst in mid-air. His injuries sustained killed him immediately.



Not much is known about Walker's background other than he had a younger brother Cameron Walker and the he would later become a Detective. Walker knew Brendan before his arrival in Hollyoaks.

2012: Who is Walker ?[]

Walker is first seen in May 2012 after his released form Prison, Cindy Cunningham and Cheryl Brady like the look of Walker and decide to fight for his attention however Walker discovers that Cheryl is Brendan Brady's sister so he asks her on a date, which she accepts. Brendan offers him a place to stay as he felt he owed Walker after he saved his life in prison, which Walker accepts since he supposedly has no where to stay when Walker moves in Cheryl finds a bag of cash Brendan attacks Walker and asks for the truth in which Walker reveals lots from a drugs deal and a tempted Brendan asks Walker if he can start being part of them in which Walker agrees to let him the deals seem to be going well at first until Joel gets stabbed by one of Walker’s men after Joel offer his services. An angry Brendan tells Walker to leave, in which he does for a short period of time.

Brendan forces Walker to confess where the money is from

Walker returns some weeks later and pitches an idea to Brendan that they should do a heist in order of getting a million pounds, which Brendan thinks about but eventually agrees to do it so he and Cheryl will be able to move away from Hollyoaks to keep her safe from Sampson. However, Brendan thinks it’s a set up from Walker but Walker shoots a policeman when he catches up with Brendan and Walker during chase, Brendan hides and as Walker is found, however, Walker has a gun, as does the policeman. Walker tells the policeman not to get his gun as the policeman is about to release his gun but Walker is to fast for him and ends up shooting the policeman much to Brendan's surprise then he and Walker flee to a nearby café where Walker tells Brendan they should go their separate ways as the police officer only saw him which Brendan agrees so Brendan leaves and then Walker starts walking away revealing he was faking the limp. Walker meets up with his police contact Shawnee who slaps him in anger of him shooting the police officer who she says will need months of physical therapy to recover she tells him the undercover operation is over because Brendan thinks the police know Walker's face but he tells her he has a solution so the police arrest Sampson and Casper officially blaming the heist on them in the newspaper. Walker later is seen in a hospital room talking his younger brother Cameron who is in a catatonic state and we see a little moustache drawn on the side of his finger confirming he was one of the people Brendan had mentioned selling drugs to in the past. Walker tells him he's going to get Brendan locked up and then target the people he loves as revenge.

Walker shoots a Police officer.

Walker later returns to Chez Chez and tells Brendan that Sampson and Casper were arrested for the heist and the shooting Brendan questions where he heard this but Walker just tells him their safe and to just enjoy it. Later, Walker was questioned by the police after he was seen leaving Lynsey Nolan's flat around the time of her murder but denied having killed her. The next day, Walker interrupts Ally and Ash while they are having drinks and tells him to meet him later when he does Walker tells him to go pick up a package for him when Ally tries to refuse Walker threatens to tell everyone that he isn't the real Ally Gorman. Later, after delivering the package to Walker at Chez Chez. Walker tells him he wants him to try and get close to Brendan and gain his trust but Ally tells him their done and walks away. Later, Walker tries to threaten him again saying that their is a warrant out for his arrest but Ally says that he will tell Brendan that he is an undercover cop if he spills his secret Walker then tells him he has no idea what he would do to keep his secrets it is then shown in a flashback that Walker was in the flat when Lynsey was murdered but stood back and did nothing to ensure she would not tell Brendan his secret.

Sometime later, Walker gets called to the hospital where the doctor tells him that his brother's condition isn't going to improve and tries to suggest letting him pass away but Walker tells her he isn't going to give up on him. Later, he is told that Cam has an infection that has spread to his chest and that doing anything more to keep him alive would just prolong his suffering. Later, Cam dies. A devastated Walker then goes to Brendan's where they are having a dinner party including Ste, Doug, Cheryl, Theresa and Joel. Walker is quiet for the most part while everyone else is having fun. After everyone else has left Walker subtly warns Brendan telling him to appreciate his loved ones while he has them he then leaves.

Walker reveals he has a brother Cam.

Later, Walker is called by Brendan to help dispose of the dead body of Joel's step dad Mick Cornus who had abused Joel throughout his childhood and was still abusing his mother so Brendan abducted him in order to scare him into leaving Joel and his mother alone however after they had tied him up and put him into the boot of their car Cheryl stopped them just before they drove off and told them that their grandmother Flo had called and told her that she was dying and wanted them to come and be with her. Brendan reluctantly agrees when Cheryl refuses to take no for an answer and they drive off with Mick still in the trunk eventually they arrive at the fair where their grandmother works and after Cheryl steps out of the car Brendan and Joel drive off and stop in a indoor car park Brendan then leaves Joel with a tied up Mick so that he can have the power over Mick as Mick did when Joel was a child. However, when Brendan returns later, Joel is in the boot of the car and Mick has escaped, after which Mick uses Joel's phone to find his girlfriend Theresa, who had followed them there because she was suspicious. So Mick meets up with Theresa along with Cheryl and Flo and pretends to be on a friends stag do but got lost from his group he then sends Brendan and Joel a picture of him with Theresa and Flo to taunt them Cheryl and Flo decide to go to the nearest pub to get drunk while Theresa goes to meet Joel after Mick using Joel's phone sent her a message telling her to come and meet him Mick and Theresa walk together and Mick gives himself away after referring to Joel by name when she had not given that information away he then turns violent and punches her he then sees Brendan and Joel coming for him so he grabs her and pulls her into a haunted house attraction Brendan and Joel follow them and eventually they make it out to the other side after a brief confrontation where Mick mocks Joel Theresa manages to break free and Brendan and Joel immediately tackle him to the ground and violently beat him Brendan prepares to finish him off but Joel stops him he then checks on Theresa and tells her to go and wait for them at a hotel while they deal with Mick So they dangle him from a lighthouse to scare him and Mick agrees to leave however after Brendan and Joel pull him up Mick tries to attack Brendan but is pushed by Joel and he falls from the lighthouse thinking he is dead Brendan calls Walker for help and they load his body into the boot of Brendan's car Brendan decides that they should go back to the hotel for a rest before they decide how to deal with Mick's body Brendan and Walker end up sharing a room together Brendan says they can share the bed as their both adults as they lie down. Walker questions him about what happened to Mick but Brendan just tells him goodnight and turns to face away from him The next morning, after being pressured by Flo and Cheryl, Brendan finally agrees to drive straight to the holiday home. Some time later, they stop for a rest stop at a services while Walker waits outside reading. He hears banging coming from the boot of Brendan's car he opens it to find Mick still alive but badly injured Walker tells him he's a police officer and that he's going to make Brendan pay for everything he's done but in order to do that he needs to be able to send him down for murder he apologises to Mick and proceeds to suffocate him with the plastic sheet he was wrapped in finishing him off later while driving Brendan is pulled over by the police for speeding but Cheryl tells them that their Nana has collapsed and needs to be taken to a hospital so they allow them to go later at the hospital after Brendan and Cheryl step out of the room for a moment Walker goes in to see her and she tells him that she reads people for a living and she see's that he wants Brendan to think that he is like him but he really isn't Walker then leaves he talks to Brendan who tells him that they are going to move Mick's body first thing tomorrow morning he then goes to be with Flo and Cheryl while Walker goes outside and calls Shawnee telling her to set up a raid tomorrow morning. The next morning, the group are eating breakfast in a cafe when the police arrive lead by Shawnee and ask to search Brendan's car he complies and proceeds to open the boot of the car which is empty much to Walker's shock the police leave Walker questions Brendan as to where the body is but he ignores him and comments about how he didn't look at all nervous as the police were opening up the boot of the car implying he is suspicious of him later a frustrated Walker meets up with Shawnee who tells him that they have to drop the investigation into Brendan Brady. Walker grows even more frustrated and after a brief argument he grabs Shawnee but she twists his arm and slams him on the car. The next morning, Shawnee goes into a trashed prison cell and asks Walker if he's calmed down yet she asks him if he really thinks he still has Brendan's trust and tells him he has 24 hours to get evidence on him otherwise they will close the investigation. meanwhile Brendan takes Mick's body into an shed and proceeds to cut off the hands and feet Walker calls him on his phone and tries to convince Brendan to tell him where he is to let him help eventually Brendan seemingly relents and gives him an address but when Walker shows up there he finds it empty and proceeds to angrily kick a tire meanwhile Cheryl finds Brendan cutting up the body and runs out horrified upsetting Brendan later Walker confronts an upset Brendan at the hotel room and continues trying to get him to reveal where the body is but Brendan is too upset that Cheryl will never forgive him which further frustrates walker to the point that he insults Brendan and then insults Cheryl causing Brendan to grab him and a brief fight ensues which ends with Brendan on top of Walker on the ground we then see a shaken up Walker washing himself in the bathroom he calls Shawnee and tells her he tried something to gain his trust we then see in a flashback that he kissed Brendan and had sex with him Walker tells Shawnee that Brendan would die for his loved ones and that's just fine with him. The next day, Brendan arrives at the hospital to drive Flo to the holiday home and Cheryl tells him that she's only there for Flo Brendan then gets a phone call from Joel who along with Theresa has ran away and are planning on fleeing the country he tells Brendan to watch his back around Walker as he thinks there's something off about him afterwards Brendan searches his room and finds Walker's phone he see's mom on the list of contacts aka Shawnee he then changes it so that the next time Walker calls that number, it will phone him instead. Later, Brendan, Flo, Cheryl and Walker all finally arrive at the holiday home and after entering Walker tries to make some friendly banter but Brendan remains cold and distant and walks away and thinks back to his childhood he then talks with his grandmother alone and she confesses that she knew that his father was sexually abusing him when he was a child but was to afraid to do anything to prevent it meanwhile Walker talks to Cheryl on the beach who tells him that she knows about the body Walker asks her what she's going to do and she tells him that Brendan's gone too far this time and walks away later after Brendan has killed his grandmother he sits down with Walker on the beach and asks him what his dad was like to which Walker tells him that he had a good relationship with him and he was always there for him Brendan then tells him about the abuse he suffered as a child but tells him that he's going to stop letting the past destroy his life Brendan then gets up to go talk to Cheryl after she tells him that he is dead to her and she wants nothing to do with him and leaves he smashes up the house in a blind rage and after having a second to calm down he gets a call from walker who thinks he's talking to Shawnee he tells her that Brendan poured his heart out to him and that they've got him Brendan then replies much to walker's shock but before either of them can say anything else the house explodes greatly injuring Brendan. After the events of Hollyoaks Later, while Brendan is up in hospital recovering from the explosion, Walker tells Brendan much to Brendan’s anger, Walker then tells Brendan that his going to destroy him and go after everyone one he cares about and also confesses to Brendan that he watched Lynsey die and he knew who the killer was but isn't going to tell him. Worried for his family’s safety, Brendan rushes to get his gun for protection, while Walker bumps into Brendan's lover Ste Hay and holds him at gunpoint. Brendan is helping his sister Cheryl Brady get out of her car since Walker put a suppose bomb on the car. Cheryl eventually gets out and is safe after that Brendan arrives to where Walker is holding a gun at Ste and the two argue eventually Brendan launches at Walker and a struggle ensures during which Walker fires the gun and the bullet hit Riley Costello who was running towards Mitzeee Minniver, Walker calmly walks off as Mitzeee is seen crying and trying to make Riley stay conscious while Brendan is in utter shock, Riley later dies in hospital, much to Mitzeee's devastation. After this, Walker later calls Brendan, revealing that he has his son, Declan, and is planning on injecting him with drugs until he overdoses. Brendan, Ste and Doug find Declan unconscious in a lock-up and get him to the hospital. Walker sends Brendan a video message and, believing Declan to be dead, says that it is goodbye, however Declan survives and Walker goes on the run from the police, over the death of Riley.

2013: Final Showdown[]

Walker is later seen in late January 2013, after he’s tracked down by a very revengeful Carl Costello (Riley's father) he and Mitzeee Minniver decide to avenge the death of Riley however eventually Mitzeee decided to go against the revenge plot and was going to inform Brendan of Walker's return. However, Brendan was away in Ireland and Mitzeee left her sister Maxine Minniver in charge to telling Brendan. Walker later found out about Maxine's knowledge and tricked her into going against Brendan, she was later kidnapped after figuring out the truth Walker enlisted the help of Kevin Foster who was revealed to be helping Walker keep Maxine shut Walker beat Kevin up more than once if he didn't follow what he says even going as far as telling Kevin to kill Maxine in which Kevin does not end up doing, Brendan later finds out Walker is back when he finds his father Seamus tied up Brendan tries to fight Walker however Walker knocks him out unknown to them Walker is recording and Seamus apologises to Brendan about sexually assaulting him.

After this stunt, Brendan puts his foot down and meets Walker at some train tracks after a car chase between the two, things went head to head when Walker and Brendan had an intense fight Walker seemed to get the upper hand in the fight and had Brendan over the railings threatening his family and reveals his going to kill Brendan to however Brendan gets a burst of second wind and kicks Walker into an oncoming train killing him, putting Walker’s reign to an end. However, Walker’s legacy was far from over as Cheryl received DVD copies by Walker that had Seamus apologising to Brendan over the sexual abuse, much to Cheryl’s disgust so much she ends up killing Seamus by shooting him the back, as he is about to attack Brendan. Brendan later confesses to his three murders, including Walker's and taking the wrap of Seamus in order to stop Cheryl from take the wrap. He is later taken to prison.

Kill Count[]


  1. Mick Cornus, 12th September 2012 - Suffocated with a plastic sheet to frame Brendan Brady for murder.
  2. Riley Costello, 3rd October 2012 (accidental) - Accidentally shot while he and Brendan were in a struggle over a gun. Walker fires which results in Riley being fatally shot.

Murders/Deaths connected to[]

  1. Lynsey Nolan, 29th June 2012 - After discovering Walker was an undercover cop working to take down her friend Brendan, Walker went to confront her at her home, however, an angry Paul Browning shows up to make sure she doesn’t tell anyone about his lover Mercedes having stabbed herself and framed Mitzeee Minniver for it. Walker goes to hide in another room while Lynsey talks to Browning but things escalate resulting in Browning shoving Lynsey onto the sofa and as he starts strangling her. She calls out to Walker for help but he decides to let her die to ensure she didn't tell Brendan about him.

Attempted murders[]

  1. Ste Hay, 2nd October 2012 - Prepared to shoot Ste to hurt Brendan as revenge for his brother Cam but Brendan showed up and he and Walker got into a struggle with the gun which went off accidentally hitting Riley Costello.
  2. Declan Brady, 3rd October 2012 - Abducted him and injected him with a large dose of drugs so he would die the same way Walker’s brother did but he was saved by Brendan Brady, Ste Hay and Doug Carter.
  3. Kevin Foster, 15th March 2013 - Brutally beat him up and left him for dead after he allowed Maxine Minniver to leave after they had been holding her captive but he was found by Nate Tenbury and taken to hospital.
  4. Ste Hay, 18th March 2013 - Locked him and Cheryl Brady in a small trailer and left them to die from lack of oxygen but he and Cheryl were saved by Doug Carter and Nate Tenbury.
  5. Cheryl Brady, 18th March 2013 - Locked her and Ste in a small trailer and left them to die from lack of oxygen but she and Ste were rescued.
  6. Seamus Brady, 18th March 2013 - After abducting him and Brendan Brady and making him admit to abusing Brendan as a child. Walker tried to force Brendan to bludgeon Seamus to death with a metal pole but Brendan attacked Walker instead.
  7. Brendan Brady, 19th March 2013 - After luring him to a train track, Walker tried to kill Brendan and after a brief fight Brendan gained the upper hand and kicked Walker into the path of an oncoming train killing him.