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Sienna Blake (previously Bradley) is the daughter of Anna and Patrick Blake, the twin sister of Dodger Savage, the half-sister of Will and Liberty Savage, and Minnie Minniver, the ex-wife of Ben Bradley, the mother of Nico, Sebastian and Sophie Blake, and the grandmother of Victoria Blake.

She is the biological mother of Nico Blake, who was born in 2000 when Sienna was 13 years old, to Sienna and her brother, Dodger. Sienna is also the mother to Sebastian and Sophie Blake, fathered by her then fiancé and gangster, Warren Fox. She is the twin sister of Dodger Savage, as well as the half-sister of Will and Liberty Savage on her mother's side, and Minnie Minniver on her father's side. Sienna is also the ex-wife of Ben Bradley.

Sienna was one of two children born to Anna and Patrick Blake in December 1986. A mentally ill Anna attempted to kill herself, Sienna and Dodger, but they all survived. Anna left, taking Dodger with her and convincing Patrick that he was dead. Thirteen year old Sienna later met a boy at school and slept with him, unaware that he was Dodger and vice versa. Sienna later discovered she was pregnant and gave birth whilst being held captive in the basement of their home by her father, Patrick. Sienna named the baby Sophie, but Patrick told Sienna that the baby was stillborn and put her up for adoption, not even letting Sienna hold her.

She is the aunt of Faith, who she was intending to adopt, and co-parents her with her biological parents Liberty and Brody.

By the 2020s, Sienna would embark on a same sex relationship with the just as manipulative and devious Summer Ranger however they're relationship comes to an end when Summer is imprisoned for Brody's murder. Sienna would soon turn to the underworld and would show enjoyment and highly satisfying after shes employed by gangland boss Norma Crow by May 2022.


1986-2012: Backstory[]

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2012: Arrival to meeting Dodger[]

In November 2012, Dodger Savage tracked Patrick Blake down and decided to visit him. When he visited, him he met Sienna. Dodger and friend Darren Osborne, introduced themselves under the pretence of carrying out a consensus. Sienna allowed them into her house. Patrick questioned if they are official, and when he discovered they were not, he assumed that Dodger and Darren are trying to con him. Dodger revealed that he was Patrick's son, but Patrick told him that his son died.

Dodger proved his identity to Patrick, who introduced her to his twin sister, Sienna. Sienna asked Dodger how much he would want paying to not interfere with her family, and Dodger threw her out. They bumped into each other later on and Dodger told Sienna about their mother, telling her that Anna didn't forget about her and talked to him about her.

Sienna took a disliking to her half-brother, Will Savage, especially when she discovered that Will had slept with Dodger's girlfriend, Texas Longford. Sienna tried to reconcile Dodger and Texas, to Will's anger.

2013: Relationship with Darren & Feud with Nancy[]

Sienna later moved to the village and was hired as a barmaid at The Dog in the Pond. Sienna befriended Darren and Nancy Osborne, but took a romantic liking to Darren. When she discovered that Nancy was addicted to painkillers, she used it to her advantage to portray Nancy as a bad mother and get closer to Darren.

Sienna sleeps with Darren but ensures that Nancy catches them. No one believes Nancy's accusations that Sienna is trying to steal her life and family. Sienna then tells Nancy to run away with Oscar and Charlie Dean, but when Nancy leaves, Sienna harms herself and fills her flat with gas to make it appear that Nancy has tried to kill her. The police believe that Nancy has abducted her own children and a police chase results in Nancy's car hanging off the edge of a multi-storey car park. Sienna is delighted when her plan sees Nancy sectioned. When Sienna realises that Darren still loves Nancy, she pretends to be pregnant. She fakes scans and appointments while trying to get pregnant, but she becomes more unstable as the lie escalates. Problems in the Osborne household arise from Esther Bloom and Tom Cunningham who still support Nancy. She attempts to manipulate the situation but Tom begins to suspect that Sienna is lying about her pregnancy and catches her. Tom decides to plant a hidden camera and discovers that Sienna has been wearing a prosthetic baby bump.

2013: Kidnapping of Tom Cunningham and Revelation of Fake Pregnancy[]

When an explosion occurs in the local council flats, Sienna kidnaps Tom. She tells him that he caused the explosion and Darren has died. She locks him in the cellar of her childhood home and holds him captive bringing him food daily. Tom is declared missing and a police investigation is launched. Sienna convinces Chloe Chance to sell her unborn baby to her. Tom manages to escape and Nancy is released from the secure unit. While there, Sienna found her family, Dirk, Patrick, Dennis Savage, Maxine Minniver and Martha Kane kidnapped and held hostage by Will, and discovers that he killed their mother. She becomes angry and disowns him for what he did. Will is later arrested for his murders of Anna and Texas after Dodger comes to their rescue. After Tom escapes the basement and tells Nancy everything, she confronts Sienna and rips her dress revealing that she is not pregnant. An upset Sienna then tries to convince her brother, Dodger, to run away, but she attempts to kiss him. Sienna then abducts Tom, Charlie and Oscar and locks them in the Roscoes' garage. She tries to kill them with exhaust fumes, but they are saved and Sienna is sectioned.

2014: Relationship with Dodger Savage[]

Sienna starts to get jealous of Dodger being with other women, and when Dodger is having a drink with Mercedes McQueen, she pretends that she has been mugged just so that she can spend time with Dodger. Sienna's love for Dodger grows and while he is sleeping on the sofa in Sienna's flat, Sienna kisses him on his lips. After a confrontation on the boat, Sienna accidentally stabs Dodger in the leg when he tries to walk out on their argument. Sienna later finds out that Dodger is the father of Nico after Patrick accidentally lets it slip and to keep Sienna from telling Dodger, he locks her in the school's boiler room. Tom later discovers her and she begs him to help her, but he leaves her there for revenge after she did the same to him. Nico's prank puts Sienna in danger as a large amount of gas begins to leak into the boiler room and when Tom reveals that Sienna is trapped in there, they go to the boiler room only to find that Sienna has disappeared. While Nico believes Tom was trying to prank her, Patrick knows that Sienna has escaped. Patrick later finds Sienna back at the flat where she tells him she is going to tell Dodger about Nico and locks Patrick in his bedroom to make sure that he cannot stop her. Sienna goes to the boat to tell Dodger but fails to do so when Dodger orders her to leave, making Sienna realise that she cannot tell him. For revenge for Patrick not allowing her to tell Dodger about Nico, Sienna runs over Patrick in Maxine's car and frames Maxine, leading to her arrest, however, she is later released. After suffering injuries from a train crash and needing a kidney transplant, Nico asks Sienna who her father is and after Sienna gets angry and storms off, Dodger tries to question her about why she won't tell Nico who her real father is and pressuring Sienna causes her to reveal that Dodger is Nico's father. Dodger does not believe Sienna and starts to think that she is mentally ill again, but when Sienna kidnaps Dodger and takes him hostage to an abandoned building, Sienna's love for Dodger grows even more as she gets into Dodger's bed while he is sleeping after getting drunk the night before with Sienna, although Sienna didn't drink anything, and tells Dodger that he forced her to sleep with him. Disgusted at what he has done, Dodger decides to leave the village. When Nico wants to find her father for Christmas, Peri helps her and finds some evidence. When Sienna, Dodger, Maxine and Patrick are all at The Dog for Minnie's christening, she confronts them believing Patrick is her father, but Dodger reveals that he is, even though Sienna did not want him to tell Nico. This also upsets Maxine and she also gets angry at Dodger. Nico runs off thinking her family would be better off without her. After Dodger tells Sienna that he cannot be a father to Nico, Sienna kidnaps Dodger and handcuffs him to the radiator in the basement of Anna's house where she tries to keep her family together for Christmas. Having Nico in the basement as well, Dodger tells Nico to release him while Sienna is out although she doesn't after thinking Dodger doesn't like her anymore and thinks Dodger finds her disgusting, but when Nico escapes, she falls and lies unconscious. When Sienna finds out, she tries to look for Nico. Nico is rushed to the hospital, which leaves Dodger alone in the basement with Sienna. Sienna tries to get her happy ending and on Christmas Day, she makes herself a wedding dress and tries to make a wedding in the basement for her and Dodger, but Dodger says they cannot have a wedding without Nico and reveals he will marry her if she lets him go but Sienna doesn't believe him and tells him to prove it by kissing her. Dodger agrees, but when Sienna leans in for the kiss, Dodger pushes her away, telling her that this isn't right. After Sienna and Dodger have a talk about how their Christmas should have been like when they were children and Dodger promises to support Sienna and help her get better, she uncuffs Dodger and agrees to get help. When in the car, Sienna starts to think that Dodger will not visit her in the psychiatric unit and tries to make him stop driving. As Dodger is distracted from the road, he runs over Sinead O'Connor and Dodger falls unconscious in the car after hitting his head. Not knowing what to do, Sienna leaves Sinead in the road and takes Dodger back to the basement.

2015-2016: Protecting Nico for murdering Carly Bradley[]

Sienna later gets a job at Price Slice after impressing the manager, Simone Loveday, at a trial shift and breaks up with Ben after Patrick manipulates her. However, she reconciles with him and cancels her father's life assurance policy as revenge for manipulating her and planning to leave her and Nico nothing in his will. Sienna is furious when Reenie McQueen begins dating Charles S'Avage for his money, and after exchanging insults, Sienna pushes Reenie down the city stairs. After Reenie is discharged from the hospital, she slaps Sienna and destroys her wicker remake of the Titanic as revenge for nearly killing her. This leads to Reenie's arrest. Sienna then reconciles with Ben. However, she catches him with Nancy, believing them to be seeing each other. She ransacks Ben's house with Nico and discovers a perfume bottle similar to the one Nancy uses. She then storms into The Dog and throws the bottle of perfume at her. Sienna and Nancy then descend into a physical fight, in which Frankie Osborne and Pete Buchanan break up, and Sienna is ejected from the pub. Sienna then hides in the wardrobe in Nancy's bedroom while she is getting ready to go to sleep. Nancy brings a glass of water with her. While Nancy goes to the bathroom, Sienna spikes her drink with sleeping tablets as revenge for allegedly sleeping with Ben. However, the next day, Sienna discovers Nancy has not been sleeping with Ben. However, she and Nico catch Ben hugging his daughter, Carly, believing her to be his mistress. Not knowing that she is Ben's daughter, Sienna and Nico follow Carly home. When Sienna arrives at the house, she assaults Carly, causing them to physically fight. As they fight, Nico strikes Carly over the head with a paperweight, believing she has killed her. When Sienna and Nico are transporting Carly to hospital, Sienna discovers Carly has died from her head injuries inflicted by Nico. Dr. S'avage attempts to help Sienna and Nico cover up Carly's murder, however this fails and the police get involved. Sienna and Nico are left stunned when Ben reveals that Carly was his daughter.

2016-2017: Affair with Trevor Royle and Relationship with Warren Fox[]

Sienna started an unlikely affair with Trevor Royle when the two opened up with one another they sleep together but Trevor finally puts it to a stop when he chooses Grace Black but her daughter Nico Blake found out of the affair and sneakily stabs Trevor on his wedding day and he later dies in Grace's arms just after they get married, Warren Fox is released from prison and Sienna knows he is using Maxine Minniver to get money from the flat, The two fall for each other when after the pair team up to get Maxine Minniver put in prison. Whilst the investigation is ongoing they continue to work together. This prevents him from running away with Sienna after Nancy and Darren Osborne set her up for her fathers murder. Sienna goes to prison to cover for her daughter Nico Blake. Later Nico caused by accidentally trapping her in a lift whilst trying to stop Cameron. When Warren finds out he and Maxine visit Sienna in prison and convince her to change her statement. Warren helps Sienna in finding Nico and then goes in to rescue the pair when the Halloween maze is set on fire by Cameron Campbell. In doing so he makes the decision to save Sienna instead of Nico, resulting in Nico's death. Despite telling Sienna that he loves her at the hospital, she blames him for not saving Nico and begins a revenge plan. After a while, Warren believes he and Sienna have reconnected and she's moved on. However, unbeknownst to him she's been going behind his back to make herself look like she had a stalker and get to his son Joel. Warren learns of this scheme after Sienna knocks out Joel and accidentally starts a fire in the garage. After they all got out Warren confronted Sienna and was moments away from killing her. However, after Joel intervenes he stops and kisses Sienna, saying that was their goodbye kiss.

2017: Sienna pregnant with twins and Cancer diagnosis[]

A short while later, whilst delivering her daughters clothing, Sienna vowed to get Warren back but Warren once again kept away. After Warren's son Joel was in some trouble with Shane, Sienna intervened by poisoning him but was eventually told to keep out of it by Warren. After this Sienna convinced Shane to fake kidnap her and ended up calling the police on him to set him up. Warren, believing Sienna had really been kidnapped went to rescue her and the pair ended up sleeping together. The reunion didn't last long however, when Warren learned what Sienna had really done he told her that he didn't love her. A few weeks later, despite initially being ignored by Warren, she informs him that she's pregnant, Warren demands sienna to take a pregnancy test. Sienna takes the test, while waiting for the result the pair start to argue about it then learn their going to be parents. They start to sort out on how they are going to be a mum and dad to the baby and Sienna moves back in the flat. Later Warren goes to see James and tells him that he and Sienna are having a baby and that he wants full custody of the baby, without Sienna knowing.

A month later sienna starts to have some stomach pains and a bit of blood as well and thinks something wrong with the baby so she goes to the hospital. On her way to the hospital she bumps into Warren and tells him what happening but Warren thinks it's probably nothing but sienna tells him more than decide that they should go to the hospital. At the hospital sienna is having her scan and the doctor says there's nothing wrong, then reveals that the couple are having twins.

Months later Warren and Sienna find out their twins' genders, they are having a boy and girl.

2017-2018: Missing Sophie[]

One of Sienna's babies Sophie had been kidnapped by there dad and has gone on the run with her, leaving Sienna with their son, Sebastian. Sienna's world has been turned upside down when Warren's taken Sophie, and her mental health has returned. With Joel by Sienna and Sebastian's side she feels protected, but that's when her mental health starts to come in the way and thinking Joel is working with Warren to try and take her other baby away from her. As well thinks other people are trying to take Sebastian, too.

2018-: Cancer, Love Triangle and Stalker[]

After it is revealed that the cancer never abandoned Sienna, Joel decides to help her with everything. Sienna and Joel starts a relationship and the treatment goes good but Sienna notices the feelings of Joel and Cleo McQueen. Not willing to let her to stay with Joel, Sienna lies and says that the cancer has returned. Misbah Maalik finds out that Sienna is lying about her cancer and confronts her. Sienna later finds a teddy bear and is shocked when it says it knows she's lying about her cancer. She confronts Misbah since she is the only one who knows the truth but she denies everything. Sienna is left unsettled when she finds a countdown on her laptop. Joel arrives at her flat and tells her that him and Cleo are back together and an angry Sienna confesses that there is no cancer. Joel calls her insane and she slaps him. He tells her to never speak to him again leaving Sienna alone. Sienna returns home to find her flat decorated with Christmas decorations. She finds an envelope with a locket in it and in the locket there's a picture of Sienna and Ben. She meets up with Ben in the Hutch but his son Josh Bradley shows up instead and confronts Sienna for ruining his father's life. He follows Sienna home and he smells gas, quickly turning off the cooker. Sienna is left scared and tells Josh that someone is out to get her.

Over the next few weeks, Sienna goes crazy accusing Cleo of being her stalker and attacking her. She starts to believe that Darren is her stalker and when she asks him to fix a leak in her flat, she knocks him out. She handcuffs him to a radiator and forces him to confess but he convinces her that it's not him. Sienna waits anxiously for the countdown to reach zero and when it does there's a knock at the door. When she answers the door she finds a toy monkey in the hallway, she runs outside to find who delivered it but can't find the stalker. She returns inside feeling more terrified than ever. Upon returning to the flat she is shocked to find a hooded figure holding Sebastian who is revealed to be Nico. Sienna confronts Nico and she explained how she escaped from the fire. Sienna calls Joel for help but Cleo answers and she doesn't believe Sienna when she says that Nico is alive. An angry Nico attacks Sienna and stabs her before fleeing. An injured Sienna goes outside into the village and hands Sebastian to Joel before collapsing.

2018: Fake Death, Sebastian Kidnapped, Protecting Nico, Nico's Death and Arrest[]

Sienna is lying in her hospital bed and admits to Joel, Myra, Maxine, Minnie and Grace that they were always her family and that she wasn't alone. She begs Joel and Myra to look after Sebastian and to make sure he knows that she loves him. She goes into cardiac arrest and Myra, Maxine, Grace and Joel are rushed out of the room as doctors try to resuscitate her. The nurse and Josh Bradley explain that Sienna has died and Maxine breaks down in tears, whilst Joel and Myra rush into the room and see Sienna lying there lifelessly. Joel prays at the end of the hospital bed asks God to clear Sienna of her sins and for her to rest in peace. Myra sobs at Sienna's side whilst Joel places the white sheet over Sienna and they both leave the room, still sobbing. After her death several residents including Grace, Maxine, Tom and Simone Loveday mourn her. The police decide to use Sienna's funeral to catch Nico, however, Myra and Joel refuse at first but decide that it is the only way to catch Nico. On the day of the funeral, Nico takes Sebastian who was taken to the hospital by Sally after falling ill. Nico makes her way towards the hospital roof because the police had swarmed the hospital. She was being followed by someone dressed in black who is revealed to be Sienna, still alive, leaving Nico shocked. It is revealed that Sienna was working with several police officers, including Josh to catch Nico.

Sienna confronts Nico on the rooftop demanding that she hands over Sebastian. Sienna persuades Nico to hand herself in, until Nico pulls down her jumper revealing she's heavily pregnant. Nico begs Sienna to help her change and become a better person but before Sienna can say anything Warren shows up. He tells Sienna that Sophie has her eyes and that they can now be a proper family and he forces her to choose between him and the twins or Nico. An emotional Sienna tells Nico that she needs to face justice but Nico is furious and pushes Sienna towards the edge of the roof and as she does, Warren snatches Sebastian before running away and locking the door. Josh heads to the roof but Sienna and Nico are nowhere to be found. Sienna runs into her own wake begging for help leaving the villagers speechless. Joel takes Sienna into the bathroom wanting an explanation and Sienna tells him that Warren is back but he refuses to believe her. Sienna runs out to save Sebastian and catches up to Warren, but he drives off leaving Sienna crying hysterically in the village. It is later revealed that Sienna is hiding a pregnant Nico away in her flat since Nico is the only family she has left.

Sienna blackmails Darren into giving her £2,000 since she knows about his affair with Mandy Richardson. Sienna runs into Leela in Price Slice and Leela asks if they can catch up but even though Sienna makes excuses, Leela lets herself into her flat almost catching Nico in the process. Nico is furious to discover that Peri has a new best friend, Harley Frater. While at Harley's birthday party, Nico tries to hurt Harley by pushing her down the steps but Sienna stops her. Believing Nico to be a danger to herself, Sienna locks Nico in her room. Nico starts to become bored inside her room so Sienna suggests that she does knitting. While knitting, Nico hides a needle up her sleeve. Nico unlocks the door with the needle and tries to escape but Joel arrives asking Sienna why she is moving, so Nico hides. Nico knocks something and Sienna kisses Joel to distract him, shocking him. Sienna takes Nico for her scan but panics when she disappears. Nico arrives home in labour and Sienna helps deliver her baby, whom she names Victoria. Sienna is alarmed when she overhears Nico telling her baby that she is going to kill Peri and confronts her over this. Realising how evil Nico is, Sienna calls Joel to come to the flat. When he arrives, Sienna gives him Victoria and tells him to take Victoria to the hospital. Nico comes out of her room and notices that Victoria is missing and she attacks Sienna after realising that she gave her away. Leela arrives and pulls Nico off Sienna and accidentally pushes Nico against a table. Believing Nico to be dead, Leela apologises to Sienna but Nico wakes up and screams "I hate you" at Sienna. Nico pushes Leela and tries to kill Sienna with a glass vase but Sienna hits her with a doorstop, killing her. A distraught Sienna decides to call the police but Leela convinces her to go to Spain. Sienna visits Victoria in hospital to say goodbye and Joel comes in. She tells Joel that Victoria is Nico's baby and they have a heart-to-heart. Sienna meets up with Josh in the village and confesses to killing Nico and Josh arrests her, but before he takes her away, Sienna says goodbye to Joel.

2018: Release from prison, becoming a teacher at Hollyoaks High and relationship with Brody Hudson[]

In September 2018, Sienna returns after she is released from prison. She is greeted by Nancy who wants Sienna to help her ruin Darren's life, the way she ruined hers. She tells Nancy that the new Sienna doesn't do revenge. Sienna and Kyle Kelly take Nancy out to The Loft to make Darren jealous. Liberty tries to reconnect with Sienna but she isn't interested. After Liberty breaks up with Brody Hudson, she moves in with Sienna. Sienna berates Brody over cheating on Liberty, unaware of the recent revelation of his sexual abuse from Buster Smith. Sienna tries to apologise and she confides in him about Patrick and they almost kiss but Liberty catches them. Liberty moves out but Sienna apologises and they reconcile. Sienna is determined become a teacher at Hollyoaks High but is turned down by Sally. When she hears Nancy call in sick, she decides to take her class. Sally is furious and is about to take action but Imran Maalik tells her that the lesson was enjoyable so she relents and decides to give Sienna a chance. While teaching a class, Sienna wrongly accuses autistic teenager Brooke Hathaway of stealing a model heart and shouts at her before grabbing her by the arm causing her to have a meltdown. Sienna begins to doubt her career over this, however, Laurie Shelby convinces her it was just a mistake. Liberty gives Sienna her blessing to be with Brody. Sienna supports Brody through Buster's trial and is relieved when he is found guilty.

2019: Sexual Harassment by Laurie Shelby[]

In January 2019, Sienna turns to Laurie for advice on how to control Juliet Quinn, but is left feeling uncomfortable when he holds onto her waist for too long. The next day, she confronts him over this but he claims that she misread the situation and gives her a week of work as compensation. Laurie continues to play mind games with Sienna and when Sienna wobbles while standing on a ladder he puts his hand on Sienna to steady her. Later, Laurie asks her out for a drink but she says they should not go on a date and Laurie makes her feel like she jumped to conclusions. After having a fight with Laurie's wife Sinead Shelby, Sienna invites him over to have pizza with herself and Brody but Sinead invites herself along. Laurie suggests they play truth or dare and it takes a dark turn when he dares Sienna to streak around the village. Laurie intimidates Sienna and kisses her but tells her that she came onto him and Laurie later confides in Sally that Sienna kissed him. Sinead is convinced that they are having an affair and humiliates Sienna at the charity ball by pouring punch over her. Laurie tells Brody that Sienna kissed him and he confronts her but Sienna tells him what Laurie has been doing to her and Brody promises to stick by her. Laurie suggest that Sienna comes on the camping trip with the school kids, much to Sinead's anger. Before they leave, Laurie rips up his tent to make it unusable. Laurie offers to sleep outside but later chucks water over himself blaming it on Charlie. Sienna allows him to sleep in the tent with her. During the night, Laurie puts his arm over her but claims he was asleep and mistook her for Sinead. Sienna is left shaken the next morning and Laurie tells Brody that him and Sienna shared a tent together. Sienna emotionally confides in Brody about how terrified she was. Sienna tries to record Laurie confessing but he realises what she is trying to do and threatens her. Sienna tells Brody and Liberty that she will tell Sally about Laurie . At the Easter fete, Laurie tries to persuade Sienna not to tell Sally but then blackmails her saying that she was harassing him. Laurie organises a game where two people dive into a ball pit to win a free meal. Coincidentally, Laurie and Sienna are picked and when no one is looking, Laurie grabs Sienna's bum. This pushes her over the edge, causing her to slap Laurie, shocking the crowd. Sienna tells Sally everything, however, Laurie convinces Sally that Sienna is in the wrong. Brody becomes fed up with Laurie and bundles him into a car and drives off. He tries to force Laurie to confess but he brings up Buster causing Brody to break down. The school board decide to drop the allegations against Laurie and he is allowed to return to work. When Sienna notices that Laurie switched the books with The Taming of The Shrew she has a meltdown which is witnessed by Sally who warns her that she could lose her job. Sienna goes to the hospital to speak to Sinead and Sinead lets it slip that Laurie goes to anger management. Sienna returns to the school and knocks Laurie unconscious with a stapler and ties him up in order to get him to confess. Laurie unties himself and tries to attack Sienna but she locks him in the room and threatens him with a fire extinguisher. Brody and Liberty arrive and Brody tries to convince Sienna not to hurt Laurie or she will go to prison. Sinead reports Laurie to the police for raping her and Sienna and Sinead have an emotional heart to heart and agree to be there for each other. Sally arrives and tells them that she is on there side and that Laurie will not get away with it. However, Sinead is arrested for giving the police the wrong information about the night Laurie raped her and he is allowed return to work. Nancy invites him to go for a drink and afterwards she meets up with Sienna where it is revealed that they are working together to bring Laurie down.

In June 2019, Sienna watches Laurie tear down posters that say "Free Sinead". Laurie confronts Sienna in the corridor. When he accuses her of being behind it, she points out that he has no evidence to support his accusations and teases him. Sally meets with Laurie and Sienna about Laurie's accusations, which he is unable to prove. When Laurie has a tantrum, Sally gives him a telling off. Later that day, Laurie accuse Sally of being on Sienna's side and continues to wind her up, bringing up Neeta. This causes Sally to snap and lash out at Laurie in front of Sienna and a large group of students. The next day, Sally is suspended for "workplace bullying" and Sienna is horrified when Sally reveals that Laurie is now the acting head teacher. Sienna tells Nancy that they need to up their game to get Laurie to confess. Nancy meets Laurie for a drink in an attempt to get him to confess, but when she starts having flashbacks of John Paul telling Nancy that Finn raped him, Jake trying to force himself on her, and Finn trying to rape her, Nancy makes her excuses and rushes off. Nancy texts Sienna saying that she couldn't get Laurie to confess and that she can't help anymore. Sienna is introduced by Liberty to Georgia, Laurie's former colleague who he paid off and made sign a non-disclosure agreement about Laurie sexually assaulting her. Georgia was tracked down by Liberty's fiancé Sami Maalik to convince her to bring a case against Laurie after Sinead pleaded guilty to giving misinformation about the night Laurie raped her. However, Laurie approached Georgia later that day and she rushes off, after realising that she can't go through everything with Laurie again.

The next day, Sienna is horrified when Laurie tells her that he will resume his role as her mentor. Brody talks to Sinead about potentially finding others that Laurie had attacked. She mentions a waitress from their wedding whom she suspected did something with Laurie, and a shop assistant who hit Laurie with a shoe, but Sinead asks him to drop it. However, Brody and Sienna look for other potential victims. Sienna manages to find the waitress, Jessica, and Brody finds the shop assistant, Rhonda. Jessica reveals to Brody and Sienna that she had consensual sex with Laurie, however, Rhonda tells them about when Laurie tried to rape her and that's why she hit him with a shoe, that he threatened her and that she kept quiet so she didn't lose her job and could support her daughter. Brody comforts Rhonda and tries to convince her to speak up but she's scared that nobody will believe her and rushes off. The next day, Sienna and Brody tell Sinead about what they found out, and Sinead and Sienna agree to come up with a plan to ensure that Laurie never hurts anyone else ever again. Brody and Sami initially convince Sinead and Sienna to change their minds, as Sinead would be breaking her bail conditions and Sienna would lose her job, but they both sneak out and head to the school to confront Laurie. At the school, Laurie tries to attack Sinead's mum, Diane Hutchinson, after she stands up to him and calls him pathetic. He chases her to the balcony with Sinead and Sienna in pursuit behind them. Sinead tries to pull Laurie off Diane, but Laurie pushes her off. As Diane tries to stop Laurie attacking her, Sinead shoves Laurie, causing him to fall over the balcony and crash onto a table below, hitting his head on the ground. Laurie has a seizure, and Sinead performs CPR on him. Sienna asks Sinead if she's still in love with Laurie, which she responds "no" but she's better than him. The police arrive and Sinead and Sienna tell D.S. Jones that Laurie attempted to rape Diane. Sinead confesses to pushing Laurie over the balcony. Sinead is arrested for breaking her bail conditions and Diane is taken to the police station to be examined. Sienna confronts Laurie in the hospital and tells him that she's going to make sure that he never hurts another woman ever again. Laurie apologises but Sienna doesn't believe him. He begs her not to kill him. Sienna points out that she was never going to kill him, but wanted to know what it feels like to be powerless. Just as Laurie threatens to make Sienna pay, D.S. Jones arrives and arrests Laurie for the attempted rape of Diane and informs him that they have CCTV video footage of the attack. She smiles at Sienna, who smiles back. Sienna visits Sinead and Diane and they all hug.

The next day, Sally tells Sienna that, until the CPS bring a case against Laurie, she will remain suspended. She tells Sienna to be prepared if the student have any questions regarding Laurie as Nancy will be talking to them. Sienna offers to manage the class whilst Nancy speaks with the governors, telling Sienna that she will speak to them about Laurie when she gets back. Imran asks Sienna if Laurie is going to prison and Juliet says that she heard that Sienna and her friends threw Laurie over the balcony and should be in prison. This cause Sienna to snap and tells them to "shut up". However, she later apologises and decides to discuss with the class. Sienna sits down with the students and tells them about how Laurie sexually harassed her. Nancy arrives back, but hides behind the wall, listening to what Sienna is saying. Sienna assures the students that if they ever have a problem that they can't talk to anyone about, they can talk to her. Nancy tells Sienna that she overheard her talking to the students, and that she handled it brilliantly. She apologise to Sienna for not believing her about Laurie at the start. Nancy asks Sienna to leave everything in the past, and offers to be Sienna's new mentor. Sienna accepts Nancy's offer and they hug.

2019-: Finding her twins, discovering Maxine's fake illness, Surrogacy & Breakup with Brody[]

In July 2019, whilst checking out a wedding venue for Damon Kinsella and Maxine Minniver's upcoming wedding, Sienna sees two twins with a woman enter to the hotel that makes her think that they are Sophie and Sebastian. She rushes over but loses them. The next day when Sienna tells Brody about what happened, he advises her to go the police and she is pleased that he believes her. The police later inform Sienna that the police checked over the children's passports and they are not Sophie and Sebastian, but Sean and Ursula. Sienna is left heartbroken, and Brody tells her that they won't stop searching. Sienna is still adamant that Sean and Ursula are her twins and thinks that Warren has changed their names. Sienna begins to accept that Sean and Ursula may not be Sebastian and Sophie. After Brody leaves the room, Sienna asks to book a room at the hotel under the name "Anna Savage". The next day, Sienna watches Nina and the twins and approaches her. Nina reveals that she is an au pair. Sienna lies that she's at the hotel on work and her twins are with her sister. Sienna is touched when the little girl gives her a flower. Nina tells Sienna about her employer, who lives in Spain and reveals that she's in England on holiday. Sienna tells her that she's also looking for an au pair and gives Nina her number. Nina agrees to think about it. Sienna later receives a text from Nina, who wants to talk to her about the job. However, Nina tells Sienna that she'll need to meet her kids too. Sienna meets up with Nina to talk with Curtis Royle and Minnie Minniver, pretending they are her children. Nina reveals that her boss can be quite controlling - an ex-pat, single father living in Spain who refuses to give any information on the twins' mum. Nina refuses to tell Sienna her boss's name or give her his number. When Nina is at the counter, Sienna steals Nina's phone, lies that her boyfriend has had an accident at work and leaves with Minnie and Curtis. Sienna tries to get into Nina's phone. She answers Nina's call and covers, telling Nina that she must have picked up her phone by mistake. Sienna meets Nina in The Dog car park and returns her phone. Nina asks Sienna if she knows where a bathroom is and convinces Sienna to let her watch the kids. When she leaves, Sienna takes the passports and notices the car keys. Sienna tells Nina that she moved the car into the shade as the twins were getting hot. However, she whispers to the twins that they're leaving on Maxine's wedding day on next week Monday. Brody sees Sienna with a toy bear and realises that she's still adamant that the twins at the hotel are hers. Sienna tells Brody that she wants a baby with him. Liberty comforts an upset Sienna, who reveals her plan to flee with the twins dressed as Nina, as she can't give Brody the life he deserves. Liberty is horrified and tries to talk Sienna out of taking the children. She tells Sienna that she'll be leaving her behind, so Sienna asks her to come with her. Liberty worries that Sienna could be taking someone else's children and tries to convince her to get the kids back properly. Liberty later tells Sienna that she'll come with her and Sienna is overjoyed. After finding out that Maxine has a spinal tumour and has only six months to live, Liberty backs out of Sienna's plan by Sienna tells Liberty that this is her one and only chance to get the twins and nothing will stand in her way. On the day of Damon and Maxine's wedding, Liberty and Sienna find Nina preparing to leave the hotel earlier and Sienna takes the laundry key card. Liberty refuses to help her unless she can be 100% certain that the kids are hers. Sienna asks Liberty to leave. Sienna approaches Nina and asks her for help. In the laundry room, Sienna takes Nina captive. Nina calls for help as Sienna leaves with the twins. Sienna prepares to take the twins to Symi, a Greek Island. Maxine walks in on Sienna with the twins, who's dressed like Nina, and asks what she's doing. Maxine tries to stop her. Sienna throws her crutches across the room but Maxine runs in front of the pram and Sienna realises that Maxine has been faking her illness the entire time. In order to escape with the twins, Sienna promises to keep Maxine's secret if Maxine keeps quiet about Sienna taking the twins. The bridesmaids are worried when Sienna goes missing. Brody manages to coax the truth from Liberty in private. Sienna locks herself in the car as Nina, Liberty and Brody run after her. Nina tells Sienna that she has proof, and she only does what Nina says when Brody asks her to do it for him. Nina tells her that the man in the photos is the twin's father, who isn't Warren. Brody convinces Sienna that the twins aren't Sophie and Sebastian. Liberty convinces Nina not to call the police and Nina leaves with the twins in the back of the car. Sienna is heartbroken when Brody is cold towards her. Sienna apologises to Brody, but Brody tells her that he can't get over the fact that she was going to leave him. Nina is later seen apologising, saying that she didn't know what Sienna looked like, telling them that she had photos of her brother with the twins and managed to throw Sienna off the scent. The person she is speaking to is revealed to be Warren. Warren tells her that he's taking the twins back to Spain and will find a new and more reliable au pair. He says that Sienna is good but she will never get the better of him. He gets back into the car and drives off.

Sienna confronts Maxine and Maxine asks for more time to tell Damon the truth. Sienna tells Maxine to meet her at the Jubilee Gardens in two hours, and warns Maxine not to test her. Sienna talks to Brody and tries to apologise, but Brody is cold towards her. Nancy and Kyle interrupt them, still drunk. Brody ends up walking off. Cindy flirts with Brody so he invites her onto the boat. Maxine meets with Sienna and threatens to reveal all to Brody as they agreed to keep each other's secrets, but Sienna reveals that Brody knows about her plan to kidnap the twins. Sienna asks Maxine what her plan was after the six months. Maxine begs for her not to make her tell the truth, but Sienna makes Maxine speak to Damon, who is suspicious of them. Sienna tries again to apologise to Brody and is hurt when Brody tells her that he forgot what fun was before she and her drama came along and ruined everything. Cindy advises Brody to give Sienna a call, and tells Brody that he doesn't really want to spend time with her. Sienna tells Maxine that her secret is safe with her and that she won't ruin what she's got with Damon, after her break-up with Brody. Damon advises Brody to make amends with Sienna. Brody finds and apologises to Sienna and they reconcile. Sienna tells Liberty that she and Brody have decided to have a baby together. When Liberty points out that Sienna can't have anymore kids because she's had cancer, but Sienna tells her that she had some of her eggs frozen prior to the cancer and decides to start looking for a surrogate. Liberty offers to be their surrogate. Brody tells Liberty that he's not keen with Liberty being their surrogate. Liberty angrily tells Brody that she will help Sienna whether he likes it or not, which makes him change his mind.

Sienna is furious that Brody has had to delay their consultation with the surrogacy people because of Maxine's illness. Maxine visits her and Sienna tells Maxine that they need to tell Damon the truth. Sienna tells Damon that the hospital phoned and the experimental treatment worked. Maxine tells Damon and Brody that the tumour is gone and Damon is delighted. Maxine isn't pleased to discover that Damon wants to go away without her. She tells him that she told Sienna a load of lies and that the tumour has grown and asks for him not to tell Brody so she can tell Sienna first. Maxine gives Sienna a holiday voucher for herself and Brody so that she won't be in the village for her "living funeral", but Sienna later finds out from Nancy and is unimpressed and confronts Maxine. Sienna tells Maxine that she needs to stop lying as she could lose Damon and Minnie. She bursts into tears and asks Sienna for help to stop. At her living funeral, Maxine is about to confess when the police arrive and arrest Damon for fraud as he had been taking money out of Maxine's fundraiser to pay for the wedding and the living funeral. Realising she's to blame for Damon's arrest, Maxine goes to the police to confess her fake illness but Sienna stops her after finding out from lawyer James Nightingale that Maxine's "illness" is the only thing keeping Damon from going to prison for fraud. The day before Damon's trial, James finds out that Maxine is faking her illness and confronts her, and is later shocked that Sienna also knows. James is about to tell Damon the truth but Maxine stops him by pretending to collapse. Sienna begs James not to say anything and that Maxine will tell Damon the truth after the trial. Just as they're about to leave for court, Damon's brother Scott Drinkwell arrives with a letter from Maxine's GP Levi Rochester stating that Maxine is faking her illness, and shows it to a shocked Damon. Damon is furious that Maxine has lied to him for months thinking that she was dying. Brody is shocked to discover that Sienna already knew. Back at the flat, Liberty confronts Sienna about Maxine and comforts her. She then tells Sienna that the surrogacy implantation has worked and that she's pregnant with Sienna and Brody's baby and Sienna's delighted. Brody is furious to learn that Sienna has known about Maxine's lies since July, and realises that Maxine learned about Sienna going to kidnap the twins. He is furious and goes to leave when Sienna reveals that Liberty is pregnant. Brody tells Sienna that he doesn't want the baby in the situation they currently are in. Damon pleads guilty to fraud and is given a six-month prison sentence. The next day, Scott and Brody visit Damon in prison. Brody reveals to Damon and Scott that Liberty is pregnant, but Brody tells him that Sienna is as bad as Maxine. Damon tells Brody that Sienna isn't as much to blame as Maxine, and that Sienna thought she was doing the right thing. He tells Brody not to give up on the people he loves and not to throw everything away because he is angry. Brody visits Sienna and Sienna shows him the hat for the baby. Sienna tries to talk Brody out of leaving her but Brody says that he needs a break from her. Maxine overhears and tells Brody to hate her and not Sienna. Sienna tells Maxine that she has destroyed her life.

2019: Reconciliation with Brody, Miscarriage, Adoption plans & Trying surrogacy again[]

The day of Liberty's scan, Sienna walks into The Love Boat to tell Brody what time the scan is and catches Brody with Cindy. Sienna thinks that Brody and Cindy slept together and leaves heartbroken. Sienna is about to leave the village but is stopped by Cindy, who tells Sienna that nothing happened with Brody and that he was telling her how much he still loves Sienna. This encourages Sienna to go find Brody. Sienna and Brody find each other outside the hospital. Sienna apologises for keeping Maxine's fake illness a secret and Brody apologise for the way he treated her and they reconcile. They're about to go into the hospital for the scan, but Liberty comes out and tells them both that there was no heartbeat and that she's lost the baby, which devastates Sienna and Brody. In December 2019, Brody and Liberty sleep together causing Liberty to fall pregnant. In September 2020, Liberty gives birth to a baby girl who was originally going to be names Leia (after princess Leia) but later the name was changed to Faith Virginia Ophelia Hudson Blake (7th September 2020 E4). Liberty chose the name Faith.

2020: Engagement to Brody, affair with Warren & Summer's arrival[]

Information to be added.

2021: Feud with Summer, affair with Summer, Brody's death & attempted murder[]

In the aftermath of Sienna and Warren's affair becoming public knowledge, Sienna and Summer engaged in frequent disputes. Brody got together with Summer, telling Sienna that he would always choose Summer before her. Sienna then spent a lot of time trying to make a plan to get Summer out of the picture and get back with Brody.

During one of their many quarrels, Summer told Sienna: ‘If it’s Brody’s kisses you’re after, then this is the closest you’re going to get.’ Summer then leaned in and gave Sienna a kiss on the lips. Sienna was left confused, but decided to use Summer's intimidation tactic to her own advantage.

Sienna got a mic and, standing close to Summer's cupcake stand, she loudly announced that Summer had kissed her as a form of intimidation. Summer denied the accusations, and Brody got further upset with Sienna for embarrassing Summer at her workplace.

Later, Sienna invited Brody and Summer for lunch, but drugged Summer unconscious so she wouldn't be able to attend. Sienna then went to meet Brody. However, this plan backfired significantly as Liberty and Damon discovered Summer and called Brody, cutting the lunch short. Summer told the others that it was Sienna who spiked her, leaving them enraged, and Sienna in trouble with the police. Once Sally St.Claire heard that Sienna was under police investigation, she decided to fire her from her teaching job.

Sienna was warned she would likely spend a long time in prison, but to her surprise, Summer dropped the charges and got Sienna her job back. She told Sienna this was because she was having too much fun, and that if Sienna was behind bars, Summer wouldn't be able to kiss her again.

In an attempt to get over Brody for good, Sienna decided to sign up for a dating app. Summer, however, broke into her phone, met Sienna's date in person and threatened him and told him to never contact Sienna again. She later broke into Sienna's apartment and confessed her love for Sienna. Sienna pulled Summer's face to hers and passionately kissed her, leaving Sienna in a state of shock and confusion.

Sienna initially avoided Summer after the kiss, pretending that it never happened. However, after a conversation with Grace, Sienna decided to act on her feelings, and Summer and Sienna started an affair. However, shortly after Summer and Brody got engaged, leaving Sienna upset. Sienna asked Summer to chose between her and Brody, but Summer refused. The affair continued, and Liberty soon figured it out. Shortly after, Liberty went missing, leaving Sienna and the others worried and confused.

At Brody and Summer's wedding day, Sienna showed up outside the venue just to learn that the wedding was off, and that Summer had told everyone about their affair at the altar. Initially upset at Summer for humiliating Brody and outing her, Sienna eventually decided to give a relationship with Summer a go. Brody soon got in trouble with the police for having 'murdered' Liberty. Sienna didn't believe he would do such a thing, but Summer's continued insistence made her start to believe it. However, after Ste confronted Sienna with a card with Liberty's handwriting that he had found in Summer's cake box, Sienna understood that Summer had tricked her, and that she likely had kidnapped Liberty.

Teaming up with Brody to take Summer down, Sienna tried to get Summer to confess, but it backfired. Summer kidnapped Sienna and tried to shoot her, thinking doing so would hurt Brody and give her justice for her father, Cormac Ranger's death, which had been Summer's plan all along. Liberty, having been rescued by Cindy, showed up right on time and shot Summer in the leg. Regardless, Summer got away.

Later, having been shipped to a safe house with Brody after fake reports that Summer was back in the village, Sienna and Brody reunited, and shared a kiss. Recounting this to Liberty on the phone, Sienna didn't notice Summer sneaking up on her. Summer pointed a gun at Sienna and led her to a cliff, where Brody soon joined them. Once again, Summer attempted to shoot Sienna, but Brody plead with her and Summer agreed to let Sienna go if he handed himself into the police for his part in Summer's dad's murder.

Back in the village, Brody went to say goodbye to Faith and then turn himself in, while Summer revealed to Sienna that she had been lying, and did plan to kill her after all. Knocking Summer out with a rock, Sienna grabbed the gun and ran. Meeting Brody who hadn't gone to the station yet, the two walked towards each other, but suddenly a car drove towards them, running over Brody. Sienna ran towards Brody, but it was too late, and he passed away in her arms moments after. Sienna was enraged, and made a false statement to the D.S. Cohen and the authorities that the person driving the car was Summer, when in actuality it was Warren (as revealed in a post-credits scene) as he had learned that Brody was going to turn himself in, which would reveal Warren's part in Cormac's murder. Summer tried her hardest to deny the accusations, but it was futile as she was still charged with the kidnap of Liberty and was sent to prison.

A few months later, Sienna receives multiple text messages, signed by Summer. Sienna ignores these at first, but eventually decides to meet Summer in prison. Summer manages to convince Sienna that it wasn't her who ran over Brody. Sienna spirals into an obsession of discovering who committed the hit-and-run. After countless tries of phoning garages across Chester, looking for the car, she finds CCTV footage of somebody inside said car, and sees a striped jumper -- like the one Warren and Summer were both wearing. Sienna is in the Dog In The Pond, talking with Liberty, when Saul Reeves walks in, wearing a striped jumper. Sienna goes feral, and accuses Saul of murdering Brody. Saul's partner, Grace Black, tries to calm Sienna down, to no avail. Sienna storms outside and hijacks a car, planning to run over Saul. Just as she is about to step on the pedal, Leela Lomax jumps in front of the car, exclaiming that this car is her's, and talks Sienna out of it. Leela and Sienna return to Sienna's flat, and they have a heart-to-heart about the situation.

2021-: Working with Ste and Leela and war against Ethan[]

After losing her job as an english teacher at Hollyoaks High, Sienna goes job-hunting -- eventually taking a job alongside Ste Hay as a cleaner for Deadly Sheen Cleaning Company, their new business. After Leela joins the duo, they land their first big job together; to deep clean a nearby hotel. This is the same hotel that Ethan Williams and Maya Harkwell had kidnapped Darren Osborne. Later, when they are cleaning near the elevators, the trio run into Luke Morgan, who is stating he had just seen Darren and another man step into the elevator. The three rule it off as to Luke's dementia, and escort him home. Later, the trio realise their van has been stolen, and track it down to a garage outside of Hollyoaks. Sienna and Ste enter to find their van, with a distraught Ethan inside. Ste and Sienna shout at him from outside the van, threatening to call the police. Ethan opens up the back of the van to reveal the body of Maya, explaining he killed her on the day of the Salon De Thé Explosion. The two try to leave, when Ethan pulls a gun on Ste, and Sienna jumps in front of it, saying that if he lets them live, they will help bury Maya's body. After burying her, Ste is traumatised over the ordeal, to which Sienna tells him to calm down, clearly used to the world of murder and crime now. After a while of Ethan exploiting Ste and Sienna's cleaning skills, Ethan meets Leela, and the two hit it off, quickly becoming a couple. Ste and Sienna try their hardest to do anything they can to save Leela from the gangster, to no avail -- instead they end up pushing Leela away, who thinks that Sienna is just jealous.

2022-: Money laundering company, protecting Liberty and teaming up with Ethan[]

After a while, Ethan decides he wants to create a money laundering business disguised as a tanning shop, named Wham! Glam! Thank you, Tan!, and invites Sienna's sister Liberty Savage as an employee, to scare and poke fun at Sienna. Sienna advises Liberty to refuse the job, and Liberty is confused. Sienna states that a guy like Ethan could use her mental health against her, after her previous issues with post-partum psychosis. Liberty is disgusted that Sienna would use Liberty's mental health against her, and storms out of Sienna's flat. After reconciling with Liberty, Sienna decides the only way to save her sister is to convince Ethan to let her have the job instead of Liberty. Ethan accepts, and Ste is furious that they are working together.

Later, Ethan says he is going to see a client. Sienna offers to come with, but Ethan refuses. Sienna tries to make up with Ste, by giving him a cheque, as he is not doing very well financially. Ste declines the cheque and calls Sienna an 'ice queen', and starts to argue with her just as her phone starts ringing. Sienna answers and is greeted by an injured Ethan, begging for help after his deal with his client went violent. The phone then cuts off. Later in the day, Sienna is putting Sophie and Sebastian to bed as the door bangs loudly. Sienna opens the door to find Ethan, who stumbles inside and collapses. The next day, Ethan is awake and Sienna is tending to a gunshot wound in his leg. Ethan shows Sienna a small bag he has, telling her there is money and a necklace inside it. He asks her to count the money and look after the bag while he is gone. Sienna agrees, and Ethan leaves. Later, Ste comes to the flat to tries to ask Sienna for a loan. But before he can, Sienna shows Ste the money that Ethan asked her to count. Ste is gobsmacked by how much is in there, and as Sienna goes to the kitchen to check a quiche she is baking, Ste steals the bag and rushes out the door. Sienna manages to track down Ste and threatens him, forcing him to give the bag back. As Sienna scolds him for thieving the bag, Ethan sees the feud and watches on, curious. Later in the day, Sienna returns to her flat and starts counting the money, to find that Ste had stolen the necklace. Ethan returns, and Sienna gives the bag to him.

The next day, Sienna chases up Ste and tells him that Ethan's boss will be after the two of them if Ste doesn't return the necklace, to which Ste admits he's already pawned it and spent the money from it. Ste pleads with Sienna to lie and say something like a burglar stole it. Later, in The Loft, Ethan enters to a jittery Sienna, and he asks her where the necklace is. She says she doesn't know, but Ethan knows she is lying. Sienna finally admits Ste pawned it, and Ethan gets angry, threatening Sienna. He corners her with a wine bottle in hand.

The next time Ethan is seen, he is looking over the water when Ste finds him. Ste asks what's wrong, and Ethan ignores him. Imran comes over, trying to sell food from The Dog, to which Ste shouts at him to leave. Ste notices Ethan's hands are dirty, and Ethan replies in short, cryptic responses. Ste is unsure what is happening, and Ethan leads him to The Loft. Ste finds chairs knocked over, smashed bottles and Sienna's coat, covered in blood. Ethan admits that Sienna kept testing him, and he had to kill her, saying that he's already buried her and just got back from the woods. Ste tries phoning Sienna, and Ethan pulls Sienna's ringing phone from his pocket, proving to Ste that Sienna is really dead. Ethan forces a terrified Ste to clean up the mess. Later, Ste is seen scrubbing the floor of The Loft, crying. Ethan is seen talking to himself, but it is soon revealed he is actually talking to Sienna, who is actually alive. As a flashback occurs, showing Sienna smash glasses, throw chairs and wipe ketchup on her coat, she gloats about hatching a plan to fake her death to clear herself from any harm and show Ste a lesson, saying that she hated spending so much time being nice. Sienna says she wants to be Ethan's 50/50 partner, toasting with him while Ste is cleaning and sobbing over a fake murder.

Kill Count[]


  1. Nico Blake, 21st June 2018 (self-defense) - Nico tries to attack Sienna and ended up sustaining head injuries in a fight, with the fatal blow being from a door wedge Sienna threw at her head.

Connected Murders & Deaths[]

  1. Carly Bradley, August 2015 - Had a fight with Carly , Nico would accidentally kill Carly, Sienna then moves Carlys body from her safe to the Hostpital.
  2. Patrick Blake, September 2016 - After finding out Nico killed her father in a bid to keep Nico out of prison, Sienna would confess to the police that she killed Patrick.
  3. Bart McQueen, April 2017 - Helped Warren whom murdered Bart dispose his body.
  4. Maya Harkwell, January 2022 - Disposed of Maya's body along with Ste Hay after they were threatened by Ethan Williams. The two would again dig back up Maya's body and move her to a near by grave.
  5. Asher Jones, May 2022 - After witnessing Asher be murdered by being shot dead by gangster, Norma Crow, Sienna along with Ste again were forced by Norma to clean up the crime scene.

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Oscar Osborne, 10th July 2013 - Pushed Oscar's pram onto the road, narrowly avoiding getting struck by Joe Roscoe in his car.
  2. Nancy Osborne, 10th July 2013 - Run over by Joe Roscoe's car whilst chasing after Oscar Osborne's pram after Sienna pushed it onto the road.
  3. Patrick Blake, 13th December 2013 - Hit over the head with a plank of wood to prevent him from calling the police on her.
  4. Nancy Osborne, 16th December 2013 - Bashed her head on a table during a fight with Sienna and was left unconscious and placed in the boot of a car, but she was later found by Jack Osborne and taken to hospital where she was left brain-damaged, but later recovered.
  5. Tom Cunningham, 17th December 2013 - Attempted to gas him, Oscar, Charlie and herself in Roscoe's Motor Maintenance but was stopped when police arrived.
  6. Charlie Dean, 17th December 2013 - Attempted to gas him, Oscar, Tom and herself in Roscoe's Motor Maintenance but was stopped when police arrived.
  7. Oscar Osborne, 17th December 2013 - Attempted to gas him, Tom, Charlie and herself in Roscoe's Motor Maintenance but was stopped when police arrived.
  8. Darren Osborne, 17th December 2013 - Attempted to run over Darren but swerved at the last second when Dodger Savage ran out infront of her.
  9. Patrick Blake, 13th October 2014 - Purposefully hit him with her car.
  10. Theresa McQueen, 4th December 2014 - Gave Theresa an overdose of morphine but she was revived by doctors and nurses.
  11. Reenie McQueen, 21st July 2015 - Pushed down the stairs of the City Wall during an argument.
  12. Nancy Osborne, 31st July 2015 - Spiked Nancy's drink thinking that she was having an affair with Sienna's boyfriend Ben Bradley, but when she realised she was wrong she poured the drink away before Nancy drank it.
  13. Ashley Davidson, 16th October 2015 - Hit over the head after Ashley threatened to kill Sienna and her daughter Nico Blake.
  14. Joel Dexter, 4th January 2017 - Hit over the head with a petrol can and left to die when a fire broke out in Warren's Wheels.
  15. Shane Sweeney, 31st January 2017 - Poisoned by Sienna after overhearing him threaten Joel.
  16. Darren Osborne, 15th May 2018 - Hit over the head with an ornament by Sienna as she believed that Darren was her stalker.
  17. Laurie Shelby, 20th May 2019 - Hit over the head with a stapler, knocking him unconscious.
  18. Warren Fox, 13th January 2020 - Charged at and tried to stab him with a pair of scissors, but stopped when he tells her that something is wrong with their son Sebastian and he desperately needs her help.
  19. Summer Ranger, 16th September 2021 (self-defense) - Threw a rock at her head, knocking her out, because Summer was holding her at gunpoint and was going to shoot her.
  20. Saul Reeves, 28th October 2021 - Prepared to knock him down with a car as she thought he was responsible for Brody Hudson's death, but was stopped by Leela Lomax.
  21. Warren Fox, 23rd June 2022 - Planned to burn Warren alive by luring him to Warren's Wheels after throwing petrol over it after discovering that he murdered Brody Hudson, but changed her mind when she saw Warren arriving with their daughter, Sophie.

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