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Sidney "Sid" Sumner is the son of far-right extremist Stuart Sumner. Sid started attending Hollyoaks High School in May 2019, and began making racist remarks towards Imran Maalik after overhearing Stuart, Jonny Baxter and Ste Hay argue with the Maaliks. Sid later made a false allegation to Sally St. Claire that Imran has threatened to blow up the school, which resulted in an investigation by Prevent, who concluded that the allegations were made maliciously. Imran also told Sally about Sid's racist comments towards him. Despite the outcome of the investigation, Sid still threatened to make Imran's life a living hell, and was scared off by Ollie Morgan.

In August, Sid and his mates attacked Scott Drinkwell. Later Scott got revenge by popping Sid and his mates tyres.

After the house explosion, Sid returns with Stuart and goes to Hollyoaks High to retrieve his GCSE certificate but is confronted by Imran who blames Sid and his Dad and Sid tries to apologise but it is no use. Juliet flirted with Sid outside of the loveboat and Juliet gave Sid her phone number.

The next day Stuart asks Sid to watch Ste but he has a date with Juliet and is upset he can’t go. Ste convinces Sid to go on the date but Ste uses this opportunity to escape and meet up with Peri and Leela; however Sid catches Ste but chooses to go on the date. Sid walks out on the date as he is worried about Ste. Later that day, Juliet turns up at Stuart’s house and tells him Sid left the house and disobeyed his orders. This results is Stuart attacking Sid and punching him and sid reveals Ste met up with leela and Peri. Ste apologises to Sid for getting him into trouble.

Stuart plans to kill Ste and when Sid finds out about it Stuart manipulates him into helping. However Sid decides to go find help. He runs into The Hutch and tells leela and Peri that Stuart is going to kill Ste. Ste and Sami are kidnapped which results in the others chasing them to a cliff. Stuart goes to kill Ste but Sid intervenes and pushes Stuart off a cliff, killing him.

Johnny tells the police that Sid meant to kill Stuart which leads to Sid being arrested. Sami agreed to be his lawyer. Sid tried to get himself arrested by saying he had intent of killing his father but Sami convinces Sid not to throw his life away. Later, Sid refuses help from Leela and leaves. A week later, Sid turns up at Hollyoaks High and asks Juliet for some cash for a hostel as he has been sleeping rough. He tries to hide a knife from Juliet which he has for self defence. Sienna walks in on them and Juliet tells Sienna is sleeping on the streets. Sienna tells Sid he is not going anywhere and calls social services. Sienna comforts Sid when he says he got no family. Sienna allows Sid to stay at her place until social services find him a place which is something Sienna’s boyfriend is not happy about. Sienna tries to persuade Alice to take Sid home which she agrees. Brady hassles Sid about his Dad which makes him want to leave. When Sid tries to leave a knife falls out of his bag which sienna and Alice see. Alice disowns Sid and Sid runs out. Sienna finds Sid at the cafe and they have a heart to heart and sienna lets Sid stay.

Sienna persuades sally to allow Sid back into school which cheers Sid up. Sid calls social services to allow sienna be happy and they hug. Sid tries to apologise to Imran and Ollie on his first day back at school but imran tells him to stay out of his way. Sid saves Juliet by pushing her out of the way of a car. Sid and Juliet talk to each other about their dads and grow closer. Sid turns up at the cafe the next day and ask Juliet on a date which she agrees. However She later cancels as she goes bowling with Ollie and Imran which upsets Sid. Sid ditches school the next day and buys drugs of Liam Donovan. Juliet asks Sid if he wants to go back to hers. Juliet sees Sid take the drugs which he had a bad reaction over. Juliet’s half brother walks in on Sid and agrees he stays the night to clean up and Juliet does not talk to him anymore.

Sid leaves his foster home and is sleeping rough. Sid robs Price Slice but bumps into Romeo and Juliet. Juliet and Romeo chase after Sid but he refuses help. Sienna and Leela overhear an argument between Sid and Juliet. Leela questions why Sid left his foster home and he reveals he has been taking drugs and watching him which made him leave. Leela lets Sid stay at her house for a while. When Sid and Leela arrive, Juliet talks to Sid and she kisses him and then leaves which leaves Sid speechless.

Juliet wants to make her relationship with Sid official but Sid has doubts as they have only been on one date but this angers Juliet and walks out. Juliet goes to Sid’s house and he accepts Juliet’s relationship request. Juliet invites Sid to a New Years party and he thinks Juliet want to take things to the next level and sleep together. Leela cheers up Sid when she announces he can stay permanently and she would like to foster him. At the party, when Sid wants to go upstairs Juliet walks away which angers Sid. Sid meets up with his cousin Jordan to buy drugs but Ollie and Imran catch him. They argue which makes Luke Morgan intervene and he convinces Sid to focus on his love for music and stop taking drugs which Sid agrees. Sid returns and Juliet apologises and they go upstairs and sleep together.

Sid and Juliet go the loft for a party but get caught by Mandy who has a go at Juliet. Juliet decides to spike Mandy’s drink with drugs Sid got from Jordan. Juliet takes drugs herself but are caught by Liam who grabs Sid and chucks them both out. Juliet has side effects from the drugs and sleeps it off at Sid’s house. Sid and Juliet check on Mandy the next day at the hutch.

Ollie gives Sid advice on how to spend time with Juliet which made Sid book a hotel by getting money of Jordan and Juliet feels awkward about it when he tells her. Juliet lashes out at Sid and breaks up with and Sid talks to Jordan how much he likes Juliet. When Sid bumps into Juliet she apologises and they get back together.

Jordan comes round to the Lomax’s house and comforts Sid on his dads birthday which Leela finds out about. Sid opens up about his to Leela and she gets him a guitar and tells him he is not a letdown. Jordan tries to get Sid dealing drugs but he refuses. Sid and Juliet fall out when he finds out Juliet was going to leave with her mother. Jordan takes them both back to his old estate, where Sid feels uncomfortable as Juliet challenges Mason to a pool match which she wins. Sid and Juliet later make up and return to school.

Sid sees Mason selling drugs outside of the school and tells him to stop. Imran sees and tries to fight Mason which Sid tries to stop. Nancy Osbourne tries to intervene but gets stabbed in the process. Nancy later loses her baby and blames Sid for knowing Mason, however Sid declines any involvement.

Sid goes on a night out with Ollie to help him take his mind of his new baby. However, when Sid goes home, Jordan gives Ollie drugs.

The next day, Sid accidentally calls Juliet boring which she gets angry at. Sid tries to apologise but Juliet blanks him. Jordan gives Sid advice about how to be cooler and manipulated Sid into hiding drugs at his school. The next day Sid has doubts but does not want to let Jordan down. Sid hides the drugs in his locker but is shocked to find out that PC George Kiss is in the school. Sid tells Juliet, who distracts the police so Sid can get the drugs out of his locker. Juliet takes the drugs and destroys them which angered Jordan. Jordan threatens Juliet to pay him back and attacks Juliet’s brother. Sid tries to help Juliet. Sid confronts Jordan when he says Juliet is selling the drugs. Sid rushes to school and helps Juliet sell the drugs and this impresses Jordan.

Jordan returns to the village and manipulated Juliet into selling drugs at other schools. Sid is worried about Juliet but she tells him she is doing it. Sid goes to meet Juliet but Juliet is too smug when she waves a load of cash around. PC George Kiss notices this and arrests Juliet. Later, Sid tells Jordan that Juliet got arrested. Sid comforts Juliet and gives Jordan his cash. Jordan threatens to tell her family unless she continues to work for him. This frightens Sid. Sid tries to convince Jordan to let Juliet stop dealing and Jordan agrees. However Jordan tells Marnie that Juliet is skipping school which Juliet thought he told her about the drugs. Jordan threatens Juliet again. Later, Sid and Juliet both agree to work for Jordan.

Sid notices that Juliet is acting cold around him and Jordan gives him advice and books them a weekend away. When Juliet finds out, she feels awkward as she does not love Sid. To get out of going alone, Juliet invites Ollie and Imran which angers Sid as he just wanted the trip to be the two of them. Sid upsets Juliet when he calls her frigid and breaks up with him. This upsets Sid. Sid tells Jordan about Juliet which leaves him furious as he had deals lined up on their trip away and Sid insists he can still do it. Jordan gives Sid a chance to deal drugs alone. However Jordan sets up Sid to get robbed of drugs so Juliet will feel guilty and sorry for Sid. Juliet decides to help Sid and go on the trip away with him.

Sid, Juliet, Ollie and Imran all travel to the seaside. However Juliet notices the police on the train and worries as they have a bag of drugs on them. Juliet manages to trick the policeman for a selfie and they did not get caught. When they arrived, Sid and Juliet split up from Ollie and Imran and go to the drug deal location. Sid and Juliet are nervous when they arrive. They do the drug deal and go but Juliet steals a drug dealers phone as she thought she was looking her nose down at her. Sid and Juliet hang out on a cliff and Juliet opens up about how she feels about Peri and Sid realises that she is gay which she agrees. Sid comforts Juliet and tells her she can trust her. However the gang surround them and confront them. Sid is attacked by the leader and he pulls out a knife and goes to stab Sid. Juliet tries to stop him but Ollie and Imran catch them and threaten to call the police. The gang ran away. They all agreed to keep the attack a secret. When they return Jordan confronts them and tells them that the gang are dangerous and that they need him.

The next day, Marnie finds the money that Juliet hidden and they think that Sid is to blame. Juliet takes the blame and says she sold some stolen laptops which they believe. Juliet upsets her family and kick her out. She goes the Lomax house and asks to stay which they agree.

Sid and Juliet go on a school trip but soon return a week later. Jordan’s boss Victor puts pressure on him to make more money so he wants Sid and Juliet to sell more drugs at a school environmental show where different schools will attend. Sid and Juliet feel pressured from this. However, after Leela, who he is currently sleeping with secretly, gives Jordan some wise words, he tells Sid and Juliet they do not need to do the deal however Victor threatens Jordan which he then forces Sid and Juliet to carry on the deal.

At school, Sid only manages to sell a few of his drugs as he is practising for a guitar exam. Juliet agrees to sell sid’s remaining drugs tomorrow. The next day, Sid gets jealous at Juliet and Peri. When they arrive at school, they notice police are there with sniffer dogs. They panic about the drugs left in juliet’s Locker. However Sid runs out of his guitar exam to take the drugs out the locker just before the police turn up Juliet’s locker. Juliet hugs Sid and thanks him. Sid returns to his exam and does well. However his teacher pick up his folder finds weed in there. Sid it taken to Sally St Claire, who calls Leela about Sid. Jordan tells Sid that the drugs are for personal use. Sally tells Leela they will not call the police on Sid but will permanently exclude him from the school. Sid begs for another chance but he is kicked out of school. Leela is furious with Sid. Sid blames Jordan and threatens to tell the school where the drugs really came from. Jordan shouts at Sid saying they will be homeless and Sid apologises to Jordan. Sid meets up with Juliet but is jealous to find out she is going on a date with peri. The next day, Sid tries to impress Leela by studying for his exams. Jordan tells Sid there is still work to do. Juliet tells Sid she caught Jordan and Peri together and he is shocked. Jordan, who is sleeping with both Peri and Leela, is chucked out of the Lomax house by Leela when sienna gives her some parenting tips about Sid. Sid comforts Charlie Dean, who is grieving for his step dad, and tells him he is still not happy with the way his dad died Burbank is dealing with it. Jordan tells Sid that he has ruined things for him and needs him to recruit Charlie to sell drugs for him, which Sid is uncomfortable with.

Sid tries to get Charlie to sell drugs by saying that Nancy won’t be able to buy him a new console but can buy on himself if he works for Jordan. Charlie first declines but later accepts when Nancy tells him he can’t afford it. Sid tells Charlie that there are risks and gives him a loan that will need to be paid back.


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