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Season 1 of the Hollyoaks spin-off Hollyoaks Later was aired between 24th November and 28th November 2008. The series was produced by Lucy Allan and Bryan Kirkwood, and contained a total of 5 episodes.


Niall Rafferty returns and follows Craig Dean, Steph and Tom Cunningham as they go on holiday to Scotland, with revenge on his mind. Meanwhile, Mercedes McQueen and Malachy Fisher marry. Also, Sarah Barnes and Zoe Carpenter realise their feelings for each other are mutual.

Main characters[]


Episode Air Date Synopsis Viewing figures
Episode 1 24th November 2008 Kris and Malachy are reconciled with their ex-fiancees after many years on the day of Eamon's funeral. Kris is upset when he comes out, and is not accepted by his mother. Craig, Steph and Tom go on holiday to Scotland, unaware Niall has followed. Sarah and Nancy accompany Zoe to her old school to talk to the students, but they are involved in a car accident on the way to a B&B. 890,000
Episode 2 25th November 2008 Niall manages to find the cottage without the knowledge of Steph and Craig, and ends up kidnapping Tom. Malachy and Kris are shocked to discover that their mother has been having an affair with a man for ten years, and the pair are later involved in a bar fight whilst retrieving Eamon's ashes. Josh is interviewed by a radio station whilst Zoe and Nancy accompany Sarah to her modelling shoot. 850,000
Episode 3 26th November 2008 Tom is found, but Steph is horrified to learn the identity of the kidnapper. Josh causes the band to split, but they get back together with some help by The Saturdays. Mercedes goes to Northern Ireland in pursuit of Malachy, but finds him with Cheryl. Dom goes on a mission to find the owner of the mystery shoe (as well as his bank cards). 780,000
Episode 4 27th November 2008 Niall tries to force Steph to flee with him, but when Steph rejects him, Niall realises the consequences of his actions and jumps off a cliff to his death. Mercedes turns on Malachy when she realises that Malachy is having second thoughts. Loretta and Dom spend time together and really enjoy themselves. Sarah gives into her feelings for a shocked Zoe. 760,000
Episode 5 28th November 2008 After being talked to by Kris and Cheryl, Mercedes decides to return to Malachy and the pair marry in Ireland. Josh gets the offer to tour with band manager Rob Mackie, and Sasha and Amy convince him to go. Dom is disappointed when Loretta leaves thinking that he is not yet over Tina, Russ continues to be cold towards Ravi, and Steph struggles to cope with Niall's death. 650,000



Hollyoaks Later Promo - Season 1

The promo for season 1 of Hollyoaks Later.

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