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Scott Drinkwell (previously Drinkwell-Deveraux) is the son of an unknown man, the biological son of Maggie Kinsella, the adoptive son of Lynette Drinkwell, the half-brother of Damon Kinsella, and the ex-husband of Mitchell Deveraux-Drinkwell.


1987-2015: Backstory[]

Scott was born in February 1987 to his mother, Maggie Kinsella however she would put Scott up for adoption unable to cope with his birth and Scott was adopted by a woman named, Lynette Drinkwell and growing up Scott would become close with his aunt Diane unaware that Diane had an affair with Scott's father.

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2015-2016: Arrival, Targeting Diane & Relationship with John Paul McQueen[]

Scott is first seen in April 2015 when his interviewee for a job day Hollyoaks High School by Patrick Blake he then bumps into Sinead O'Connor revealing that they cousins when they're excited to see one another and when Scott moves in with his cousin Sinead he is then shown to have abit of a trouble causing side when he is often seen causing arguments between married couple Ste and John Paul. Scott ends up getting the job as the assistant for Patrick Howe he soon would be sacked for continually not arriving to work.

When Scott is about to be made to look for a place to live by his aunt Diane in a effort for him to stick around, Scott begins poisoning Diane in a effort to be able to look after her when Diane gets better she would discover that Rose Lomax is in fact her daughter and not Dee Dee Hutchinson as they had been a error from nurse Mariam Andrews who got both baby girls from Diane and Tegan Lomax mixed up but Scott supports Diane when Rose is kidnapped and whoever has done is setting up Diane and its soon shockingly revealed that Scott is the kidnapper who had struck a deal with Tegn when Diane discovers this she is initially hurt by Scots betrayal but would ultimately forgive along woth her husband Tony Hutchinson.

Scott would soon become interested in John Paul as the two develop a strong friendship and it first come about when Scott begins to be manipulated by both Marnie Nightingale and her son, James Nightingale whom are after Tony and Diane's buissness, The Hutch when it hits a sticky financial ruin and when Scott is told by Marnie that a buissness partner of her reverted to arson to save their buissness and Scott is thankful of Marine's support unaware that she is going to ring the police on him however John Paul tells Scott of Marnie's plan after he over hears her.

Scott is thankful for John Paul and the two end up sleeping together leading Scott to begin a relationship with John Paul although Scott would be disliked by John Paul's mother, Myra and Scott would discover that Sally St. Claire is John Paul's transgender father before John Paul however when the truth is out John Paul isn't pleased however he forgives him in May 2016, Scott would propose to John Paul but is declined however Scott is calum spoken too by John Paul that they're relationship isn't that far in her and Scoth would be devastated when he learns John Paul has slept with Jame which ends up ending their relationship.

2017-2018: Mother and Brother Reveal, Depression, Maggie's Death & Luke's Attack[]

By 2017, Scott would learn that he was adoptive so sets out to find his biological mother, Maggie Kinsella and manages to track her down by July 2017 when he managed to get a house phone number however Scott is surprised when he phones the house and a young males voice is heard when Scott asked who it is he is shocked when the guy says he is Maggie's son, Damon this leads Scott to track down Maggie's home however he accidentally sets the property on fire and flees he then befriends Damon and the two become really good friends although Scott would come under suspicion by Damon's best friend in Brody Hudson and soon reveals to Maggie who he is however Maggie coldly tells him she doesn't want to get to know him.

Scott finally outs his serect to Brody whom supports Scott and when the truth is out Damon would resent both however Scott would become depressed and enter into depression and eventually attempts to end his life but is saved by Diane when Damon discovers this he supports Scott and forgives him however not Maggie. Whe Scott gets help and gets let out of hospital in he is devastated to discover that Maggie is dying of Cancer and the two make peace before she passes away in January 2018. Scott is also later attacked by Luke Morgan who believes that Scott was inappropriate getting into Ollie however this was not the case and this lead Luke into a prison sentence Scott is shocked to learn the guy Ollie told him about is Damon's biological father, Buster Smith.

2019-2020: Relationship with Mitchell Deveraux[]

By 2019, Scott would begin to befriend Mitchell Deveraux and when Scott begins to cross dress as his alter ego "Anita Tinkle" and Scott ends up being kissed by Mitchell however Scott becomes confused when Mitchell keeps ignoring his sexuality especially when he begins a relationship with his colleague, Cleo McQueen however Scott would later start an affair with Mitchell although he would often encourage Mitchell who would often fob Scott to Scott's annoyance but eventually their affair is finally exposed too Cleo in November 2019 causing her to leave the village. Scott then begins a relationship with Mitchell however in serect.

Mitchell's constant want for secrecy eventually leads them too spilt up and Scott would begin a brief relationship with Azim Desai and Scott becomes become unsympathetic when Mitchell tells him he needs time to come out as gay as his grandfather, Walter Deveraux is against the idea. Scott however puts pressure on Mitchell and eventually the two men come out as a couple and as expected Mitchell is some what disowned by Walter but the rest of Mitchell'sfamily are supportive.

Scott supports Mitchell after his fall out with his grandfather and when his estranged father, Felix Westwood arrives in March 2020 and eventually Scott and Mitchell decide to marry and they do by July 2020 however unknown to them their wedding would lead to the murder of Lisa Loveday whom was killed by Toby Faroe who believed it to be Mitchell, Scott would be devestated when Mitchell departs the village having been forced to do so by Toby and Celeste Faroe. Scott discovers this however a year later.

2021-2022: Fostering & Helping Zara[]

In December 2021, Scott would begin to look after a young girl for his friend this leads Scott to want to become a parent and after a talk with Diane whom encourages Scott to go and adopt, Scott gets excited and sets out to do so however Scott would soon put the idea to rest when he sees how bad Diane's OCD is and vows to help her get better first.

Scott is devestated at the deaths of both Marnie and Celeste in January 2022 due to Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion and by March 2022 Scott would agree to help his friend Zara Morgan with her campaign to become local councillor against Tony.


Scott Drinkwell. I'm super organised, trustworthy and very discrete.
— First line to Patrick Blake during an interview.


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Other Information[]

  • Scott's idols are Britney Spears & Ariana Grande.

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