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Scarlett Morgan is the ex-wife of Luke Morgan and the mother of Oliver Morgan. In July 2004, Mandy was informed that Luke was about to get married. However, Scarlett left Luke due to his drinking problems in circa 2008, taking Ollie with her. Luke returned to the village in 2017 and re-entered a relationship with Mandy Morgan, whom he dated in the early 2000s. Sami Maalik tracked Scarlett down on Luke's request so they could divorce and Mandy and Luke could marry.

Scarlett arrived in the village in January 2018, days before Luke and Mandy's wedding. Luke tried to stall the wedding whilst Scarlett attempted to ruin the wedding all together. Luke and Scarlett's son, Ollie, arrived in the village and told Mandy that Scarlett and Luke were still married and he was their son. After the wedding, Scarlett and Ollie left. However, a few days later, Ollie ran away to the village, asking to stay with Luke. Mandy calls Scarlett and tells her where Ollie is. Scarlett tries to bring Ollie home with her but Ollie said that he wants to stay with Luke. Scarlett agreed to let him stay and left the village.

In April 2018, Scarlett arrived back in the village after Luke and Mandy returned from their honeymoon - Ollie had called her, begging her to come home. Ollie explained to Luke that he only texted Scarlett because he was putting too much pressure on him about the football trials and then told Scarlett that he only called her to talk and that he still wanted to stay with Luke. After Luke and Mandy had an argument about Luke adopting Ella Richardson, Scarlett realised that Luke had turned his life around and vowed to reconcile with him.

Attempting to separate Mandy and Luke, Scarlett convinced Ollie to spike Luke's drink with alcohol, whic resulted in a fight between Mandy and Luke. After the fight, Scarlett comforted Luke, but he suspected that she had something to do with the incident. Ollie admitted that he had spiked Luke's drink, and Luke told Ollie that it might be a good idea for him to move back in with Scarlett.

Scarlett ended up meeting Brody Hudson and the pair slept together. Scarlett realised that Brody was upset afterwards, to which Brody told her that as a child, he put his trust in someone who betrayed him massively. Scarlett advised Brody to find someone he can fully open up to, and prepared to leave the village with Ollie. Buster Smith informed Luke of Ollie and Scarlett's impending departure, and Ollie decided to remain with Luke.

In September 2020, Ollie struggled to cope with the sexual abuse at the hands of Buster, and being forced to give his son up for adoption, and left to stay with Scarlett.

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