Sandra "Sandy" Roscoe (Also Black and Spencer) was a nurse at Dee Valley Hospital. She was portrayed by Gillian Taylforth.

Characterisation Edit

Non-traditional in all senses, she finds great amusement in her sons' endless conquests, and even cooks them breakfast in the morning (although her cooking is probably a bit more of a punishment than anything). She's fiercely independent and has worked nonstop since the birth of her first Roscoe cherub, Joe.

Arrival Edit

Sandy arrives in The Dog in the Pond, before Darren Osborne kicks out the Roscoe brothers to pick up the key for 65 Christleton Terrace. The family then move in.

Marriage to Fraser Black Edit

Sandy agrees to marry Fraser Black. On a night to the opera, Grace Black orders an assassin disguised as a chauffeur to kill Fraser, but when Fraser leaves the limousine, the assassin attempts to kill Sandy by lighting the limousine on fire. Sandy is then rescued by Joe Roscoe.