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Samuel Liam 'Sam' Owen was the son of Carrie and Rob Owen, as well as the brother of Russ and Nicole Owen.

Sam arrived in the village after being released from prison, having been falsely accused of arson. His imprisonment made Sam decide to study law at Hollyoaks Community College. However, he met daredevil Andy Holt, who slowly got him involved in the date rape of several women. This saw Sam arrested and sent to prison for a minimum of twenty-five years.

After being attacked in prison, Sam managed to escape from his hospital bed and went on the run for a month before returning to Hollyoaks, setting The Dog in the Pond ablaze. After dropping the lighter upon Calvin Valentine smashing a glass on his head, Sam caused an explosion which resulted in several deaths, including his own.


1985-2004: Backstory[]

In 2001, Sam's girlfriend, Jules's house was set alight, which resulted in the death of her younger brother. Sam was accused of starting the fire as Jules split up with Sam after she was pressured by her father into aborting the baby she had conceived with Sam. Sam ended up serving a three-year sentence for arson, despite claiming to be innocent. Upon his release, Sam began going by his middle name, "Liam".

2004-2005: Arrival[]

Sam arrived in the village with his family in August 2004. He enrolled in Hollyoaks Community College, wanting to study law and began working as a waiter at Il Gnosh. Sam later secretly met up with Jules, wanting a reconciliation. When Russ Owen found out, he tried to warn Sam off Jules. Sam later caught Jules kissing Russ but refused to hear a bad word said against her, not believing her when she said that she kissed Russ, not the other way round. However, Jules later left when Sam told Russ about the abortion.

Soon afterwards, the villagers discovered that Sam had served a custodial sentence and the reason behind it. The village turned against Sam and Sam was nearly fired from his job at Il Gnosh by Tony Hutchinson. However, Sam was later proved to be innocent when it was revealed that Jules had started the fire to get back at her father, unaware that her brother was inside of the building. Sam's relationship with his father, Rob, became strained as a result and Rob left the village after his wife, Carrie, also turned against him. However, Sam and Rob later reconciled when Nicole and Russ convinced Sam to join them on an outing with Rob, and Rob saved Sam from injury when an accident occurred, which fixed their relationship.

2005-2006: Accomplice to & Attempted Rape[]

Sam decided to study law at Hollyoaks Community College, where he achieved a high score in his exams, and was offered a work placement in a high-powered law firm. He also attracted the attentions of Zara Morgan and Steph Dean, but took a shine to Sophie Burton and ends up impressing the girls when he manages to talk Cameron Clarkfrom a suicide attempt. He later sees an old friend, Andy Holt has joined the college and Sam begins to knock around with Andy but things take a sinister turn when Sam is told by Andy that he drugged Russ' girlfriend, Dannii Carbone with GBH and then raped her however instead of being disgusted Sam agrees to help Andy drug many girls and rape them.

However Sam would soon do a uturn when he discovers that Andy has done the same tatic to rape Mel and Sophie Burton and is shocked when Andy hands over a drugged up Mel to Sam stating that he is giving him Mel as a present however Sam cannot go through with the rape and Sam would actually begin to date Sophie whom is unaware that Sam was present at the time of her and her sisters rape however all is revealed by December 2005 when Sam is confronted by Andy on a cliff top over not raping Sophie and Russ arrives whom has just been told by Dannii that Andy raped her Sam is then attacked by Andy but Russ attacks Andy resulting in Andy falling off the cliff seemingly killing him.

In February 2006, Sam would learn that Andy is infact alive after he kidnaps Nicole this leads Sam along with Russ to be lured by Andy where they are attacked by Andy with a metal pole and tied up during which Sam is outed by Andy to Russ and Nicole for aiding him in raping multiple girls this leaves them disgusted by Sam and they are later tracked down by Mel whom and Andy is killed by accidentally running into a metal spike after a chase with Mel after this reveal Sam is forced to tell his parents of what he did leaving them disgusted and forcing to hand himself in Sam is then charged with multiple counts of rape and a trial is held by March 2006 where he is sentenced to 25 years imprisonment after being sent down Sam panics and later tells his parents he wants nothing more to do with them.

2006: The Dog in The Pond Explosion[]

By July 2006, Sam begins writing to Nicole asking for her forgiveness and eventually Sam receives a visit from Nicole by August 2006 but Nicole tells Sam how he has hurt her and turned her life completely upside down this leads to feel guilty to the point he attempts to commit suicide and is taken to Hostpital where he manages to escape by holding Nicole hostage where he soon goes on the run into hiding for weeks until he returns to the village unnoticed in September 2006.

During his time in the village hiding out he spies on Mel and Sophie and watches the Evissa where they currently work he later breaks into Evissa and waits for Sophie to start her shift however his stopped in his tracks when Warren Fox whom is the owner of Evissa enters forcing Sam to flee and later run into Jessica Harris who fends him off and after his failed attempt to kill Sophie, Sam would take a more drastic and aswell as deadly approach when he steals loads of petrol and pours it all over The Dog in the Pond where he would enter with a lighter threating to blow the place up in which it does so after Calvin Valentine attempts to stop him by smashing a glass over Sam's head, Sam then leaves go of the lighter causing a deadly explosion which kills him and four other people in, Joe Spencer, Olivia Johnson, Mel and Sophie Burton.

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Kill Count[]


  1. Mel Burton, 8th September 2006 - Killed when Sam set fire to The Dog in the Pond, which exploded.
  2. Sophie Burton, 8th September 2006 - Killed when Sam set fire to The Dog in the Pond, which exploded.
  3. Joe Spencer, 8th September 2006 - Killed when Sam set fire to The Dog in the Pond, which exploded.
  4. Olivia Johnson, 8th September 2006 - Killed when Sam set fire to The Dog in the Pond, which exploded.

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Sophie Burton, 4th September 2006 - Hides out in Evissa where Sophie works ready to attack her however his plan is interrupted when Warren Fox arrives instead.
  2. O.B., 8th September 2006 - Struck O.B. with a plank of wood as he attempted to rescue Sophie Burton from the fire at The Dog in the Pond.



Address Duration
Prison 2001 to 2004
1 Oakdale Drive 2nd August 2004 to 1st March 2006
Prison 1st March 2006 to 3rd August 2006

Employment History[]

Job Duration
Hollyoaks Community College Law Student September 2004 to 1st March 2006
Waiter at Gnosh Village/Il Gnosh 2005 to 2006

Background Information[]


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