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Samuel Liam 'Sam' Owen was the son of Carrie and Rob Owen, as well as the brother of Russ and Nicole Owen.

Sam arrived in the village after being released, having been falsely imprisoned for arson. His imprisonment made Sam decide to study law at Hollyoaks Community College. However, he met daredevil Andy Holt, who slowly got him involved in the date rape of several women. This saw Sam arrested sent to prison for a minimum of twenty-five years.

After being attacked in prison, Sam managed to escape from his hospital bed and went on the run for a month before returning to Hollyoaks, setting ablaze The Dog in the Pond. After dropping the lighter upon Calvin Valentine smashing a glass on his head, Sam caused an explosion which resulted in several deaths, including his own.



In 2001, Sam's girlfriend, Jules's house was set alight, which resulted in the death of her younger brother. Sam was accused of starting the fire as Jules split up with Sam after she was pressured by her father into aborting the baby she had conceived with Sam. Sam ended up serving a three-year sentence for arson, despite claiming to be innocent. Upon his release, Sam began going by his middle name, "Liam".


Sam arrived in the village with his family in August 2004. He enrolled in Hollyoaks Community College, wanting to study law and began working as a waiter at Gnosh Village. Sam later secretly met up with Jules, wanting a reconciliation. When Russ Owen found out, he tried to warn Sam off Jules. Sam later caught Jules kissing Russ but refused to hear a bad word said against her, not believing her when she said that she kissed Russ, not the other way round. However, Jules later left when Sam told Russ about the abortion.

Soon afterwards, the villagers discovered that Sam had served a custodial sentence and the reason behind it. The village turned against Sam and Sam was nearly fired from his job at Il Gnosh by Tony Hutchinson. However, Sam was later proved to be innocent when Jules's father confessed to the crime, having set fire to the house for an insurance scam. Sam's relationship with his father, Rob, became strained as a result and Rob left the village after his wife, Carrie, also turned against him. However, Sam and Rob later reconciled when Nicole and Russ convinced Sam to join them on an outing with Rob, and Rob saved Sam from injury when an accident occurred, which fixed their relationship.

Accomplice to & Attempted Rape[]

Sam decided to study law at Hollyoaks Community College, where he achieved a high score in his exams, and was offered a work placement in a high-powered law firm. He also attracted the attentions of Zara Morgan and Steph Dean, but took a shine to Sophie Burton.

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