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The Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion was a disaster that occurred in January 2022 in Salon de Thé de Marnie. A gas oven with a faulty seal was the main cause of an explosion which destroyed much of the building as well as claiming the lives of Celeste Faroe, Sylver McQueen and Marnie Nightingale.

The event was highly publicised. Hollyoaks' social media featured advertisements from the episodes, and trailers were broadcast on Channel 4 and E4.


The owner of Salon de Thé, Marnie Nightingale, hosted a fundraising event to raise money for the hospital next door. Becky Quentin and Ollie Morgan protest the fundraiser outside, with Becky throwing a smoke bomb in to the Salon. Meanwhile inside, Toby Faroe, who fears he may have killed undercover cop, Saul Reeves, forces Celeste aside and causes an electric exercise bike to start sparking. This, combined with the smoke bomb and the faulty gas oven, causes a massive explosion, trapping Martine Westwood, Felix Westwood, Cleo McQueen, Marnie Nightingale herself, Jack Osborne, Mercedes McQueen, and others.

Toby confesses in the rubble that he killed Lisa, and admitted that he intended to kill his twin brother, Mitchell. His outraged girlfriend, Cleo, as well as his mother, are furious, and they are both pulled from the wreck, and taken to hospital.

Juliet Nightingale and Peri Lomax are both caught up in the explosion, having been on the mezzanine at the time. During their attempt to escape, Juliet is injured when the steel stairs collapse beneath her. Peri, terrified that her girlfriend is dead, pleads rescuers to find her. Juliet is taken to hospital along with her brother, and while he sustains minor injuries and severe smoke inhalation, Juliet is critical and needs her spleen removed.

Jack, and his son, Darren, are both rescued and suffer only minor injuries.

Ollie, guilty that he was culpable, tries to dissuade Becky from her remorseless attitudes, but she tries to tell him that they didn’t necessarily cause it.

In the aftermath, Martine is sat in the hospital and tells her husband that their daughter Celeste is "in the chapel", confirming that she died in the explosion. She is furious that Felix knew about Toby’s crimes, and that he consequentially assisted in Mitchell’s blackmail.

Sylver’s body is carried out the rubble in front of his wife, sister and cousins, John Paul McQueen and Theresa McQueen. A devastated Mercedes breaks the news to Cher and Bobby, the latter of which left his stepfather to die.

Marnie, the owner, unexpectedly and suddenly dies outside the hospital.



Number Character Circumstance
Bobby Costello Uninjured due to hiding behind a counter
Toby Faroe Crushed by rubble; made a full recovery
Peri Lomax Minor injuries
Cher Winters Crushed by rubble; made a full recovery
Cleo McQueen Minor injuries
Mercedes McQueen Cut on arm; made a full recovery
Juliet Nightingale Fell whilst walking on a collapsing staircase; made a full recovery
Romeo Nightingale Minor injuries and smoke inhalation; made a full recovery
Darren Osborne Thrown across courtyard during explosion; minor injuries
Jack Osborne Minor injuries
Donna-Marie Quinn Thrown across courtyard during explosion; minor injuries
Martine Westwood Minor injuries


Number Character Cause Of Death
Celeste Faroe Crushed by rubble. She had just convinced her brother Toby to leave with her when the roof collapsed.
Sylver McQueen Trapped under a beam and killed in a second explosion. Sylver had re-entered to rescue Bobby Costello, who left him to die.
Marnie Nightingale Undiscovered head injuries and internal bleeding.

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