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Sally St. Claire (formerly Iain Naismith before transition) is the mother of John Paul McQueen, and grandmother of Matthew-Jesus McQueen.

She is the headteacher of Hollyoaks High School, succeeding Patrick Blake in 2015. She is also the ex-fiancée of Myra McQueen, whom she dated before her transition from man to woman in 1990. Prior to her transition, Sally fathered a son, John Paul McQueen, with Myra.


Until 2015: Backstory[]

Sally was originally a man named Iain Naismith and had met Myra McQueen by the late 1980s however not long after the birth of their son, John Paul McQueen in 1989, Iain would leave Myra by walking g out after struggling at the fact his a woman and is thought to have transitioned into a woman in the following year and has been named Sally St. Claire ever since.

2015-2017: Arrival[]

Sally arrives at Hollyoaks High School in October 2015 where she tells current headmaster, Patrick Blake whom is suffering from Motor Neuron Disease that she will be his replacement when he leaves and this annoys Patrick. Sally would take a instant liking towards John Paul whom helps Sally settle into her new job however Sally is unaware John Paul finds her birth certificate during helping Sally move into the office where it state that Sally's birth name is infact "Ian Naismith" confirming that she has had a sex change when she is asked by John Paul.

In January 2016, Sally's serect of being a transgender is outed when Peri Lomax vandalized a art gallery project after hearing the truth between a conversation between Sally and John Paul. Sally is left embarrassed and furious leading her to exclude Peri from school with a further notice and after this incident, Sally opts to leave however after a encouraged conversation with John Paul she decides to stay and after John Paul leaves Sally pulls a photo of him out of her desk draw smiling towards it however any sinister intentions are put to bed when Sally is later noticed by Myra as Iain and its soon revealed that Sally is John Paul's father all this is outed after Sally suspend John Paul over stolen laptops that where left in his care and when Myra then confronts her over the suspension.

Sally would agree not to tell John Paul who she is but when John Paul gets beaten up by Pete Buchanan on school property Sally shouts him to leave her son alone which stuns everyone who is around them and after this reveal Myar is forious with Sally as John Paul refuses to speak to either of them and things get more heated between Sally and Myra when Sally accidentally pushes Myra down the school stair which leave Myra to be put in Hostpital this would then lead Sally to be arrested for attempted murder however with the help of lawyer, James Nightingale, Sally gets of from the charge and later in despite many ups and downs with John Paul and even Myra, Sally would begin to get to know John Paul and by March 2017, Sally would encourage John Paul to leave the village to live in Singapore with her grandson Matthew and this leave Myra forious with Sally after John Paul departs.

Sally would then soon become good friends with the local barmaid in Neeta Kaur and Sally would later end up giving Neeta a job as a teaching assistant at the school and would offer Neeta to move in with her after Neeta briefly breaks up with her controlling husband, Mac Nightingale and during their first night they find both Warren Fox and Sienna Blake in their flat completely unaware that they have dumped the body of Bart McQueen in their attic until Warren moves the body again and later on Sally is left devastated when Neeta dies in November 2017 after she was murdered by Mac and along with Hunter McQueen, Sally attempts to expose Mac as Neeta's killer and Sally is left stunned when Mac punches her and tells her he did in fact murder Neeta however Mac would later leave in December 2017 after suffer from locked in syndrome after being pushed out of The Dog high window by his own very daughter in Ellie Nightingale.

2018-2019: Reconcile with Myra[]

By 2018, Sally surprisingly starts to become very close with Myra again and later Sally tells Myra a lie when she tells her that her flat is suffering from a gas leak when infact she has fallen in love with Myra and just wants to be around her as much as possible when Myra discovers this and confronts Sally leading Sally to co fess her true feelings to Myra this leads them into a passionate kiss and Myra tells Sally she isn't a lesbian however Sally is surprised when Myra herself confesses her love for Sally.

The two women would then get engaged in December 2018 and the two begin to plan for a wedding in the coming months into 2019 however when the wedding day arrives by March 2019, Sally is stunned when she tells her that she is moving to Alicante with Carmina however Sally had already ended their relationship when she asked Myra what her sexuality really is however despite this Sally is left devastated when Myra departs for Spain.

2019: Meeting Finn/John Paul's Return[]

In December 2019, Sally is shocked to learn that Finn O'Connor is being released from prison after spending five years inside for raping her son John Paul all the way back in January 2014 when Sally is told who Finn is she takes a huge disliking towards Finn and later Sally exposes that Finn is a rapist to his boss who sacks him on the spot and Sally would later agree to help Edward Hutchinson into helping him drive Finn out of Hollyoaks.

Sally and Edward are unaware though that Yasmine Maalik has just overheard their plan and tells Finn and this leads Sally to get John Paul back to the village and talk Finn into leaving the village which Finn agrees too, Sally is delighted when John Paul tells her his moving back to the village.

2020-2022: Family Drama's & Turning Killer[]

In January 2020, Sally is shocked to learn that Breda McQueen is a serial killer after being found out by John Paul. By mid 2020, Sally is happy when John Paul meets a new man named George Kiss completely unaware that George is abusive and controlling but by October 2020, Sally begins to worry when the McQueen's start to be blackmailed one by one later revealed to be serial killer, Silas Blissett and his grandson, Seth Costello. Later on Sally would discover who Geroge really is and attempts to tell John Paul and is later threatened by George and when John Paul stands up to him, Sally ends up killing Geroge with a single blow to the back of his head when he goes to attack Theresa McQueen and despite their best efforts to cover it up John Paul is arrested later Sally does her best and even confesses to the killing and is sent to prison where shes attacked for being transgender and attempts to escape from hospital but Sally is later let off when there is strong evidence of Police corruption.

In December 2021, Sally would move into the with the McQueens. In January 2022, Sally would support the McQueens after the death of Sylver McQueen in Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion, Sally is completely unaware that John Paul is a alcoholic and after DeMarcus Westwood along with Leah Barnes find Vodka in the school lockers and drink it leading to DeMarcus suffering Alcohol poisoning, Salky is confronted by his Felix Westwood leading her wrongly sack Prince. Sally is left unaware when John Paul later causes a crash in March 2022 which leaves Freya Calder paralysed.

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Kill count[]


  1. George Kiss, 23rd April 2021 (defence) - Struck George over the head with a bookend in defence of Theresa McQueen, whom George was about to attack.

Attempted Murders[]



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