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Russell Charles "Russ" Owen was the son of Rob and Carrie Owen, the brother of Sam and Nicole Owen, the father of Max Owen (who was conceived during an affair between Russ and Tina Reilly) and the husband of Mercedes McQueen. Russ was murdered by Breda McQueen after his wedding to Mercedes, after it was revealed that Goldie McQueen was pregnant with Russ's baby, which he convinced her to abort.



Russ arrived with his mother Carrie, sister Nicole and his brother Sam in August 2004. The family moved to Hollyoaks after Sam, going by his middle name Liam, was released from prison. Sam's ex-girlfriend Jules, whose brother Sam was accused of killing in a house fire, followed them to the village. Russ encountered Jules and the pair shared a kiss, but Russ turned on Jules after discovering her true colours.

Russ enrolled at Hollyoaks Community College to study Social Anthropology, where he befriended Joe Spencer and Dannii Carbone. He also later befriended Ben Davies. Ben recruited Russ to help him with helping Darren Osborne sort out his loan shark situation. However, the loan shark turned out to be Scott Anderson, whom Darren had left for dead in a fire at The Loft in June 2004. Scott and his thugs kidnapped the trio, but released Ben and Russ. Russ convinced Ben to help Darren and the pair called the police, leading to Scott's arrest.

Testicular Cancer[]

Russ took a liking to Dannii, and charmed her. However, during sex, Dannii discovered a lump on Russ's testicles. Russ later confided in Sam and Russ, adamant on facing the possibility of having testicular cancer alone, went to a clinic. He was later informed that the lump was cancerous, and there was a strong chance that he would need to have a testicle removed.

Russ later decided to reveal his illness to his family, leaving them shocked. He later discovered that he would need to have his testicle removed, and had an operation in March 2005. Afterwards, Russ struggled with his emotions, struggling to talk to his family and believing that he would now be undesirable to Dannii. Not long after the operation, Russ's father Rob arrived in the village. However, Russ later talked to Dannii and discovered that she did not think differently. She tried to kiss Russ, but he told her that he only wanted to remain friends, which she agreed to.

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Attempted Murders[]

  1. Andy Holt, 8th December 2005 - Attempted to beat Andy to death after discovering that he raped Dannii Carbone. When Sam and Andy fell off a cliff during a fight, Russ chose to save Sam and let Andy fall.

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