Warren's Wheels formerly Roscoe's Motor Maintenance is the garage owned by Warren Fox, The garage was opened on 28 May 2013 by Joe, Freddie .Their younger brothers Robbie and Jason sometimes helpe out. Joe is left in a coma after he is locked inside the council flats while demolition takes place. Ziggy begins to struggle sorting the books without Joe around so decides to employ a secretary. He employs George Smith . Joe later wakes up and returns to work at the garage. Phoebe McQueen worked here for a year until her death in 2015, alongside Robbie who was frequently absent. Ziggy Roscoe used to own the maintenance shop with his older brother Joe until his death on Christmas Day 2015. In 2016 after the Garage went up for sale after Freddie did not pay bills. Warren bought the garage, much to the reluctance of Freddie, Joe, Darren Osborne and Maxine Minniver. Joe quits his job at the garage to be with Mercedes McQueen And later dies

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