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Romeo Quinn was brought-up by his mother Donna-Marie Quinn. Romeo arrived in the village in search of his real father 'James Nightingale' in 2018, whom he found and moved in with.



Romeo arrived in Hollyoaks in July 2018 in an attempt to find his long lost father, James Nightingale. However, Romeo ended up backing out. He later met Lily McQueen, and became attracted to her despite her marriage to Prince McQueen. Romeo ends up going into business with Prince, the pair hosting illegal raves together.

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Other information

  • There have been large discrepancies regarding Romeo's age.
    • In flashback scenes from July 2018, Romeo's month and year of birth was given as September 2002.
    • This was later changed to February 2003 and again to November 2003.
    • It was later confirmed that Romeo was sixteen years of age by August 2018 but again changed to 17 by November 2018 giving him a DOB of late 2001.
    • Many people believed his birthday was in November since James’ birthday (and the day Romeo’s mother Donna-Marie fell pregnant) was in February, but Donna-Marie revealed Romeo was premature.
    • Romeo was said to be 16 by DS Yates when they were investigating him as the prime suspect of Mac's murder in April 2019, which would have given him a DOB of some point between April 2002 and April 2003.

Introduction shots

  • 2018: Romeo is DJ-ing at rave outside.
  • 2018-2019: Romeo is outside in the rain with Juliet.
  • 2019-: Romeo is outside in the rain with James and Marnie.

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