Robbie Roscoe
First Appearance
2 April 2013
Last Appearance
28 March 2016
Rick Spencer (Father)
Sandy Roscoe (Mother)
Fraser Black (Step-Father)
Darren Osborne (Half-Brother)
Joe Roscoe (Half-Brother)
Freddie Roscoe (Half-Brother)
Ziggy Roscoe (Half-Brother)
Jason Roscoe (Twin-Brother)
JJ Roscoe (Nephew)
Lexi Roscoe (Niece)
Oscar Osborne (Nephew)
Charlie Dean (Adopted Nephew)
Gabriel McQueen (Nephew)(Deceased)
Former Home
Current Home
South Africa
Portrayed By
Past relationships
Phoebe McQueen (Ex-Fiance)(Deceased)
Holly Cunningham (Ex-Girlfriend)
Nancy Hayton (Fling)
Sinead O'Connor (One-night stand)
Attempted Murder Victims
Assosiated With

Robert "Robbie" Roscoe played by Charlie Wernham made his first appearance on the 2 April 2013 and his last appearance on the 28 March 2016, when he and his twin brother Jason (Alfie Browne-Sykes) left to live with their mum in South Africa. He was the first Roscoe to appear.

Arrival Edit

Robbie arrives for his first day at college where the head teacher Patrick Blake (Jeremy Sheffield) warns him not to cause trouble. He is mentored by Callum Kane (Laurie Duncan) but decides to truant college. Robbie begins to terrorise Doug Carter (PJ Brennan) and vandalise his delicatessen business. Doug reports Robbie to Patrick which annoys him. Robbie and Callum notice Doug kissing John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) as they deface Patrick's car. Robbie puts pictures of the incident around college and John Paul loses his job. Robbie asks Callum to help him sell drugs and he agrees. Robbie helps Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) deliver drug orders to buyers. Robbie steals a van with Callum and Sinead O'Connor (Stephanie Davis) and runs over Sinead's brother Finn O'Connor (Keith Rice). Rather than help him they drive off and Robbie threatens Sinead to convince Finn to lie to the police. Robbie plans an armed robbery at Price Slice and enlists the help of Finn and Callum. But Callum changes his mind and attempts to prevent the robbery but he is shot in the struggle. When Robbie's mother Sandy Roscoe (Gillian Taylforth) learns of the robbery she sends him to stay with his aunt.

John Paul's Rape Edit

Robbie and Finn begin terrorising John Paul. They begin by teasing him about his sexuality and the situation ends when Finn rapes John Paul after hitting him over the head with a statue. Weeks later, when Finn is in hospital after a quad bike accident, Robbie continues teasing John Paul, locking him in a store cupboard and then teasing him over his sexuality again. This concludes when John Paul hits Robbie. When visiting Finn in hospital, Robbie finds out that he raped John Paul and is horrified, threatening to call the police. Since his discovery, Robbie begins to change and starts to stick up for John Paul, changing his statement when John Paul is up in court for hitting him. However, Finn changes it back and John Paul goes down. Robbie ditches his bad boy attitude and begins working towards his A-Levels with the help of cover teacher Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox). He begins dating Phoebe McQueen (Mandip Gill). However, he begins to develop feelings for Nancy as she starts to help him with his A-Level work more. He kisses her. Phoebe finds texts on his phone apologising to Nancy and later sees them getting close. She decides to tell Nancy's boyfriend and ex-husband Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson), who is Robbie's half-brother. However, they later reconcile.

Rick's Arrival Edit

Bad news for Robbie as he discover that his father Rick Spencer (Victor Gardener) arrived on town to see him and Jason, but more bad news is his twin Jason was suffered dysmorphic disorder, and their father is knocked unconscious by Joe and later dies in hospital after being given an overdose of morphine by an unknown killer, who formerly killed Will Savage (James Atherton) the same way and attempted to do the same with Diane O'Connor (Alex Fletcher). Robbie and Jason are led to believe Joe's punch killed Rick and Jason forgives Joe, though Robbie resents him and begins to act recklessly by stealing cars and assaulting Dirk Savage after he belittled him in the street because Robbie was anonymously blackmailing Dirk. Robbie eventually owns up to his mistake and turns himself in to the Police.

Phoebe's Death Edit

A day before being released John Paul visits him to tell him that Phoebe's been shot. The next day Robbie is released and goes straight to hospital and barricades himself in Phoebe's room terrified she will die during the operation. Joe and Freddie talk him out and Phoebe has a successful operation. Phoebe then tells him it was Grace Black (Tamara Wall) who shot her, and Robbie tries to get revenge on Grace. But before he can do any harm Joe tells him, he shot Phoebe. Robbie then disowns Joe and goes to ask Phoebe to marry him, which she agrees. When Robbie went to get a ring, Phoebe is murdered by the Gloved Hand Killer. Believing Joe to be the reason she died Robbie attacked him with a crowbar causing him to lose the ability to move his legs. Joe then lied to the police for Robbie. Nancy comforted Robbie after Phoebe's death eventually leading to them having sex after Phoebe's funeral.

Near Death Edit


Robbie and Holly have an affair

Robbie then returns to work for Trevor Royle (Greg Wood) and when he finds out that he's planning to kill his sister-in-law Kim Butterfield (Sophie Austin) he asks Trevor to let him send her out of the country instead. Trevor however puts drugs in Kim's bags and when Jason pull them over Robbie runs off with the bag to let Kim escape. Robbie and Jason argue, with Robbie revealing he told Jason's finance Holly Cunningham that her mum Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) kissed him. The fight turns physical ending with Robbie shoving Jason off a ravine. Robbie flees the scene and later sleeps with Holly Cunningham (Amanda Clapham). Ben Bradley (Ben Richards) arrests Robbie but gives him a choice: inform him on Trevor or he'll make sure that Robbie will go back to prison and that Jason will know that he slept with Holly. Robbie agrees to work for him and informs him that Trevor and Ashley Davidson (Kierston Wareing) are planning to kidnap Patrick Blake. Trevor and Ashley realized that someone told the police and kidnap Holly suspecting its her. Robbie then texts Jason and he manages to convince Trevor and Ashley to let Holly go. Robbie then tells Ben he can't work for him anymore and goes to tell Holly that he loves her, but found out that Jason bet him to it and they are back together.

Departure Edit

Months later, Jason finds out about Robbie and Holly on his and Holly's wedding day after Nico Blake (Persephone Swales-Dawson) sends a video of Robbie confessing his love to Holly, from Dr Charles Savage's (Andrew Greenough) laptop, to Jason out of jealousy. Jason ends up taking steroids again and tries to force himself on to Holly. After convincing from Freddie, Holly lies to Robbie and tells him that she slept with Jason again, ending things between them. In March 2016, Robbie and Jason decide leave to live in South Africa with Sandy, choosing life with each other over life with Holly and in April 2016 he never found out that Lindsey had killed him and Jason's dad Rick or Phoebe.

Intro Edit

Robbie had two introduction shots.

2013-14: Robbie stands with Jason & Sandy with a turquoise background onlooking the three.

2014-16: Similar to the previous shot except without Sandy.