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Riley Costello was the son of Heidi and Carl Costello, as well as the brother of Seth and Jason Costello, and the half-brother of Jem Costello. He is also the father of Bobby Costello, whom was born to Riley and Mercedes McQueen, as well as Phoenix Costello, the son of Mitzeee Minniver, whom she gave birth to after Riley's death.


1992-2010: Backstory[]

Riley was born in April 1992 and was the first child of Heidi and second child of footballer Carl Costello after his sister Jem Costello and was joined by his younger twin brother and then sister Seth and Jasmine Costello. Somepoint in his childhood Riley would develop the same passion as his father and sets himself the task of becoming a Footballer and would eventually be scouted and sign for a club just before Riley moves to Hollyoaks village.

2010-2011: Arrival & Relationship with Mercedes McQueen[]

Riley arrives in the village after his father, Carl buys The Dog in the Pond and Riley along with the rest of his family move in by July 2010. Riley would instantly make a impact when Michaela McQueen takes a liking towards Roley causing her boyfriend, Zak Ramsey rob ask Riley to do a penalty shoot out completely unaware that Riley is in fact a professional footballer afterwards Riley also attracts the attention of Theresa McQueen after he begins to strip during his mothers fashion show. Riley is then seen not long following his arrival being pushed to his limits in his football training by his father, Carl.

By October 2010, Riley and his brother Seth are invited to a cage fighting party by Jem's current boyfriend, Liam McAllister unaware that Liam is planning revenge on Riley's father due to Carl breaking Liam's leg and Riley becomes a target when Liam's older brother, Nathan McAllister gets his girlfriend Sami to seduce Riley by sleeping with him and drug him and later in Riley along with Seth are locked in a cage and are told to fight one another otherwise there father, Carl will be killed and Riley is shocked to see Carl with nuse around his neck aswell as tied and gagged however with the help of Sami the three men escape and later have a show down with the brothers on a roof top which leads to Nathan falling to his death.

In November 2010, Riley would grow close with Mercedes Fisher following the death of her husband, Malachy Fisher as Riley would comfort her not long after the accident and Riley would eventually sleep with Mercedes and later confesses his feelings he has for her and the two would begin a relationship however Carl makes it clear that he is unhappy of their relationship as he thinks Mercedes is a distraction for him. Riley would then later prove how much he loves and cares about Mercedes when he proposes to her unaware that Mercedes has been sleeping with his father however Riley is delighted when she accepts. Riley would then become a target for Warren Fox by 2011 who wants to put Riley in line by hiring a Booker to make it look as though Riley has cheated on Mercedes however despite Riley's mistake the two get back together.

In September 2011, Riley would attend his stage do along with Warren, his friends Doug Carter and Animal his brother Seth and Mitzeee Minniver and by October 2011, Riley finally would discover of Mercedes' affair with Carl leading Riley to punch his father and have nothing to do with him and after his mother, Heidi is killed in November 2011 by his very own grandfather Silas Blissett whom Riley discovers is the serial killer and Riley's father son, Bobby Costello is born in the same month after Riley finds Mercedes in The Dog Cellar having been held captive there by Silas. Riley would than wave good buy to the rest of his family in December 2011 as they all depart.

2012: Mitzeee vs Mercedes[]

After the birth of his son, Riley would begin to worry when Mercedes takes Bobby and does not return to the village and begins to plea for Bobby's whereabouts he then gets Bobby back and temporarily leaves the village but after Mercedes' sister, Jacqui McQueen pleas with Riley to return, Riley has a change of heart and does so however Riley would ask Mercedes to sign legal documents that will give him full custody of Bobby. Riley would also later sell the The Dog back to Osborne's.

During all this Riley has been growing close with Mitzeee but he is unware that Mercedes has seen the two of them kiss and begins to stalk Mitzeee however after a argument with Mitzeee and Mercedes, Riley would later spend the night with Lynsey Nolan whom ia later found dead in June 2012, leaving Riley shocked and devastated by Riley would fully turn on Mitzeee when his lead to believe that Mitzeee had stabbed Mercedes however unaware that Mercedes stabbed herself.

Riley would eventually discover Mercedes' lies by October 2012 after Mitzeee escapes from prison this leads Riley to plan to flee with Mitzeee however he is caught in the cross fire between Brendan Brady and Simon Walker after Walker fires the gun during a struggle with Brendan and hits Riley, Riley is then taking to Hostpital where he suffers from a cardiac arrest as a result from being shot leaving Miutzee devastated. Now dead in November 2012, lawyer Jim McGinn gets Lynsey's real killer off after pin ing the murder on Riley. Carl would make serval returns after during and after Rileys death and would even attempt to get Walker killed by hiring a hitman but would decide against it and depart along with Mitzeee in February 2013.


  • Riley has one shot for which, he is hosting a football match.

Background Information[]

  • Upon creation, Riley was intended to be 17 years of age. However, by March 2011, the character had been aged to be 19.
  • Norbury's decision to quit the role was announced in September 2012, with the character's final scenes airing in October 2012.


We overtook you on the M56.
— First line, to Heidi Costello.

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