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Ricky Bowen is the father of Carmel Valentine and Michaela McQueen. After Michaela's birth in 1990, Richard left common-law wife, Myra McQueen, and ran away with 17-year-old Heather McAllister, who later gave birth to his son, Richard Bowen. Ricky also believed that John Paul McQueen was his son, although John Paul had been conceived during an affair between Myra and Iain Naismith whilst Ricky was touring with his band.

Whilst Carmel and John Paul had no interest in seeing Ricky, Michaela was eager to get to know him, and managed to find his contact details. She called him and he decided to visit her. Ricky appeared to develop an interest in Michaela, and told her that he wanted to make things right for leaving her. He convinced Michaela to go to store, in which he took the chance to steal the McQueens television, liquor and Christmas gifts before fleeing.

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