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Richard "Rick" Spencer was the father of Jason and Robbie Roscoe, and the ex-husband of Sandy Roscoe. Rick was hospitalised following a fight with Joe Roscoe in January 2015 and became the first victim of The Gloved Hand Killer.

In October 2015, Rick re-appeared in a flashback unmasking Lindsey as the Gloved Hand Killer.

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Jason Roscoe spotted Rick in a bar, but collapses. When in hospital, he revealed to girlfriend, Holly Cunningham, that Rick was his father. Rick was also the father of Robbie Roscoe. On New Year's Eve 2014, Nancy Hayton lied to Robbie, telling him that Rick had been supplying her pain killers, feeding her addiction to them. At the same time, Rick forced Jason, who was suffering from an eating disorder, to eat food. When Holly arrived, she was shocked to see what Rick was doing, and threw him out.

Death Edit

Rick was knocked unconscious by Joe Roscoe, during a fight between Rick and Robbie. A mysterious figure entered Rick's hospital room, injected potassium chloride into his IV drip, causing him to go into cardiac arrest. The doctors attempt to revive Rick to no avail. Joe was then arrested for Rick's murder.

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